AMD Radeon ProRender SIGGRAPH 2019 Updates

Blog Post created by bsavery Employee on Aug 23, 2019

Greetings to all from the Radeon ProRender Team!  We had a very busy SIGGRAPH this year in LA, and wanted to post about a few of the things we had going on.  Overall, the show was very exciting for AMD.  Radeon ProRender was shown in several of new applications and we have even more that we are working on with our partners coming soon!



The theme this year at SIGGRAPH seemed to be the "maturing" of physically based rendering which is starting to become commonplace everywhere.   For us at AMD, we are looking to enable this across the industry.  Not only with software solutions, their support of open standards and working on all hardware, but also with rendering solutions that are targeting the "Full Spectrum" of rendering whether fast preview or final rendering, we are enabling them all with Radeon ProRender.  


Here are a few of the presentations our team gave at SIGGRAPH.  First of all here is an overview of the Radeon ProRender "State of the Union".  

AMD Radeon ProRender SIGGRAPH 2019 Overview


The highlights here are the Denoiser SDK and ProRender updates as well as a roadmap for the year ahead.  Furthermore, Full Spectrum Rendering SDK will shortly be available to developers.


Diving in a bit deeper to what is coming for Radeon ProRender 2.0.  Takahiro gave an update of what we are working on, including dramatically faster image convergence, less memory use, and a new shader system.  This was being demoed at SIGGRAPH using the Motonui Island Scene.

Radeon ProRender 2.0 Update


Next we were showing various demos using our "Full Spectrum Rendering" Solution.  This was shown both in a standalone demo as well as inside the Blender viewport.  (Blender plugin is coming soon). 

Full Spectrum Rendering Tech Overview 

Full Spectrum rendering using Vulkan and ray traced effects to gives users the ability to scale their rendering for speed or quality.  It also uses AI denoising to minimize noise while maintaining interactivity.




Speaking of AI denoising, our AI Denoiser and a full suite of denoiser and filter technologies are available for plugin users and developers.  Here's an update from SIGGRAPH on this technology: AI Denoiser Overview


As raytracing usage increases, the need for faster data transfer to and from the GPU will be critical.  AMD is the first GPU hardware to support PCIe Gen 4.  Here's a tech overview of how OpenCL developers can leverage this in their applications:  PCIE Gen4 for Developers


Thank you for a great SIGGRAPH, and please post any questions below.  In the next couple of weeks we'll share more videos of the demos from SIGGRAPH, as well as a beta build of Hybrid in the Blender plugin.  Stay tuned!