• List of possible improvements to the great ProRender

    Disclaimer: If any or more of these points are already being processed by the heroes of ProRender, please dismiss it. This list isn't built in any order; it's just which feature pops into my mind first. Sorry about t...
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  • Can Prorender render a scene that is too big to fit on one GPUs memory

    For example the cycles renderer used in blender can't render scenes that require more RAM than a single GPU. So even adding more GPUs doesn't help, it can only be rendered using on CPU with a lot of RAM.   So th...
    created by jungle
  • AMD ProRender 2.7 not working when Upgraded from 2.6

    Hi so i am having a problem with maya and pro render so i updated to the latest pro render 2.7.so i unintalled 2.6 which was working fine and installed the 2.7 but now it is giving me this error when i try to activate...
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  • ProRender for Blender corrupts models when at a distance.

    So I've recently made the switch to AMD for graphics and wanted to see how it performed in blender, so I opened some of my old models to find issues with the shading corrupting at certain distances. It turns out the p...
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  • Prorender for Blender Windows Installer could not be opened.

    I tried to download the package from different browsers also tried to install in different machines but the outcome was the same nonetheless. The installation package (the .msi file - prorender 2.x for Blender 2,8) c...
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  • [SolidWorks] ProRender All gpus option using cpu

    Hi,  I'm running ProRender on SolidWorks 2016. ProRender is amazing, however I recently crammed an rx570 I had laying around into my machine as well, and when I use the "all gpus" option, I get about half the pe...
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  • Noisy viewport

    Need help,noisy Viewport  and scene is not rendering(nothing happens) if i enable denoiser check box.    Processor : intel I3 GPU         : HD 5450 OS      ...
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  • ProRender installer passes hardware check, but wont work on my CPU

    During the installation process, the installer check the hardware, and my computer passes it, but when i try to enable the renderer it gives me an error. I ran an extensions emulator (Intel SDE) and after that it ran...
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  • Feedback thread for RPR Documentation

    We recently updated our docs Welcome to AMD Radeon™ ProRender! — AMD Radeon ProRender  Especially for the SDK, image filter denoiser library and Blender.  Maya coming soon.   ...
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  • Feature request: tri-planar or blended box mapping

    Hi,   I'd love to see tri-planar or blended box texture mapping added to RPR. It's a very convenient, fast, hassle-free alternative to UV unwrapping, by projecting a texture from three axes (tri-planar) or by bo...
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  • Material Library License Inquiry

    Hello,   I would like to know if there is a license used for the pbr materials found in the Material Library. I searched the downloads page and thru the files installed but couldn't find anyt...
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  • I can't activate ProRender plugin in Blender 2.80 (and 2.79)

    Hey there! I have installed ProRender both on my Blender 2.79 and my Blender 2.80beta and I can't seem to run either of them. I've also installed the material library if that matters at all. On 2.79 I can activate ...
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  • Prorender shelf is empty in Maya 2019

    Hi guys,   I wnated to checkout prorender with maya 2019. Unfortunately my 'Prorender' shelf is empty. Any solutions? Thnaks in advance.   Best, Krzysztof
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  • After installing ProRender and getting it to work on 2.8. It seemed to work pretty well, however I cannot render.

    In this scene which is quite big, I cannot render. I did a test with a cube scene and it rendered fine, but this one does not.   Also my preview render appears to stop updating after roughly 16 iterations, but c...
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  • maya crash when cpu checkbox is on

    Hi, i´d been trying to render in maya 2018 with cpu + gpu (amd r9 290x) and with in active viewport it handles, but when i hit production render, render, batch render, or render sequence, only gets a spike on gp...
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  • Can't get sss to work

    Hello! I have just installed the Radeon ProRender and I find it very nice. However, I can't seem to get the sss working. There is no difference in the rendered image whether it's ON or OFF in any kind of material. E...
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  • ProRender Installer Crashes When Trying To Get Registration Key

    I am trying to install Radeon ProRender for Blender on my computer, but whenever I run the installer it crashes whenever I try to get a registration key or skip the registration page. My guess is that it is some sort ...
    created by colinpeek
  • ProRender for Blender installer "cannot check system compatibility"

    I am trying to install Radeon ProRender for Blender on my computer. I have an AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics card, Windows 10 64-bit, AMD Ryzen 7 2700U 2.2 GHz Whenever I go through the installer, after agreeing to t...
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  • UE4 Plugin recompile

    I'm trying to recompile the Unreal RPR Plugin, without much luck. What libraries do I need? 
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  • How do i prevent my IBL image from appearing in a render while maintaining the lighting from HDRI image. In Arnold you can just set visibility to 0 . How is it done in Pro Render?

    Rendering in Pro render  with IBL  but i want to render out my animation with an alpha channel. I dont want to include the IBL dome in my render . How can I exclude it without using complex AOVs?
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