• Is it really impossible to scale the textures of materials found in Material Library?

    I can't seem to find the way to alter the mapping/scaling of any of the textures (found in the Material Library) on my Objects?? I find a suitable checker pattern in the Material Library (i.e. Material Library-&g...
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  • Is image sequence supported in RPR plug-in for Blender 2.8?

    I tried both .MP4 and image sequences (in .PNG) as a as an animated texture.   I have nodes set up as:   [Image Texture: Movie / MP4] -> RBR Uber Shader (Diffuse Color) -> Material Output  ...
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  • List of possible improvements to the great ProRender

    Disclaimer: If any or more of these points are already being processed by the heroes of ProRender, please dismiss it. This list isn't built in any order; it's just which feature pops into my mind first. Sorry about t...
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  • Pro Render Crash - Blender - Mac Pro 2019

    Hi everyone,    Blender 2.8a is crashing when using Prorender (version from 20th January) on my brand new Mac Pro with Dual Radeon Vega II.  It's working for a few minutes (I can even render a still.) ...
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  • Is there a dedicated place which I can check for ProRender updates?

    Basically I'd really like a reliable go to place to check for the latest releases of ProRender.  Because I often end up finding out well after the fact that ProRender has been updated, since the AMD ProRender off...
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  • Why can't I post here?

    Hi all.  In order to streamline and organize discussions better, we restricted access to this space for announcements only.  For Blender, or Maya, etc specific issues please post in the appropriate sub-forum...
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  • Convert Materials in Blender

    Open video

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  • Visible to camera, makes the object not render

    If I am unselecting the "Visible to Camera" option under object properties, the object is no longer visible to my camera. This is intended, however, the object is no longer casting/receiving shadows or reflecting...
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  • Blender 2.8 Radeon ProRender Error Closes Application

    Hello- I have an issue with RPR. I have installed the RPR 2.2.1 application into 2.81. When opening Blender, it closes immediately. I have installed this application perfectly fine on my work computer which uses an ...
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  • prorender 2.82 crash

    Switching to fully guarded memory allocator. Blender 2.82 (sub 4) Build: 2019-12-09 00:02:49 Windows Release argv[0] = blender argv[1] = --debug argv[2] = --debug-gpu argv[3] = --python-expr argv[4] = import bpy; bpy....
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  • Can Prorender render a scene that is too big to fit on one GPUs memory

    For example the cycles renderer used in blender can't render scenes that require more RAM than a single GPU. So even adding more GPUs doesn't help, it can only be rendered using on CPU with a lot of RAM.   So th...
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  • Displacement Map node not exported when exporting Uber Material in RPR for Maya

    Whenever I export an RPR material and access to the XML version of it I find there is no information regarding the displacement map.   Also, I am unable to import the material in Maya... maybe unrelated.
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  • I don't get a registration key for pro Renderer.  Sorry, your submission had an error.

    What can I do ? Mac 10.14.6
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  • Prorender causes Blender 2.81a to crash in ProRender

    Hello all- I have noticed that ProRender is now crashing Blender. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Radeon ProRender and Blender, set Blender to factory conditions, then reinstalled RPR and when enabling the add...
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  • I am having a hard time installing ProRender on OSX Mojave for Blender

    I open the install and everything goes fine, but then after the install it wants me to point it to where Blender is installed, which is the applications folder, but it's greyed out and I can't select it. 
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  • ProRender Error: -18 3DsMax

    Hi, I wanted to try out the ProRender for Max2020, but when I am try to switch get this error message -18.   OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320-Eight Core 3.5 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 5700 (20.1.1 Update) R...
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  • How does one install Blender plug-in on CentOS?

    Just got amdgpu-pro with OpenCL support running on CentOS 8, and was hoping to try out the latest Blender 2.81a with the ProRender plug-in. Any help would be appreciated.   There is an OS check that specifically...
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  • Feature request a bevel shader for prorender

    Feature request a bevel shader for prorender       Use AMD prorender USD and Vulkan integration instead to save development effortsRight-Click Select — Blender.Community    posted at r...
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  • Cinema 4d r21.115 Pro Render freeze & crash on 10.15.2 with 5700 XT

    Hello AMD,   Cinema 4D R21.1 freeze & crash mac os 10.15.2 while compiling scenes on 5700 XT. There are nothing helps until hard reset / restart of the computer. For example you can test this scene: Low ...
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  • What is the name of the ProRenderer Portable PBR Packaging API?

    Hey,   I am looking for the portable PBR material API that AMD created to assist translating materials supplied to the ProRenderer into formats expected by other render engines and likewise, materials for other ...
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