• Underlying geometry shows through materials with textures in them(see pics)

    Whenever I render an object with a material applied which uses an image texture in it, (not ones with just shaders), the underlying geometry shows through in reflections.  This is even more evident if the materia...
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  • .rpr exporter is broken in 2.0.134 but works fine in 2.0.112

    RPR 2.0.134 / Blender 2.80 / Windows 10 / 2990WX / 2x Radeon VII   The title should be self-explanatory - exporting .rpr for command line rendering is not functional in 2.0.134 but is perferctly fine in 2.0.112,...
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  • No Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8?

    Am I missing something or is there no Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8? In the documentation there's a checkbox but that's a 2.7 GUI. This is a requirement for us VFX guys
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  • RPR 2.0.134 Point Light cannot be resized

    While playing around with IES lights (they work fine with point lights) i realized, that point lights can't be resized.
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  • RPR v2.0.94 does not render Volume in a Cube

    In this simple scene there is a cube with an area lamp inside and a floor plane and a cube with simple materials applied.   The Outer cube has it's material set to be a volume.   The plan is to "...
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  • RPR v2.0.94 Feature Request for Blender - Environment Nodes

    There is no facility in RPR 2.0.94 to setup environment nodes and as such a volume cannot be used.   In Cycles using the sample file attached a very clean "God Ray" is created using the Environmen...
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  • wrong file

    The latest Radeon ProRender for Blender plug-in download link for mac is wrong file, it is .run.
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  • the newest version of the blender addon keeps erroring out when I try to install.

    so i downloaded the newest beta version of the blender add-on and tried to install it to blender, but it keeps erroring out saying that it can't find the blender python file. How do I tell it where to find the blender...
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  • Do I need a different compositor node setup to render between Cycles and RPR?

    Hello!   I've been doing some tests with 3d tracking objects into live action footage, and I noticed that when I set up my compositor nodes for a render, the render doesn't seem to work when using RPR. I used Cy...
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  • What to do about displacement?

    I'm starting this thread to discuss Displacement in the RPR plugin for blender.  We would like community opinions here.     This is hard to get right and keep within the Blender workflow.  He...
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  • hello seniores i have bug. when "RPR Bump Map" added to any material it breaks render mode.  everything disappears. only gray screen.

    hello seniores i have bug. when node "RPR Bump Map" added to any material it breaks render mode.  everything disappears. only gray screen. even if "RPR Bump Map" connected to shader without texture if u cut all l...
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  • scene not rendering

    intel i3,hd 5450,windows 10      Scene is not rendering if i enable denoice option.there is no error message just nothing happens in render screen.
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  • Error luanching version Pro Render 2.0 add-on

    I get this error when checking the box to launch the RPR version 2.0add-on in Blender 2.80.  Windows 10
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  • ViewPort Rendered issue (pink render, with no missing Texture)

    Hello there.   So I have a starting scene that is a bit weird, the thing is from yesterday, not sure what i changed but until I load a different scene and than go File>New>General it renders correctly. Thi...
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  • Vertex colors doesn't work

    The attribute node is not supprted as of 2.0.112. As a workaround/alternative it was suggested on the Discord that I should be able to use RPR Lookup set to Vertex Color to get similar effect for use in shaders. This...
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  • Should ProRender work with Blender test scenes out of the box?

    Hi There,   Completely new to Blender and ProRender and testing to see if GPU renders work. I can render Blender test files with Cycles/Eevee but when I use ProRender I either get a transpare...
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  • Laundry list of renderer features that is missing or would be nice to have

    ( In reference to the version released at siggraph 2019) Hi, I have been alpha/beta testing RPR for more than a year. it is good to see the constant progress but for my needs there are still a lot of f...
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  • Prorender does not work with recent 2.8 builds

    Hi, I've found an issue with the 4 Apr 2019 build of AMD Prorender with the current Blender 2.8 beta builds after 16 May 2019.   This change has been made to the Blender API, breaking Prorender (and potentially ...
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  • RPR 2094 Noise Threshold Bug - Multi GPU Performance is masked

    It turns out that RPRs multi GPU performance on macOS 10.14.6 (now that VEGA drivers are fixed) is being affected negatively by a Noise Threshold Bug in the Blender plug-in when Noise Threshold is set to anything...
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  • Strange white Light Noise when using any material in blender 2.8(please see pics)

    So whenever I add any material, whether I make it from scratch, using either RPR Uber ot Principled shader, or even on from the RPR library, I get this horrible pure white interference.  Maybe it's more common th...
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