• Faulty renders with GPU

    Whenever I try to render using ProRender, and using my GPU (R9 200 series) all of the objects inside the render lose most of their opacity, leaving me with an almost blank render   I have reinstaled ProRender, r...
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  • When???? Tired of this…

    When will that time come? Metal Api rendering on AMD Mac OS…  I just want to download the blender and RPR and do my stuff… It just never works, or some major aspects does not work.  Yes I'm emo...
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  • Shared script folder OSX/Linux blender addons

    Hi, In my network I have a shared folder where all my blender scripts are. My OSX and Linux machines both point to that folder to get their scripts from. Since the addon folder "rprblender" can't be renamed and there...
    Roel Koster
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  • How can I get the activation key

    I'm trying to install AMD Radeon Pro Render plug-in for Blender 2.8. The installation process run as per notes in the help section here : Installing Radeon ProRender for Blender — AMD Radeon ProRender but the pl...
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  • Can't open Installer in Mac

    Mac requires new Prorender update to allow allow malware check. No install.
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  • animation fails

    win 10pro blender 2.82a prorender 2.3.4 (core1.34.7) geforce gtx 1080 driver 445.75 Running an animation and around an hour into it memory begins to build until the render fails (the first thing is the texture fai...
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  • Not Responding on Material View Mode and Render Preview

    Hello.   I'm having some serious stability issues when trying to switch to Material View. Sometimes it works and it renders the iterations, but sometimes it crashes during the iteration rendering. Blender stops ...
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  • RPRv2085 Shadow Catcher Too Dark Shadow and Not Working Properly

    The shadow cast on the shadow catcher plane is TOO dark.   It is also not showing through the plane below. So does not actually act as a shadow catcher at all.   This is a simpler setup scene (with sample ...
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  • Incorrect reflection catcher with textures

    Hello, smth. incorrect in RPR reflection cathcer. It doesn't reflect an objects/surfaces with image textures. Check my simple scene where Suzanne object was made with RPR material library. There is no texture reflec...
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  • When I'm trying to use Viewport shading on Mac Pro (2019) with non-XMP graphic card selected as render device objects dissaper. They present in viewport and can be selected but no proper shading/lights. Just selection outline.

    Hello,   When I'm trying to use Viewport shading on Mac Pro (2019) with non-XMP (non Apple) graphic card selected as render device objects dissaper. They present in viewport and can be selected but no proper sha...
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    Hi, I'm having problems making mantaflow work properly in blender 2.82 with Radeon ProRender 2.3.4. With the same settings, everything looks fine in Cycles. The latest version of ProRender is supposed to support manta...
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  • Rnedering high poly scenes

    I see ProRender cannot render scenes with lots of geometry. Does anyone have any Idea why? The attached image was rendered in Cycles in 2.8 RC3. Prorender started but Blender crashed - Trace Dump attached The model i...
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  • RPR2 Blender 2.8 Beta | Bug Report | Crashing when switching to rendered viewport (Linux)

    Blender 2.8 crashes when swithching to rpr viewport gpu rendering (Linux)   Builds:   Blender-2.80-75f551facaf0-linux-glibc224-x86_64    ~April 8      ...
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  • RPR 2.0.85 - object visibility is ineffective within volume object

    RPR 2/0/85 / Blender 2.80 / Windows 10 / 2x Radeon VII   Reflections and Camera visibility options do not behave as expected if the objects are set within a volume object unless the camera is within the volume a...
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  • Can't render more than 100 frames !?

    Blender (2.81) always crashes (force closes) when I hit the 101th frame while rendering with RPR 2.2.1. No matter the resolution, settings, scene. RAM usage shoots up while rendering the 99th frame and then Blender sh...
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  • Windows Blender plug-in download broken

    The Windows blender plug-in download seems to be broken. The download is of only 844 KBs and the file doesn't open.   (https://drivers.amd.com/other/ver_2.x/radeonprorenderblender_win.zip ) Page:https://www.amd...
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  • Can't install Radeon ProRender plugin

    Hi, i can't install Radeon ProRender plugin 2.3.4 for Blender 2.82 in my Kubuntu 18.04. Earlier I used Blender 2.81 by Steam provided and ProRender plugin 2.1 was installed and worked normally. After updating Blender ...
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  • Denoise Rendering All Black scenes in RPR v1.7 Mac

    macOS 10.13.6 Blender 2.79b RPR 1.7 Single eGPU set as rendering unit: WX 9100 in 650W eGPU Production render = blank. Viewport Render = all black.   Sample file and screenshot attached.
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  • I cant install ProRender on my mac, problem comes when it asks blender installation directory because I cant get to the content of Blender.app. Am I the only one having hard time on such a basic issue ?

    I just can't select the Blender Installation Directory so nothing happens...
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  • Smoke simulation really slow

    Hello RPR-users,   I'm currently trying out RPR under macOS to make use of my RX 5700 XT graphics card. I noticed, that using Blenders in built smoke simulation the rendering inside viewport render is crazy slo...
    Jonas Woehl
    created by Jonas Woehl