• NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti vs AMD RX 5700 XT AMD ProRender

    I am comparing: NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti vs AMD RX 5700 XT AMD ProRender   And oddly the GTX 1070 Ti Windows openCL runs better than the AMD RX 5700 XT Metal macOS.   Any idea why? I would have assumed that ...
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  • Where is voronoi, magic & others textures?

    Mac os 10.15.3, RPR 2.2.12, Blender 2.82 beta.   How we can work with such textures like in that video? It seem that displacement node doesn't work correct in RPR. Also I can't find magic&other textures nod...
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  • macOS - Blender crash on with GPU and CPU checked

    2010 MacPro Tower - 32GB RAM, macOS 13.13.3, AMD RX580 Blender 2.8 (July 4) with Todays download of ProRender from main page   Open blender, add cube, add cycles material, switch to ProRender. - .blend file att...
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  • RPR Add-on cannot be enabled in Blender Add-ons menu.

    Blender 2.81a rpr 2.2.1 win7 On first attempt there is "AssertionError" in python traceback, on second - NameErorr: rprsdk_bin_path is not defined
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  • What's the hell... division by zero! Couldn't render!

    Mac os 10.15.3 RPR 2.2.12 RX 5700 XT Blender 2.82 (beta)   When I press start render image I have this kind if Error: ZeroDivisionError: division by zero I can't give you me blender file because of copy...
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  • Gizmo animation doesn't work!!! Please...

    Mac OS 10.15.3 5700 XT Blender 2.82.6 (beta) RPR 2.2.12   While animation of gizmo rotation of IBL could noticeable change in viewport it doesn't work when final render animation start.  Please, fi...
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  • trying to install the linux .run with blender 2.81 when i run it from a terminal the error i get is as follows

    [root@localhost Downloads]# '/home/gap/radeonprorenderforblender.run' ~/home/gap/B281/ Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Radeon ProRender for Blender  100%   Installing to /root/.local/s...
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  • Install Plugin Ububtu 19.10

    Hello. Tell me where to find detailed installation instructions for the plug-in for Blender on Linux? I have Ubuntu 19.10 I did not find any normal installation instructions for this plugin. Installation on Ubuntu 18...
    Alexander Afeldt
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  • Material/Object Index not working with compositor, nor useful as AOVs for other compositing apps.

      Whilst the Material Index writes out something, neither Object or Material Index can be specified with the ID Mask node in the compositor.  Object Index always renders out as black. Best regar...
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  • Issue - how do I get rid of these artifacts in the viewport render

    Am getting the following artifacts when using ProRender in the viewport...when ProRender doesn't crash Blender.   Blender 2.81.16
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  • mapping node does not work in hybrid mode

    please look at the pictures
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  • MacOS Catalina, RPR 2.0 on Blender 2.81a - Not getting Denoising Options

    It just has a button that says "Active Blender Denoiser"   The RPR manual infers there are there supposed to be Denoising options in the RenderLayer panel.
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  • What's the hell! I can't render particles on Mac OS RPR

    OS: Mac os 10.15.2 Blender 2.81a RPR 2.2.1, just Metal 2 RX 5700 XT   See file attachment. 1. While working with simple particles (hair emitter without child simple/interpolation) the render so slooooooow th...
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  • Objects stop updating material node changes automatically.

    This seems to be happening quite frequently to me lately, and it makes it very difficult and frustrating to work.  Seemingly out of the blue all of a sudden any changes I make to a material in the node editor do ...
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  • My setup crashed the stanford bunny machine learning denoising scene - CoreI7 9700 + RTX 2070. I had no banding this time.

    My setup crashed the stanford bunny machine learning denoising scene - Intel CoreI7 9700 + RTX 2070. I had no banding this time   I wanted to respond to the previous posted topic, but the api****************.com...
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  • No render-"curve map has no attribute 'evaluate'" is the msg

    MacOs X on iMac Prorender 2.2.1 Blender   See attached
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  • Where we can download sample/demo scenes?

    Hello, 1) where I can download demo scenes like forest, mushrooms or techno train that are showed on the https://www.amd.com/ru/technologies/radeon-prorender  or https://www.amd.com/ru/technologies/rad...
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  • poor performance under Linux with hybrid rendering

    for test purposes I have a new partition with Ubuntu 18.04.3. Afterwards I only installed amdgpu pro 19.05 (./amdgpu-pro-install -y --opencl = legacy, rocm), Blender 2.81a and rpr 2.2.1. Under Windows, it takes about ...
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  • ProRender Add-On error

    I am getting the following error when trying to activate the prorender add-on within my installation of Blender 2.81a:   Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.81...
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  • Almost no gain in render speed with multiple devices?(some loss)

    I mentioned this a while ago, and was told it was because adaptive sampling wasn't being used in multi GPU mode in that version, but would be in the next release.  I can say it still is the same, and I thought ma...
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