• Subdivision workflow

    i have a general Question how subdivision in ProRender is used.   When i use the Maya Subdivision by enabling Smooth Mesh Preview and i increase the Preview Division Levels it renders with Subdivisons.  Bu...
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  • E000018: Importing RPR file failed.

    When trying to import a .rpr file, exported from Maya 2019.2 with the latest 2.8 Radeon Pro Render plugin I get:   # Error: ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named boto3 #   Then, wh...
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  • Smoothing Bug (Maya Q1 Beta)

    OS: W10 Pro 64x (1909) Software: Maya 2020 ProRender version: 2.8.44 (core 1.347) Q1 Beta CPU: i7 6700k GPU: RX580 (driver 20.1.3)   Issue: Some objects won't smooth (see video). I have tried resetting Maya ...
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  • Maya ProRender Plugin Q1 Beta Builds

    Greetings all!  We have some exciting updates to the Radeon ProRender plugin for Maya we want to share with you all.  And as always we are looking for feedback based on your testing.   Here are the...
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  • Is there any way to get previous versions of the plugin?

    Been trying to get beta and old versions without any success... Is there any place where I can download them?
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  • Is full spectrum rendering working for anyone

    I have been using pro render alot and i think you guys are doing an amazing job i love the renderer.I just wanted to know if the full spectrum rendering is working for anyone . When i change to high meduim or low Maya...
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  • proRender maya 2.8

    Hi   I am running with Maya 2019 and I am trying to install proRender 2.8. Everything run perfectly, the two programs return that everything is fine but Maya don't offer proRender as a render is the render menu...
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  • I am getting an error when the render is done

    These are the problem i am having with Pro render for maya i hope you guys can help me out . I get this error when the render is done .please let me know if some one know how to fix this .when the scene get complicat...
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  • Bi-Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Maya

    Note, these are beta builds.  Stable builds are HERE 2.7.366 10/11/2019 DDS files are supported UI improvements Added frame number to render stamp Removed Quality presets button from shelf Added render stamp...
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  • Prorender 2.8 does not work in maya 2019.2, where can I download version 2.6.2?   this version worked well for me

    how can i go back to the previous version I can't find where to download it
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  • maya 2019.2

    AMD Radeon ProRender for Maya Download version 2.8 System: macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 Maya 2019.2   radeonprorenderformaya.dmg, Double click, opening in untitled folder. Double click, RadeonProRenderMayaInstall...
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  • Motion Blur Maya does't work

    I can't get Motion Blur to work for Maya 2018
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  • RPR crashing Maya at the end of the render with ML denoiser enabled with Nvidia card.

    Simple scene. Attached to this post.
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  • Maya beta build crashing after render

    with the latest maya beta build any time i render something with the tile rendering and its suppose to save it cashes maya .so is this something you can take a look at for me thanks i know its beta but 
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  • With latest build 2.7.368 Maya crashes if I use HDR file as IBL map

    Didn't have this issue with previous builds even once. Same problem with Maya 2019 and 2018.
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  • Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2

    Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2  Please take a look at this for me i downloaded the latest update for Prorender 2.7 and it dint work so i went back to the 2.6.2 and it worked fine .
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  • Prorender 2.7 doesn't work in Maya 2019.2 and 2018.6

    System: Win10 Software: MAYA 2019.2 and 2018.6 Prorender version: 2.7 Video Card: RX 590 CPU: AMD 2700X   When I want to active it in the plug-in manager of MAYA 2019.2 and 2018.6, the MAYA just stop and hav...
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  • Flying objects and few other things...

    Hello, Best way to explain is to show Don't know why this happen. I checked geometry was fine. I triangulated it but it didn't help. So I fixed by combining mesh with other object.
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  • Uncertified Device

    I currently trying to use the RTX 2070 in Maya with Pro Render but its not using the card and is showing its uncertified. Is there a solution to this problem?
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  • place2D Texture

    some components in place 2D texture do not work with Pro Render, such as Mirror U and Mirror V, nor does color balance work in File texture
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