Citrix Summit: Solutions and Partner Collaboration

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[Originally posted on 02/01/18]


The talents of Citrix partners are as wide-ranging as the solutions they provide. Systems integrators, Citrix resellers, application developers and service providers for Citrix products have a tribal gathering each year at Citrix Summit. This year in Anaheim, California, AMD joined the party to demonstrate our support for Citrix solutions and collaborate with Citrix partners to deliver graphics from the cloud.


It was clear enterprise customers want virtualized graphics solutions that deliver a high performance, advanced security and consistent user experience at a lower total cost of ownership. This aligns with the value proposition that AMD MxGPU (multiuser GPU) offers to the Citrix install base and the partners that support them.



At Citrix Summit, we demonstrated 2 key use cases. First an application remoting solution with XenApp 7.15 running on Windows Server, delivering a pristine version of Autodesk Inventor from a server outside of New York City. Application remoting is seeing a comeback, we believe, and AMD MxGPU is there to support these use cases.


We also showed XenDesktop 7.15 running on VMware ESXI 6.5. Delivering Windows 10 desktops from the cloud is the new first order of business for many enterprises. Empowering demanding users running design and engineering apps is job one for many enterprise IT teams. AMD is there to support this effort.


For more information about AMD MxGPU go to the links below:



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