[Originally posted on 02/28/18]


AMD MxGPU graphics virtualization technology enables leading Quality of Service (QoS) with performance that is up to nine times more consistent than the competition.


Reliable, predictable infrastructure is paramount in an enterprise environment. IT managers demand robust QoS to meet the needs of a cloud-connected workforce. AMD Multi-User GPU (MxGPU) technology was designed to meet this demand by delivering a predictable and consistent end-user experience.




A predictable graphics experience for digital workspaces yields value across an organization. IT managers get fewer calls probing unexpected slowdowns. End users know how their workflow will behave and the Program Management Office can practice better business planning through predictable resource allocation.


As more independent software vendors adopt GPU acceleration to provide a richer experience for end-users, GPU-bound QoS will continue to be top-of-mind for enterprise data centers. AMD MxGPU technology offers an elegant solution, enabling world class QoS with AMD FirePro™ S7100-series graphics accelerators.


AMD MxGPU technology, the world’s first hardware-based virtualized GPU solution, is built on industry standard SR-IOV (Single-Root I/O Virtualization) technology and allows up to 16 virtualized users per physical GPU to work remotely.


To learn more about the QoS benefits AMD MxGPU technology brings to your data center, check out the infographic below.




Visit our page on AMD MxGPU technology and download our QoS whitepaper.



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