• ViewPort Rendered issue (pink render, with no missing Texture)

    Hello there.   So I have a starting scene that is a bit weird, the thing is from yesterday, not sure what i changed but until I load a different scene and than go File>New>General it renders correctly. Thi...
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  • Vertex colors doesn't work

    The attribute node is not supprted as of 2.0.112. As a workaround/alternative it was suggested on the Discord that I should be able to use RPR Lookup set to Vertex Color to get similar effect for use in shaders. This...
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  • Should ProRender work with Blender test scenes out of the box?

    Hi There,   Completely new to Blender and ProRender and testing to see if GPU renders work. I can render Blender test files with Cycles/Eevee but when I use ProRender I either get a transpare...
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  • Laundry list of renderer features that is missing or would be nice to have

    ( In reference to the version released at siggraph 2019) Hi, I have been alpha/beta testing RPR for more than a year. it is good to see the constant progress but for my needs there are still a lot of f...
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  • Prorender does not work with recent 2.8 builds

    Hi, I've found an issue with the 4 Apr 2019 build of AMD Prorender with the current Blender 2.8 beta builds after 16 May 2019.   This change has been made to the Blender API, breaking Prorender (and potentially ...
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  • RPR 2094 Noise Threshold Bug - Multi GPU Performance is masked

    It turns out that RPRs multi GPU performance on macOS 10.14.6 (now that VEGA drivers are fixed) is being affected negatively by a Noise Threshold Bug in the Blender plug-in when Noise Threshold is set to anything...
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  • Strange white Light Noise when using any material in blender 2.8(please see pics)

    So whenever I add any material, whether I make it from scratch, using either RPR Uber ot Principled shader, or even on from the RPR library, I get this horrible pure white interference.  Maybe it's more common th...
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  • Underlying geometry shows through materials with textures in them(see pics)

    Whenever I render an object with a material applied which uses an image texture in it, (not ones with just shaders), the underlying geometry shows through in reflections.  This is even more evident if the materia...
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  • What is the cause of this? (IMAGE)

    Hello there.   Could someone tell me what can be the cause of this (IMAGE)   Am I doing something wrong? or is Tiff images don't work properly?   Using 2.80 Blender with 2.0.122 (core 1.34.1)
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  • Vertex Connection & Merging / Path Space Regularization

    I don't know if this is well know, but for me it was new, even when it's from 2013. I stumbled over this video on youtube and i think, this approach is worth sharing as an idea.   Thanks by the way for the RPR ...
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  • Moving/scaling objects crashes Blender

    I couldn't find a post on how to post bug reports but after making my own simple scene (cube room with a cone) and using RPR as the viewport display, have consistently found that moving or scaling objects (g or s...
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  • Do I need a different compositor node setup to render between Cycles and RPR?

    Hello!   I've been doing some tests with 3d tracking objects into live action footage, and I noticed that when I set up my compositor nodes for a render, the render doesn't seem to work when using RPR. I used Cy...
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  • Blender 2.8 and Hair Shape with prorender

    Hey. I use blende r2.8 official built and amd's prorender seems not to correctly interpret the hair shape when setting them up in the particle system. here an example..   I use Mac Mini 2019 with external Ve...
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  • No Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8?

    Am I missing something or is there no Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8? In the documentation there's a checkbox but that's a 2.7 GUI. This is a requirement for us VFX guys
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  • Voronoi Texture is not available when ProRender is enabled

    Voronoi Texture is not available when ProRender is enabled. This is an important procedural texture that needs to be available in ProRender for Blender 2,80 too.
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  • When I try to activate the addon in Blender 2.80 (Non-Beta, Latest Release) I get an error

    It doesn't activate at all
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  • Need help with RPR addon not installing

    I got the brand spanking new version of blender 2.8 (official release, not beta) and the latest version of RPR from the official download. But after installing I get an error when trying to enable it in blender. My CP...
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  • Blender crashes when using RPR

    Whenever I switch to RPR as my render engine and I try using my R9 280x for rendering it works for a few minutes and then it just crashes, the task is completely terminated, no error message, blender just closes. This...
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  • RPR v2 install fails on iMac Pro and Macbook pro. Installer says it was successful and uninstalller also says it installed and in the render choice menu it shows, but nothing else does. None of panels are installed using RPR. Why?

    Downloaded and tried to install RPR v2 for blender 2.8. RPR v2 install fails on both iMac Pro and Macbook pro. Installer says it was successful and uninstalller also says it installed and in the render choice menu it ...
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  • Hello. I can't find antialiasing filter option inside Blender.

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