• demo files?

    Can we get some demo files for blender that have been built in Prorender? The blender site has demo files for the other render engines, these are helpful for understanding how to setup scenes specific to Prorender. Al...
    created by grendalf
  • Radeo prorender won't install on 3d max 2021

    Nothing happens after install RPR with max 2021 .
    created by hamed.desighn
  • dicplacement map is not working

    dicplacement map is not working. 3ds max 2020 with radion prorender, adding and setting displacement map is not making any changes on material. How can i solve this problem?
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    Hello,   I am trying to use RPR_MATERIAL_NODE_ARITHMETIC for some advanced mathematical operations inside a node graph. My understanding after reading the documentation is that I can split a color in its compone...
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  • can i use DGMA by vulkan

    hi,I'm working on direct GPU-GPU communication.I found that DGMA is supported for OpenGL windows,OpenGL linux,OpenCL Windows.But can i use DGMA by vulkan?
    last modified by canyue
  • How to create volume light effect through prorender

    Hello, I'm a C4d user. I'm using the built-in prorender. The C4d R21 version is very fast, and the rendering quality is very high, but it seems that it can't support multi-channel very well. Besides, I can't create vo...
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  • Does any one know if there is a ProRender plug-in for paraview?

    I really don’t want to buy a NVIDIA card for ray tracing and volume rending with Index. Does anyone know if there is a plug-in for Paraview that uses ProRender?
    created by quefrency
  • Thread-safety in ProRender SDK

    Hello ProRender team,   can you please tell me in which way the ProRender SDK is thread-safe, especially when creating/manipulating geometries (meshes), material nodes, and light sources.   The documentat...
    last modified by lubke
  • Resource handling in ProRender SDK

    Hello ProRender team,   the documentation is quite vague about the internal resource handling of ProRender objects (meshes, textures, nodes...). So my general questions at the moment are:   1. Which items...
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  • Build ProRender Plugin in UE4

    I'm trying to rebuild the ProRender Plugin in UE 4.20, but it fails because I'm needing RadeonProRenderInterchange.h   I managed to import the libraries for the SDK and gltf, however I can't find anything a...
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  • Interactive Rendering with RPR SDK

    Hi,   Is there a way to have fast interactive rendering with the Prorender SDK? Something along the lines of how the Baikal Demo works (https://github.com/GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/RadeonProRender-Baikal) Right ...
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  • Trying to get environment lights to work in ProRender SDK

    I'm playing around with the ProRender SDK and have gone through the initial set of tutorials from https://radeon-pro.github.io/RadeonProRenderDocs/sdk/tutorials.html   I've got point lights to work but the ...
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  • How can developers get access to the ProRender (not the OS) SDK?

    I didn't see any contact information on the ProRender page, how can developers get access to the non-open source ProRender SDK and libraries?   Cheers, Mike
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