• ProRender Region Crach Maya

    ProRender Region Crach Maya after hit render region button. Doesnt matter if you use cpu or/and gpu. Maya 2018, ProRender 2.6.294.
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  • ProRender not working in Maya 2016. Here is the error message:

    '// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2016/scripts/others/supportRenderers.mel line 150: Renderer "FireRender" is not valid'   This happens when I try to open Render Settings. ProRender also isn't even ...
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  • RPR Light Attributes Grayed Out - Maya 2017

    Hey everyone,   I'm ready to use ProRender exclusively, but there seems to be some sort of bug in the Maya 2017 plugin.    The following things are grayed out for the Point Light:   Shadows...
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  • prorender material browser missing

    i did install and reinstall but material browser not working.
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  • Do you think is it possible to apply RPR to animations?

    I want to share the first (and the last :/ ) animation I've been able to do on RPR. (Quality was not that high at start, but I've to re-download it from instagram due to hard_drive loss. Moreover it was a test)&#...
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  • ESC doesn't kill renderings

    ProRender  2.5.271 on Maya iMac Pro 14 Mojave
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  • Batch render Issue in Maya OSX

    So I was doing some tests to start using ProRender in maya on my Macbook pro, made a simple scene with RPRPhysicalLight1, and UberShaders, to test refractions and reflections on indoor scene. ...
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  • Render Fails with more than 4 AOVs

    Hi, When I use more than 4 AOVs render Fails and I get this message, Maya Osx. Tomorow I ll try it on windows.
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  • I Can´t adjust Render quality on Maya Osx

    Hi, when I try to change Render quality on the shelf i get this error // Error: source "presets.mel"; //  // Error: Line 1.21: Cannot find file "presets.mel" for source statement. //  Also I don´t ...
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  • Problem with Material browser window with Maya in 200% interface scale for HiDPI monitors

    I reported this few month ago and since nobody answers I decide to show this. PLEASE fix it. As I understand it's a just python script "rpr_material_browser.py" responsible for proper window behavior. Thank you. 
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  • Glitchy bars on renderings

    Anyone know what causes these kind of bars? (in the picture, the one on the left is an example) They appear sometimes in random position, bars of variation in luminance or gamma, idk.   It's pretty annoying....
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  • Substance to maya Workflow

    Hi, any idea why normals from substance appear black in maya? The maps look completely different from substance to maya. I'm using pbr metallic workflow in substance. Any suggestions?
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  • Windows 10 install hangs on registration

    When trying to install the Maya plugin (v 2.5.245) at this screen I get the windows spinning cursor and no progress when clicking on any button ("Register...", "Next", or "Cancel"). I also tried registering from this ...
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  • Batch Rendering problems

    Batch rendering in maya, When i render a single frame in the viewport all the colours render out perfectly, however when i start batch rendering, they come out very dark and with no transparency. How can i fix this? &...
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  • How to GPU Batch Render on Slaves with Different GPUs?

    VRay has an environment variable (VRAY_GPU_PLATFORMS) that you can set on each render slave. VRay will look to this environment variable on a render slave to determine which GPUs are to be used when rendering on that ...
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  • Is there support for maya 2019?

    does pro render work in maya 2019? I recently set up a pc with an amd phenom ii x4 965 processer and an amd radeon rx580 GPU. Unfortunately I unknowingly forfeited compatibility with all the previous renderers I ...
    created by rossdaniel
  • Casting shadow

    I remove the check mark of recieve and casting  shadow of an object that i assigned a emitter material to that , but the obiect cast shadow .  Is that a bug ?
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  • Why the render in maya just do it in a half image?

    Hi all, Best render for all   After installing Prorender, I took a substance painter save images and put in a object in maya. When render, just do it in a half image. Anyone knows.   Maya 2018 Upd. 5 AMD ...
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  • Redshift to RPR converter script

    As an added bonus before the holiday, here is a simple script for converting Redshift materials, lights, etc to RPR.  You obviously need redshift and maya, as well as the Radeon ProRender plugin.    S...
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  • still no support for image sequence as texture map, right? (despite developer said it has to be added to the last version)

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