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AMD has just announced the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 workstation graphics card, delivering the best workstation graphics performance for under $10001. This new graphics card from AMD is based on the advanced “Vega” graphics architecture2 and comes equipped with specs and features to help accelerate your most demanding workloads. This includes incredibly fast cutting-edge HBM2 memory, up to 512 GB/s memory bandwidth, 4x DisplayPort 1.4 HDR Ready outputs with support for up to 4x 4K displays or a single 8K display and the performance needed to drive more demanding graphics workloads like virtual reality or photorealistic rendering.



There are several reasons why you should choose Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 over competing workstation and consumer graphics. According to a QA Consultants report commissioned by AMD, Radeon™ Pro delivers “the most stable drivers”3, enabling users to get the most productivity from their workstation. The Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 also includes certifications and optimizations on many of today’s most popular professional applications, which means you get the performance, stability and professional features enabled to drive your designs to completion.



When it comes to performance, the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 workstation graphics card is no slouch. There are several instances where this card beats out the competition, including the more expensive Nvidia Quadro P5000. For example, Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 graphics’ rendering performance on Blender Cycles is up to 20% faster than the P5000 and up to 30% faster than the P4000 running the same test4. The Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 graphics also delivers greater performance in applications like Foundry’s Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Autodesk Maya, than NVIDIA Quadro P4000 and P50005. Many designers are also moving to VR to visualize their workflows and the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 graphics delivers outstanding performance in VR, achieving higher scores in VRMark’s Cyan Room test than the competition.




Fig. 1. VRMark Cyan Room Benchmark. See footnote #6 below.


One of the most impressive advantages the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200 brings to the table over the competition is its multitasking capabilities. This is where the advanced “Vega” architecture really shines2. You can increase your productivity by doing more than one thing at once. For instance, you can render a model in the background while working on another design at the same time. Doing this on a competitive product is nearly impossible, but with the Radeon™ Pro WX 8200, you can easily do this without any issues and have an average 13x gain in performance over the competition while doing heavy GPU multitasking.




Fig.2. GPU multitasking performance. See footnote #7 below for details.


With the “most stable professional graphics driver” certifications and optimizations on many of today’s most popular professional applications, and amazing performance to boot, the Radeon Pro WX 8200 is the best professional graphics card available today for under $10001. Pre-order yours now on with targeted product availability in September.




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