• ProRender activation key registration failure

    Trying to install ProRender for Blender 2.79 on windows 10, the installation stalls on clicking the Register button. Tried with explorer, legacy edge, and edge chrome as the default browser.   A quick google sea...
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  • Radeon Prorender for Blender Plugin 2.4 Issues

    Hello,   Here are the following issues I have found in the new build:   VIDEO SHOWING ISSUES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo3uSafRFPk&feature=youtu.be   Please comment and let me know on the...
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  • ProRender is showing large chunks of missing geometry in "High" mode?

    I'm using the latest RPR release for Blender, 2.3.35, and for some reason whenever I try to use the HIGH hybrid setting my objects have random areas where the geometry is just missing.  It only does this in high,...
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  • Animation render crashes every max. 5 frames

    Has anybody else experienced this issue? I'm rendering an animation out of Blender 2.82.7 with RPR. This first three to five frames go well but than Blender crashes. I can then go on with rendering the frame it origin...
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  • Unable to add new version of ProRender to Blender 2.83, Mac

    I'm running into a bug preventing me from adding the new version of ProRender to my Mac. Attached is the error I'm receiving: The error comes up when I try to activate the add on in the Blender Add Ons menu. I am r...
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  • Issue with ProRender in Blender (RX 590) - end of render turns screen gray

    I've recently installed ProRender (v. 2.4.11) and enabled it in Blender 2.83.0. The Viewport rendering works perfectly, but I'm having an annoying issue when rendering a frame:   First we can the the rendering s...
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  • AMD ProRender 2.4.1: Blender Render freezes at frame 144

    Hi, I am using AMD ProRender 2.4.11 on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with Blender 2.82a. I render using AMD Radeon RX580 in an external enclosure. When I tried to render an animation with .png images as output it always free...
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  • cycles vs Eevee vs RPR - anyone have advice on how to fix my RPR render?

    so I'm looking for suggestions and advice on how to make RPR look more like the Cycles output... any help would be greatly appreciated, hopefully y'all can see what I mean from the image of my test scene I made. ...
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  • Trying to reproduce Noise Texture + Displacement from Cycles to RPR

    While trying to follow along BlenderGuru's doughnut tutorial, but using RPR as the render engine, I'm struggling to reproduce a procedural texture he's applying on the dough.   Here's the expected result (render...
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  • Segmentation fault with CPU-only viewport/render

    Arch Linux, kernel version `5.7.2-arch1-1` Intel Core i5-6200U Blender 2.83 Radeon ProRender 2.4.11   I get a segmentation fault as soon as I switch to rendered mode in the viewport or start a render. This hap...
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  • Roadmap for Ubuntu 20.04?

    I installed the opencl libraries from the lastest amdgpu on my Ubuntu 20.04. Cycles and Luxcore can now render with opencl. So far, prorender has only been released for ubuntu 18.04. When can you expect a version...
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  • Installing Blender RPR addon on Linux

    Hello!   There have been som issues with the addon not installing it correctly on blender. I`m going to share my experience that others can get som info on the matter.   i`m running a ryzen 1700 and rx580 ...
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  • RPR Render Animation -> Crash

    Hello. I am having a problem when I want to render an animation with RPR. Blender crash after 1 or 2 frames ... I wasn't have this problem before so I guess it's because of the udapte
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  • viewport goes black after denoise

    when I switch to render mode it counts up the samples and everything looks great but when it finishes it denoises the scene and everything just turns black. If I move around everything looks good again but as soon as ...
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  • Can't get image displacement to work in ProRender 2.4 + Blender 2.83

    Howdy, I can't seem to displace a plane with an image texture in ProRender 2.4 using Blender 2.8x.  I've tried this across 2.8x versions and different computers / graphics cards. My shader settings are attached...
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  • Renders broken with RPR on Macbook Pro.

    I am rendering a fluid animation with the Flip-fluids add-on.  Rendering each frame as 'png.' with RPR using GPU. Some frames are rendered as expected, while others only render the HDR background without any clea...
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  • Which is better - RX 5700 (XT) or RTX 2060 (NOSUPER)?

    I plan to buy a new video card. To work in Blender.
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  • How to stop memory leak in animation rendering?

    While rendering animations after each frame the memory usage jumps drastically. After 3 frames it is using 100% of 32G RAM.
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  • Threadripper 3990X only using half of it...

    I Have the threadripper 3990x and I have noticed that when I do renderings only is using 64 threads instead of the 128. Something wrong with my settings? or the software is not capable to use 128 threads?
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  • ProRender plugin crashes blender with tiled rendering

    Whenever rendering with tiled rendering, Blender crashes. The exact settings are Tile X= 256, Y=256, min samples = 64, max samples = 128, no denoising, no time limit, 6 CPU threads on an Intel Core i7-4870HQ @ 2.50GHz...
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