• Why can't I post here?

    Hi all.  In order to streamline and organize discussions better, we restricted access to this space for announcements only.  For Blender, or Maya, etc specific issues please post in the appropriate sub-forum...
    created by bsavery
  • prorender 2.82 crash

    Switching to fully guarded memory allocator. Blender 2.82 (sub 4) Build: 2019-12-09 00:02:49 Windows Release argv[0] = blender argv[1] = --debug argv[2] = --debug-gpu argv[3] = --python-expr argv[4] = import bpy; bpy....
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  • Prorender causes Blender 2.81a to crash in ProRender

    Hello all- I have noticed that ProRender is now crashing Blender. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Radeon ProRender and Blender, set Blender to factory conditions, then reinstalled RPR and when enabling the add...
    last modified by danthefatman09
  • ProRender Error: -18 3DsMax

    Hi, I wanted to try out the ProRender for Max2020, but when I am try to switch get this error message -18.   OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8320-Eight Core 3.5 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 5700 (20.1.1 Update) R...
    last modified by aliog
  • PBR and Uber Shader Fresnel does not work correctly with Metalness Settings

    Hi,   I had a long conversation on discord on how the PBR and Ubershader Fresnel seems to be incorrect.  The main problem is that the PBR shader with a Base color and Metalness connected does not produce an...
    last modified by tcheng
  • Multiple GPUs with different generations and manufacturers

    Does the Pro Render support multiple GPUs with different generations and manufacturers? For example RX 5700 + RX Vega 64 (each GPUs come from different manufacturers), or RX 5700 + RX Vega 64 + RX 570 + R9 285 (each ...
    last modified by reasonrogers
  • ProRender Materials Library not appearing in 3ds Max 2019

    Mostly just the title. After doing a clean reinstall of 3ds max since it was a bit messy, I haven't been able to get the ProRender material library to appear in 3ds max correctly. If it appears as a group in the Slate...
    last modified by mysticvirus
  • Rendering BMW Demo File on macbook pro 2016 (Radeon 460) with Blender 2.8 freezes computer

    Hi!   When i try to render the BMW demo file for GPU with blender 2.8 & PRP plugin, i can see and select the option of the Pro Renderer Engine, but when i try to render it freezes the whole computer wit...
    last modified by odolyte
  • Epsilon

    I was curious what Epsilon did for interiors. Here are two interior renders with Epsilon = 0.001 and Epsilon = 2.00 .    
    created by david57
  • Problem with Pro Render

    Hello,   I have a problem with Pro Render and Soliworks 2019.   When I launch the render of an object, I obtain an error : "Pro Render has encountered a critical error".   The tahoe.log file is empty...
    last modified by eykxas
  • Where does the Black Dots come from?

    Hey i use AMD PRORENDER on MACOS MOJAVE with VEGA 64 eGPU Blender 2.8. Sometimes i get these weird black dots in lighted areas. I tried figuring out where they come from, but it's weird. sometimes they go away when i ...
    last modified by inputhone
  • Difference in roughness of transparency in final rendering and viewport render.

    Use Maya plug-in v2.6 There is a difference in the roughness representation of transparency in final rendering and viewport rendering. Final rendering does not seem to reflect the value of Max Glossy Refracton of the...
    last modified by tomog
  • ProRender for iMac (2019) 27" with Vega 48

    When will this particular hardware be certified for ProRender???
    last modified by irishlionplatter
  • Pro Render 2.5 Maya Global Settings

    Nithyanandam, I can not find Global Settings in my render settings, How to find GI settings in this version?
    last modified by benonipro
  • Prorender in Blender problem

    PROBLEM: disaapearing render while using GPU, working good with CPU Win 10 Pro, AMD FirePro W5130M, Intel i7-6820HQ, latest drivers
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  • Distributed or Network Rendering Support?

    Does ProRender for Maya support distributed/network rendering?  If so, does this support include CPU, GPU and CPU+GPU support?
    last modified by jabbathenut
  • Amd radeon prorender registration code not loading.

    I recently installed Amd radeon prorender for 3ds max but I could not get the registration code as the Installer setup keep loading after I clicked register button. It keeps loading & nothing happened.   can...
    last modified by asharjamal