[Originally posted on 05/09/18]

Robust, Reliable, and Ready, Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Edition optimizes your professional graphics investment with quality, performance, security, simplicity, and industry-leading innovation.


AMD’s Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition is designed to meet the exacting demands of enterprises, with quarterly driver updates that deliver enterprise-grade quality on a consistent basis. Today’s 18.Q2 release continues to provide the reliability, security features, simplicity, and innovations professionals have come to expect of Radeon™ Pro Software, along with performance increases in leading professional applications. In addition, the 18.Q2 driver adds support for the Windows® 10 April 2018 Update.




The AMD Commitment to Enterprise Edition Quality

AMD’s comprehensive stability testing process helps ensure that every Enterprise Edition driver delivers enterprise-grade quality and reliability to our users. Our enterprise drivers go through waves of both AMD and OEM partner testing, and this extensive pre-launch testing helps to minimize post-launch issues.




OEM and ISV Partner testing and a final wave of beta user testing helps ensure the highest-quality enterprise software, and in 2017 this led to zero issues reported by over 99.99% of our customers.


AMD’s extensive ISV application certification testing results in enterprise software that is certified on over 80 of the leading applications professionals use. For our last 18.Q1 Enterprise Edition driver, we had a 100% pass rate for all the certifications we submitted.



You can learn more about AMD’s commitment to Enterprise Edition quality and ISV application certifications here.


Boost Your Productivity by Updating Your Driver

The continuous performance optimizations in every Radeon Pro Software driver update, thanks in part to the close technology partnerships we have with ISV application developers, means you can get new GPU-like performance improvements over the lifetime of your graphics investment 2, as shown in the chart below.



For the Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Edition 18.Q2 driver we are delivering significant performance improvements in Dassault Systèmes® CATIA®. The 18.Q2 driver is up to 38% faster when running AMD’s internal benchmark of complex customer models 6 and up to two times faster with the AMD internal assembly model benchmark.



Year-Over-Year Performance Improvements

For design and manufacturing applications, the 18.Q2 Enterprise Edition driver when compared to the Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q2 is up to an estimated 47% faster in Siemens NX™ when tested with SPECviewperf® 12.1 snx-02 8, up to an estimated 14% faster in PTC® Creo® when tested with SPECapc® for PTC® Creo® 3.0 9, and up to an estimated 12% faster in SOLIDWORKS® when tested with SPECapc® for SOLIDWORKS® 2015.



For media and entertainment applications, the 18.Q2 Enterprise Edition driver when compared to the Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q2 is up to an estimated 44% faster in Autodesk® 3ds Max® when tested with SPECapc® for Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2015 11 and up to an estimated 22% faster in Autodesk® Maya® when tested with SPECapc® for Autodesk® Maya® 2017.



You can learn more about AMD’s Enterprise Edition performance story here.


Exceptional Security and Unmatched Simplicity

Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition 18.Q2 delivers advanced security features to help thwart malicious attacks, giving enterprises added protection for their valuable intellectual property. The Enterprise Edition’s predictable quarterly release schedule (targeting the 2nd Wednesday of the 2nd month of each quarter) makes it easier for IT Managers to plan for their next driver update, with the next Enterprise Edition release scheduled for August 8th, 2018.



The 18.Q2 Enterprise Edition continues to offer a single unified “one driver” available on demand for a variety of AMD graphics hardware used in the workplace 13. With this release we are also supporting the latest version of Windows 10, the April 2018 Update, so your driver is ready when your organization decides to roll out this Microsoft® update.




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