• Unable to render the example

    为什么prorender无法渲染粒子特效,切换了硬件s/w水管也无法渲染出图,给了材质也无法渲染出来 En:Why can't prorender be able to render particle effects, switch hardware s / w water pipes, or give materials
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  • RadeonProRender for Maya (v2.9) cannot be installed

    I am using Maya 2020 on iMacPro (macOS Catalina 10.15.5, RadeonProVega64X).   I downloaded "Radeon ProReder for Maya(Version 2.9)" from "https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-prorender-downloads" and install...
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  • Prorender can'not render image sequence 无法渲染图像序列

    为什么prorender不能渲染图像序列,我可以使用默认的渲染器渲染出来,并且可以加载序列图像,以及正常的播放,而prorender渲染不出来图像,显示的是黑色的,出现什么无法加载图像什么的,图片在窗口可以播放,但渲染出来之后,给了材质并使用图像序列的面片是黑色的,场景文件已发,帮个忙看看是什么问题,随便用个图像序列帧弄一下   En:Why can't the prorender render image seque...
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  • Vulkan Rendering Issue, Also a bug report

    Hello RPR community and representatives. I'm having an issue I very much hope you can help me out with. Basically when using any settings that invoke Vulkan rendering (Low-High) instead of OpenGL (Full rendering) my R...
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  • Transparency Not Rendering

    Hey all,   Trying to figure out why I can't get transparency to actually come out in my viewport/final render with RPR.   Starting off, heres my scene in Viewport 2.0:   Imgur: The magic of the Inter...
    Dan Rita
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  • Radeon pro render full of bugs

    Hello, Denoiser setup is not working. render time now slower , simulation maya not supporting , fog is not supporting , volume lights not supporting , motion blur is bug ,ptex texture not supporting , renderer is not...
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  • RadeonProRenderv2.8 and 2.9 are missing the Shadow Catcher Shader.

     I have installed v2.9 and everything seems to be working fine except I cannot see any shadow Catcher Shader available in the Hypershade?
    Robin Hutchins
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  • RadeonProRenderv2.8 cannot be installed

    Mac os 10.13.4 Maya 2018.5 Rx580   RadeonProRenderv2.8 cannot be installed The official documentation says that it can support 10.13.3. +, If not, can you provide me with a renderer that supports the 10.13.4 ...
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  • Maya ProRender Plugin Q1 Beta Builds

    Greetings all!  We have some exciting updates to the Radeon ProRender plugin for Maya we want to share with you all.  And as always we are looking for feedback based on your testing.   Here are the...
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  • AMD slacking w/ Maya?

    Thinking about just swapping back to N-Videa, seems only the beta of pro-render support Maya2020. Anyone know any workaround or a up-to-date renderer?
    Thomas LJ
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  • [UNOFFICIAL]Substance Painter to Radeon ProRender Method [Maya 2018]

    Please Note: This is NOT an official method. I been working on this method for few days and I manage to get something near. They are not 100% Accurate.     Check the downloadable file for substance painter...
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  • Two-Sided Material Support

    Does ProRender support two-sided shaders?  The closest I could find in the documentation was two-sided emission, which is different (I believe).  I want to create a two-sided tree leaf shader.  Any guid...
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  • Out of Core Support - RTX 2080 Super

    Hi,   Does ProRender support out of core rendering with non-Vega GPUs, such as the RTX 2080 Super?  If not, are there plans to do so?
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  • Subdivision workflow

    i have a general Question how subdivision in ProRender is used.   When i use the Maya Subdivision by enabling Smooth Mesh Preview and i increase the Preview Division Levels it renders with Subdivisons.  Bu...
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  • E000018: Importing RPR file failed.

    When trying to import a .rpr file, exported from Maya 2019.2 with the latest 2.8 Radeon Pro Render plugin I get:   # Error: ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named boto3 #   Then, wh...
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  • Smoothing Bug (Maya Q1 Beta)

    OS: W10 Pro 64x (1909) Software: Maya 2020 ProRender version: 2.8.44 (core 1.347) Q1 Beta CPU: i7 6700k GPU: RX580 (driver 20.1.3)   Issue: Some objects won't smooth (see video). I have tried resetting Maya ...
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  • Is there any way to get previous versions of the plugin?

    Been trying to get beta and old versions without any success... Is there any place where I can download them?
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  • Is full spectrum rendering working for anyone

    I have been using pro render alot and i think you guys are doing an amazing job i love the renderer.I just wanted to know if the full spectrum rendering is working for anyone . When i change to high meduim or low Maya...
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  • proRender maya 2.8

    Hi   I am running with Maya 2019 and I am trying to install proRender 2.8. Everything run perfectly, the two programs return that everything is fine but Maya don't offer proRender as a render is the render menu...
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  • I am getting an error when the render is done

    These are the problem i am having with Pro render for maya i hope you guys can help me out . I get this error when the render is done .please let me know if some one know how to fix this .when the scene get complicat...
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