AMD Red Team vs. AMD Red Team Plus

Blog Post created by erin.maiorino Employee on Jun 2, 2016

So you already know that AMD red is your favorite color, but you may be wondering what the difference is between our Red Team and our Red Team Plus (besides the word Plus!) We’re here to help answer those questions.


AMD Red Team

The Red Team is a passionate group of fans who love AMD. Got an AMD Radeon™ GPU or AMD CPU powering your gaming glory? Great, you’re eligible to be a part of the Red Team! From everyday PC users to passionate gamers and system builders, Red Team members support AMD by purchasing our products, and sharing their passion and experience with the world.

When you’re part of the Red Team, you’ve enter the world of a community of passionate gamers, PC builders and AMD fans who have come together to learn, share, help and have fun. Want to learn about AMD updates, activities and sweepstakes before your friends? We’ve got you covered. Want to connect with other fans? Engage with #AMDRedTeam or #AMDRT and join the conversation on Twitter. Want to provide feedback and shape future AMD products? Great, all of that happens here.


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So now that we’ve explained what the Red Team has to offer, we bet you want in (which you should!)  Simply register for, join the Red Team group, and subscribe to at least one AMD Newsletter and voila! You’re part of the crew.


And speaking of newsletters, since you’ll want to sign up for at least one to be part of the team, might we suggest our stellar Red Team newsletter? It features exclusive content, the latest reviews of AMD graphics cards and processors, and information about the newest games to add to your wish list, so it’s definitely something you’ll want access to.

Join the AMD Red Team today to make your friends *red* with envy. What are you waiting for?


AMD Red Team Plus

The Red Team Plus have earned the “Plus” designation by being true AMD diehards. They live, breathe and bleed AMD Red! This small, but mighty, group of superfans get to test out new products, come to select AMD events and have special access to all things AMD as part of our advocacy program. Whether they’re sharing tips in build video, replying to questions on, streaming the latest games on Twitch.TV/AMD, or battling for eSports glory as a Team AMD competitor, each #AMDRTP member brings a unique perspective to the table. However, they all have one thing in common; they love gaming with AMD! We could go on and on about how great the AMD Red Team Plus is, but we’ll let them speak about their experiences and why they decided to be a part of the RTP team themselves instead.


  • “I am apart of Red Team Plus because I respect a company that cares a lot about their community. When I am streaming, I feel like I can help out the viewers by showing how the AMD technology works with games. If they have any tech questions, they get help right away and we play games with the community and put together VLANs.” - #AMDRTP-er Renee,  virgo4u
  • “I love being a part of the AMD Red Team and Red Team Plus community because we share our love for AMD products and I enjoy being able to show my AMD pride. I am grateful to be able to use AMD products and share my experiences with others.” - #AMDRTP-er Marissa  evilzoe
  • “I’ve been a fan of AMD’s products since 1996 and being a member of Red Team Plus is the ultimate way to express my brand loyalty and share that view with others.” - #AMDRTP-er Len
  • “I like being part of RTP because I enjoy helping others when I can and spreading the word of the AMD gospel as a foot soldier. AMD has always seemed to give back to the community and help them by providing parts and information, that is what really hooked me.” - #AMDRTP-er Daniel, iwalkwithedead
  • “I love being part of Red Team Plus because I love being part of a group of like-minded individuals that are passionate about AMD, but are still so different from each other. We can rely on each other’s strengths and ideas to be a better team that the Red Team can look up to.” - #AMDRTP-er Ben, superben

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Now that you’re in the know, it’s your move. We’re RED-y and waiting for your arrival on the #AMDRedTeam or #AMDRTP team!


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