• ProRender ERROR When trying to Render

    I am using a 2019 Mac Pro 3.2GHz 16 core processor, with 192GB memory, and 2 AMD Radeon Pro Vega II 32GB graphics cards in the latest 2.9 Blender build, but when I try to render an image or animation that works in Cyc...
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  • Rendering the Blender Barbershop example scene is a mess using GPU Compute & Radeon 570 Series GPU

    Hey,   Rendering the Blender Barbershop example scene is a mess using GPU Compute & Radeon 570 Series GPU. My question is in two parts.   HW: 32GB DDR4 RAM AMD Ryzen 7 2700 GPU MSI Radeon RX 570 8GB...
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  • AMD prorender slower than Cycles in Blender?

    Hi, I have a scene that I'm trying to render (Macbook pro 16'' with 2.3 GHz I9, 5500M AMD with 8 GB of memory. The issue that I'm currently running into is that it seems that cycles with the CPU is 2x faster than A...
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  • Why viewport is turning black when switching to ProRender in Blender ?

    This is what my viewport is showing when I switched to ProRender render engine. what's the problem in here, my graphics card is also supported. Graphics Card - Raedon R5 M430 blender blender 2.83 radeon pro rende...
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  • Is it possible to grab RPR beta?

    Hi AMD, is it possible to grab some states of RPR beta from a repositories? Github for example. There more than two month was gone from 2.4v and a lot of bugs was accumulated. May be you should introduce an pipe...
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  • Viewport unable to render when using an eGPU on MacOS

    I've captured some info from the console, hope that would help. Any idea on why, and is there any solution to fix it?
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  • When I switch from full to the other quality presets blender crashes, I'm using a 1050(4GB because it's a laptop variant), help.

    If I select anything that isn't full blender crashes.
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  • ProRender Activation error

    Trying to activate ProRender in Linux Blender 2.82 and 2.9 the following error shows: Hence the ProRender cannot bei activated as addon to Blender. Though the libGl.so is on the system. Any solution to this problem....
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  • ProRender 2.4 activation error for Blender 2.83.2 Windows 10

    I can not activate the ProRender plugin with (latest as of this email), Blender 2.83.2 and ProRender 2.4.  The activation fails: I have also uninstalled Blender, rebooted and tried it again but no luck.  ...
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  • Where we can download sample/demo scenes?

    Hello, 1) where I can download demo scenes like forest, mushrooms or techno train that are showed on the https://www.amd.com/ru/technologies/radeon-prorender  or https://www.amd.com/ru/technologies/rad...
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  • Material colors different in rpr vs. cycles

    The sprinkles in the file below have randomized colors, which you can see when rendering with cycles. But when rendered with rpr, the sprinkles become one uniform color. I think the problem can be seen in the shading ...
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  • RAM doesn't free after render in windows 7

    Using ProRender, after rendering an image, it doesn't free the RAM used during the rendering process. RAM is only freed when: -   The next image using ProRender is rendered, i.e. if an animation is being r...
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  • At the end of render image turns white

    When I render an image using rpr, it looks fine until the last moment, where the image just turns white at the end of the render. Any help if super appreciated:)
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  • Can't get image displacement to work in ProRender 2.4 + Blender 2.83

    Howdy, I can't seem to displace a plane with an image texture in ProRender 2.4 using Blender 2.8x.  I've tried this across 2.8x versions and different computers / graphics cards. My shader settings are attached...
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  • Threadripper 3990X only using half of it...

    I Have the threadripper 3990x and I have noticed that when I do renderings only is using 64 threads instead of the 128. Something wrong with my settings? or the software is not capable to use 128 threads?
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  • ProRender activation key registration failure

    Trying to install ProRender for Blender 2.79 on windows 10, the installation stalls on clicking the Register button. Tried with explorer, legacy edge, and edge chrome as the default browser.   A quick google sea...
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  • RPRv2094 UV Edit Mode changes rendering of Textured Object

    Switching from Object Mode to Edit Mode with a textured material causes a significant change in rendering preview which makes it very difficult to change the position of a texture using the UV Editing tools.   m...
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  • ProRender for Blender Crashing using Mac Pro Radeon Pro with a W5700X 16 gig

    When editing Max Ray Depth Blender Quits. Any ideas?
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  • Radeon Prorender for Blender Plugin 2.4 Issues

    Hello,   Here are the following issues I have found in the new build:   VIDEO SHOWING ISSUES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo3uSafRFPk&feature=youtu.be   Please comment and let me know on the...
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  • ProRender is showing large chunks of missing geometry in "High" mode?

    I'm using the latest RPR release for Blender, 2.3.35, and for some reason whenever I try to use the HIGH hybrid setting my objects have random areas where the geometry is just missing.  It only does this in high,...
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