• RadeonProRender for Maya (v2.9) cannot be installed

    I am using Maya 2020 on iMacPro (macOS Catalina 10.15.5, RadeonProVega64X).   I downloaded "Radeon ProReder for Maya(Version 2.9)" from "https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-prorender-downloads" and install...
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  • Vulkan Rendering Issue, Also a bug report

    Hello RPR community and representatives. I'm having an issue I very much hope you can help me out with. Basically when using any settings that invoke Vulkan rendering (Low-High) instead of OpenGL (Full rendering) my R...
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  • Transparency Not Rendering

    Hey all,   Trying to figure out why I can't get transparency to actually come out in my viewport/final render with RPR.   Starting off, heres my scene in Viewport 2.0:   Imgur: The magic of the Inter...
    Dan Rita
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  • RadeonProRenderv2.8 and 2.9 are missing the Shadow Catcher Shader.

     I have installed v2.9 and everything seems to be working fine except I cannot see any shadow Catcher Shader available in the Hypershade?
    Robin Hutchins
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  • RadeonProRenderv2.8 cannot be installed

    Mac os 10.13.4 Maya 2018.5 Rx580   RadeonProRenderv2.8 cannot be installed The official documentation says that it can support 10.13.3. +, If not, can you provide me with a renderer that supports the 10.13.4 ...
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  • Subdivision workflow

    i have a general Question how subdivision in ProRender is used.   When i use the Maya Subdivision by enabling Smooth Mesh Preview and i increase the Preview Division Levels it renders with Subdivisons.  Bu...
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  • E000018: Importing RPR file failed.

    When trying to import a .rpr file, exported from Maya 2019.2 with the latest 2.8 Radeon Pro Render plugin I get:   # Error: ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named boto3 #   Then, wh...
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  • Is there any way to get previous versions of the plugin?

    Been trying to get beta and old versions without any success... Is there any place where I can download them?
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  • Is full spectrum rendering working for anyone

    I have been using pro render alot and i think you guys are doing an amazing job i love the renderer.I just wanted to know if the full spectrum rendering is working for anyone . When i change to high meduim or low Maya...
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  • proRender maya 2.8

    Hi   I am running with Maya 2019 and I am trying to install proRender 2.8. Everything run perfectly, the two programs return that everything is fine but Maya don't offer proRender as a render is the render menu...
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  • I am getting an error when the render is done

    These are the problem i am having with Pro render for maya i hope you guys can help me out . I get this error when the render is done .please let me know if some one know how to fix this .when the scene get complicat...
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  • Prorender 2.8 does not work in maya 2019.2, where can I download version 2.6.2?   this version worked well for me

    how can i go back to the previous version I can't find where to download it
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  • maya 2019.2

    AMD Radeon ProRender for Maya Download version 2.8 System: macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 Maya 2019.2   radeonprorenderformaya.dmg, Double click, opening in untitled folder. Double click, RadeonProRenderMayaInstall...
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  • Motion Blur Maya does't work

    I can't get Motion Blur to work for Maya 2018
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  • RPR crashing Maya at the end of the render with ML denoiser enabled with Nvidia card.

    Simple scene. Attached to this post.
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  • Maya beta build crashing after render

    with the latest maya beta build any time i render something with the tile rendering and its suppose to save it cashes maya .so is this something you can take a look at for me thanks i know its beta but 
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  • With latest build 2.7.368 Maya crashes if I use HDR file as IBL map

    Didn't have this issue with previous builds even once. Same problem with Maya 2019 and 2018.
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  • Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2

    Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2  Please take a look at this for me i downloaded the latest update for Prorender 2.7 and it dint work so i went back to the 2.6.2 and it worked fine .
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  • Flying objects and few other things...

    Hello, Best way to explain is to show Don't know why this happen. I checked geometry was fine. I triangulated it but it didn't help. So I fixed by combining mesh with other object.
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  • place2D Texture

    some components in place 2D texture do not work with Pro Render, such as Mirror U and Mirror V, nor does color balance work in File texture
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