• How to GPU Batch Render on Slaves with Different GPUs?

    VRay has an environment variable (VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS) that you can set on each render slave. VRay will look to this environment variable on a render slave to determine which GPUs are to be used when rendering on that ...
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  • Is there support for maya 2019?

    does pro render work in maya 2019? I recently set up a pc with an amd phenom ii x4 965 processer and an amd radeon rx580 GPU. Unfortunately I unknowingly forfeited compatibility with all the previous renderers I ...
    created by rossdaniel
  • Casting shadow

    I remove the check mark of recieve and casting  shadow of an object that i assigned a emitter material to that , but the obiect cast shadow .  Is that a bug ?
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  • Why the render in maya just do it in a half image?

    Hi all, Best render for all   After installing Prorender, I took a substance painter save images and put in a object in maya. When render, just do it in a half image. Anyone knows.   Maya 2018 Upd. 5 AMD ...
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  • still no support for image sequence as texture map, right? (despite developer said it has to be added to the last version)

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  • Multi-GPU Batch Rendering on Maya 2017

    Radeon ProRender for Maya(R) 2.4.199 (core 1.312) Maya 2017   Hi,   When I render only a frame, ProRender uses both of my GPUs.   But when I batch render, it only uses primary GPU (RX 580).   ...
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  • xGen and PFX

    If I could render out xGen or Paint Effects hair without having to go through the process of converting everything to geometry first and doing that whole song and dance, I would be such a happy boy.   If there i...
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  • How to render a sequence with prorender in Maya?

    Greetings. I have an addition to the local vault of stupid questions: is the current version of Prorender for Mac Os able to render a sequence in Maya? Because I can’t seem to make it render anything but static ...
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  • fluids

    Autodesk maya 2018 How to make a 3D container (for fire) with radeon prorender. How to make a sea of pool?
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  • Flying objects and few other things...

    Hello, Best way to explain is to show Don't know why this happen. I checked geometry was fine. I triangulated it but it didn't help. So I fixed by combining mesh with other object.
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  • Bucket render in Maya

    Is it possible to implement bucket render in Maya like in Cinema4D?
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  • Radeon ProRender Error : Unable to create mesh

    *UPDATE      For a temporary solution, I copied the whole scene into a new scene and it starts to render.     Hi,   Software Spec :      Maya 2017 (Cut ID: 20...
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  • no sharp shadows with sun&sky or directional light.

    Hello, Just downloaded and tried prorender 2.4 for Maya 2018 and so far I quite like it. There is few thing that I don't understand and can't find any info regarding it. First when you just create sun&sky in ve...
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  • Maya 2018.1 ProRender - Batch render doesn't work on mac book pro

    Hello I love the ProRender we really excited to start using it but we are having some issues, I'm using Maya 2018.1 and when rendering using a batch render for animation sequence, I got instantly rendering completed m...
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  • Image sequence as texture map

    It looks like ProRender doesn’t support image sequences as map. It’s a bit disappointing for me. Am I right or there is a way to use them? Thank you in advance
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  • Any news about rendering a sequence?

    Any news about rendering a sequence?
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  • Issues with Radeon ProRender in Maya

    Hello, I have an issue using Radeon ProRender in Maya. Currently, I have an AMD 280x. When I try to render a scene using only GPU, doesn't work correctly, putting in black all the screen. Whereas when I use CPU, it ...
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  • Does ProRender support Maya LT

    I am using Maya LT  and was wondering if ProRender supports it.
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