• ProRender plugin crashes Blender immediately all of a sudden.

    On my second PC,(an iMac with Windows) Blender and ProRender has always worked great, I have had Blender 2.80 and 2.81 installed on it, and have been using RPR 2.0.162 just fine.  It worked yesterday morning, the...
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  • Vega 64 egpu macOS blender. Not rendering alone

    Dear all, I have an external EGPU Vega64 with my MacBook Pro (with discrete graphics AMD560X). in blender 2.8 ...If I try to render (or viewport rendering) only on my Vega 64, the view port remains transparent. no re...
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  • thanks for the new update, i had some question and some request.

    Hi all, first of all thanks guys for a new update so fast, and thanks for the good job you're doing with RPR. Below some question and request: 1) When we change render mode from Gi to AO for example, the preview win...
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  • no hybrid

    I installed the rpr plugin 2.1 in blender 2.81, but I have no possibility to enable full spectrum rendering. Both under Windows 10 and under Ubuntu Linux, each with the latest AMD drivers. GPU: Radeon RX 570, CPC FX63...
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  • Where can I download 2.0 version?

    I accidentally installed the 2.1 version on catalina, and it is practically unusable (continuous crashes). How can I get back to 2.0?
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  • Beauty / Combined Pass Always Clamped to 1?

    Hi there,   I just installed ProRender 2.1.1 in Blender (Linux Mint) and while it works great, I noticed that if I F12 render an image, the beauty / combined pass is always clamped to 1.0. It doesn't matter if I...
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  • Multi GPU uses

    I'm wondering about the actual usefulness of being able to use more than one GPU in Blender for rendering.  I have an RX5700 XT and an RX580 8GB in my system, my question is what benefit do I get from having the ...
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  • ProRender Engine doesn't appear in the Render Engines List - Blender 2.8

    I have a RX 580 8GB card and Ubuntu 18.04. I installed the amdgpu-pro drivers for my Graphics Card when I installed the Ubuntu. After downloading Blender 2.8 I set the OpenCL device for rendering and installed the Rad...
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  • Blender 2.81 crashes when going to Edit Mode

    Trying out Blender 2.81 with RPR 2.1   Windows 10 PRO Nvidia RTX2080ti (display) AMD RX580   Blender crashes when going to Object Edit Mode when using rendered view in following Render Quality modes: Low, Me...
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  • Blender 2.81 crashing when switching render quality

    Blender crashes after a few changes of render quality, or it crashes right away, when i activate the rendered mode. All this happens even on the default Blender scene, so I think I dont need to attach a file.   ...
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  • Unable to activate RPR 2.1.1 on Macos 10.15.1 - blender 2.80

    using MacoS 10.15.1 Tried it on blender 2.80 & 2.81  error message : Traceback (most recent call last): File"/Applications/blender.app/Contents/Resources/2.80/scripts/modules/addon_utils.py", line 384, in e...
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  • When I try render something using Pro Render on blender i get a blank screen of grey but even my CPU can show the rendered image but as soon as i switch to the GpU which is AMD 7600m series it all becomes grey Please help

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  • Images render with GPU support shows complete Gray image

    When using "GPU" as "Render Device" in ProRender, it renders images & animations only as a grey image. and when I check both "Render Devices" (CPU&GPU) in ProRender, I get a barely visible image at the beginn...
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  • Why the render results turnd to be totally grey, when a imagine texture was added to the PBR uber?

    Please find the pictures bellow, I don't know why the render results turnd to be totally grey, when a imagine texture was added to the PBR uber? Does this mean Prorender doesn't support this yet? If this function...
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  • trying to install the linux .run with blender 2.81 when i run it from a terminal the error i get is as follows

    [root@localhost Downloads]# '/home/gap/radeonprorenderforblender.run' ~/home/gap/B281/ Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompressing Radeon ProRender for Blender  100%   Installing to /root/.local/s...
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  • ProRender for Blender 2.81 not installing

    windows cannot find c:\program files\blender foundation\blender 2.81\/2.80/python/bin/python.exe   I get this error when trying to install.  I have uninstalled Blender 2.80 and installed 2.81  The path...
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  • I can´t install the prorender for blender 2.81, when I try to Install it it says that I need blender 2.8 or above, but I have it installed.

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  • Blender - Question from production

    Hi all Guys, and hi Bsavery, since we're trying to do a short film rendered with your engine, and we bought also some amd including a Pro Duo Polaris, here a few question:   1) there is something in ProRender...
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  • RadeonPro 2.1 installer can't find Blender

    Hello   the latest RadeonPro 2.1 can not, despite correctly installed newest Blender  2.8 and 2.81, start the installation. It demands for installed blender, which is a wrong procedure.   Did anyone ...
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  • Can we PLEASE provide a link to download previous versions of ProRender?

                It would be massively helpful to have a way to get older versions of the ProRender for Blender plug-in.  For people like myself who have mul...
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