• How to make volumetric light?

    How to make volumetric light and how to attach to - object or light in Maya .
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  • I can't install prorender

    It freezes everytime I click on the "registration" button. Is there any other way I can get the registration code?
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  • Where does the Black Dots come from?

    Hey i use AMD PRORENDER on MACOS MOJAVE with VEGA 64 eGPU Blender 2.8. Sometimes i get these weird black dots in lighted areas. I tried figuring out where they come from, but it's weird. sometimes they go away when i ...
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  • How do I recreate this Cycles render in RPR?

    Image below was rendered in cycles     This is the same file rendered in RPR, using the same materials.     Cycles again     RPR again
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  • prorender for Maya2018.5  Mac OS 10.14   Installation

    1、Download Radeon ProRender and Radeon ProRender MaterialLibrary and install successfully in the folder   /Users/Shared/RadeonProRender/ 2、Start maya2018.5, plugin manager does not have Radeon ProRender &...
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  • Will AMD release an updated version of ProRender for Maya 2019 and RADEON VII GPUS?

    Is AMD planning on releasing a new version of ProRender that can be used in the latest version of MAya? Also, will the RADEON VII be supported shortly?
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  • how to rotate a HDRI Environment Map in 3Ds MAX???

    I do this at the traditional way, but in the ProRender it does not have effect!!!
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  • Will having multiple external GPU improve the offline render time in Cinema 4D?

    I'm trying to figure out how to improve offline render time with ProRender and I was wondering if having either a more powerful GPU or an eGPU would help.   Thanks,
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  • convertion the materials

    hello, i'm working in 3ds max and i can't find how can i convert the materials from vray to radeon pro render? please help.
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  • cannot register radeon pro render for blender (link won't open)

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  • how to get activation key

    for blender rendering
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  • the activation web link is reported as insecure. is there any other way of getting an activation code?

    ubuntu bionic . using prorender.run
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  • Why does the register button lead elsewhere when setting up Prorender for Solidworks?

    I am setting up the Prorender for Solidworks, but the register button does not prompt you to register. The button takes you to the Subscriptions page of AMD. Once here there isn't an option to sign up to get the activ...
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  • ''Sorry, your submission had an error.'' can not get activation code! HELP!!!

    ''Sorry, your submission had an error.'' can not get activation code! HELP!!!
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  • Blender 2.8 not recognizing ProRender Plugin in MacOS on a MacBook Pro 15" 2017. Any Suggestions?

    Hello! When I go to Preferences>Add-ons in Blender 2.8 (MacOS) I cannot select ProRender plugin on my MacBook Pro. The option to tick the box is not available and there is a message saying "Blender 2.8x is req...
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  • AMD Radeon ProRender updates for Q4 2018

    To accompany the release of the Q4 Radeon Pro driver, we released updates to our Radeon ProRender plugins. All can be downloaded at   AMD Radeon™ ProRender Plug-in Download   Here's some highlights: ...
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  • Pro Render 2.5 Maya Global Settings

    Nithyanandam, I can not find Global Settings in my render settings, How to find GI settings in this version?
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  • i cant find portals options on my skynode or ibl

    should be there but nothing, i even tried reinstalling maya and radeon render
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  • Portal Light not working in Maya

    Hi good day to you, I love the Radeon ProRender but my current problem is the Portal light setting, it is grayed out and just can't seem to find a workaround to access it.  I am using Maya 2018.
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  • Prorender in Blender problem

    PROBLEM: disaapearing render while using GPU, working good with CPU Win 10 Pro, AMD FirePro W5130M, Intel i7-6820HQ, latest drivers
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