• Prorender 2.8 does not work in maya 2019.2, where can I download version 2.6.2?   this version worked well for me

    how can i go back to the previous version I can't find where to download it
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  • maya 2019.2

    AMD Radeon ProRender for Maya Download version 2.8 System: macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 Maya 2019.2   radeonprorenderformaya.dmg, Double click, opening in untitled folder. Double click, RadeonProRenderMayaInstall...
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  • Motion Blur Maya does't work

    I can't get Motion Blur to work for Maya 2018
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  • RPR crashing Maya at the end of the render with ML denoiser enabled with Nvidia card.

    Simple scene. Attached to this post.
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  • Maya beta build crashing after render

    with the latest maya beta build any time i render something with the tile rendering and its suppose to save it cashes maya .so is this something you can take a look at for me thanks i know its beta but 
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  • With latest build 2.7.368 Maya crashes if I use HDR file as IBL map

    Didn't have this issue with previous builds even once. Same problem with Maya 2019 and 2018.
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  • Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2

    Prorender 2.7 does not work with recent Maya 2019.2  Please take a look at this for me i downloaded the latest update for Prorender 2.7 and it dint work so i went back to the 2.6.2 and it worked fine .
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  • Flying objects and few other things...

    Hello, Best way to explain is to show Don't know why this happen. I checked geometry was fine. I triangulated it but it didn't help. So I fixed by combining mesh with other object.
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  • place2D Texture

    some components in place 2D texture do not work with Pro Render, such as Mirror U and Mirror V, nor does color balance work in File texture
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  • RPR Viewport  does not update the movement of the camera in real time in Maya

    Im using the RPR viewport and it works perfectly, but when i move the camera, it doesnt update until i finish moving the camera, i want to see all the movement in real time if it is possible, does anybody know how to ...
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  • Pro render has no color corrector for textures?

    I need to use saturation, contrast for textures, I try to use Maya utilities but they don't work well
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  • Radeon ProRender Error : Unable to create mesh

    *UPDATE      For a temporary solution, I copied the whole scene into a new scene and it starts to render.     Hi,   Software Spec :      Maya 2017 (Cut ID: 20...
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  • Does Radeon ProRender support VDBs?

    As the title asks. Or is there a specific workflow to get it to work? Thanks in advance.
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  • Batch render only uses CPU

    Trying to do a simple turn around and I'm finding that batch rendering doesn't use the GPU at all. I'm not rendering on a different machine, its all just batch rendering from my local machine so its not the issue abou...
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  • Displacement  problem

    Hello, Seems I can't get proper displacement with RPR. This what I'm trying to achieve . This done in V-ray for Maya   and this what I got in RPR with maximum subdivisions what RPR settings letting me set...
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  • Batch rendering a scene results has issues with parenting.

    This is more of a bug report, but I'm trying to render a simple turn table of an object. I've set the scene up using all Pro Render lights and materials (pbr) and have a locator which rotates the number of degrees ove...
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  • Edges on renders are really crisp and harsh.

    The renders I'm getting out look decent reflection/color wise, the problem though is the edges. There are some really aliased edges, not only on the silhouette of the object, but also if there are any edges on top of ...
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  • batch render on maya 2018, all objects invisible

    Hi. This seems to be only on maya 2018. I tried maya 2017 and it works fine. If I file save as from the render view it's fine. But any time I batch render all objects besides the background are invisible. I can work a...
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  • Transparency map inverted

    Hello David, You were right, there is a small problem with a transparency. Maya and other renderers usually accept transparency map where black is transparent and white is not. RPR is doing it opposite way, so I have...
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  • Only half image is rendering in Maya

    Only half image renders in maya 2018. gpu = w4100
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