• Full Spectrum Rendering in Radeon ProRender for Blender

    Today, we are providing a beta preview of Radeon ProRender with Full Spectrum Rendering in our Blender 2.80 addon.  This gives artists a viewport that can be scaled from super-fast rasterized to fully ray traced,...
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  • macbook pro 2013 works with egpu & prorender

    Hi All,   I am a newby considering setting up the following system, but I am concerned whether or not it will work. Can anyone give me some insight?   Macbook pro late 2013 (supports metal 2) with dedicate...
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  • Underlying geometry shows through materials with textures in them(see pics)

    Whenever I render an object with a material applied which uses an image texture in it, (not ones with just shaders), the underlying geometry shows through in reflections.  This is even more evident if the materia...
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  • Feature Request / Progress Update on Adaptive Sampling for Multiple GPU?

    Is it possible to have a status update for the Adaptive Sampling feature of RPR when used on Multiple GPUs (or multiple devices)?   This feature is one of the most important features of RPR previe...
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  • Blender 2.81 revised Vector mapping node

    The revised Vector mapping node works ok with cycles but dos not work with the RPR
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  • RPR Denoiser Linux

    On Blender 2.81 beta with lates RPR Build Blender crashes ever when rendering with RPR Denoiser.   Is it posible to create the denoising data for the new intel ai deniser node builtin Blender 2.81?
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  • RPR v2.0.150 macOS Blender 2.80 - ML Denoiser does not function

    In Blender 2.80 on macOS 10.15.0 the RPR v2.0.150 plug in now supports viewport denoising.   This works for EAW and LWR types of denoier:   However if you select Machine Learning the preview re...
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  • RPR v2.0.150 macOS Blender 2.80 Texture Mapping Scaling vs Cycles

    When an image needs to be scaled onto a surface the Mapping node can be used to set the scale of the image.   In Blender 2.80 this common setup looks like the screenshot attached below:   The wooden p...
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  • RPR v2.0.150 macOS Blender 2.80 - GL Interop crashing bug

    In the latest v2.0.150 version of RPR for Blender 2.80 the configuration setting use_gl_interop = False causes Blender 2.80 to crash on macOS 10.15.0 (SU 1). The render preview will begin and then immediatel...
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  • Blender plugin bake texture

    Hi I wanted to bake texture using ProRender Blender plugin, but I don't see the option after selecting ProRender as rendering engine. The bake option only shows up when I select Cycles. Is texture baking available in ...
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  • Blender - Question from production

    Hi all Guys, and hi Bsavery, since we're trying to do a short film rendered with your engine, and we bought also some amd including a Pro Duo Polaris, here a few question:   1) there is something in ProRender...
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  • Pro render latest test build link?

     How to download Pro render test build?
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  • .rpr exporter is broken in 2.0.134 but works fine in 2.0.112

    RPR 2.0.134 / Blender 2.80 / Windows 10 / 2990WX / 2x Radeon VII   The title should be self-explanatory - exporting .rpr for command line rendering is not functional in 2.0.134 but is perferctly fine in 2.0.112,...
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  • Request for feature: Nodes in lights, primarily for light "gobo" projection

    In Cycles you can add nodes to lights like a spotlight and thus project light "gobos" like in the attached screenshot. This is a good feature to have for creative lighting and should be separated from the materials on...
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  • RPR v2.0.94 does not render Volume in a Cube

    In this simple scene there is a cube with an area lamp inside and a floor plane and a cube with simple materials applied.   The Outer cube has it's material set to be a volume.   The plan is to "...
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  • Image Decal with Alpha to Mix Shader causes Refracted Object Rendering Issue - RPR 2.0.52

    I've been trying to simplify the issue reported in RPR v2.0.32 Uber Shader - Material Assignment *for stickers* - transparency ignored on material assigned faces   I have come up with the following sim...
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  • RPR v2.0.32 Uber Shader - Material Assignment *for stickers* - transparency ignored on material assigned faces

    I'm trying to achieve a simple effect where an image map is used as a sticker on an object.   I was using the Uber Shader Glass material setting but because that introduces other issues I have als...
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  • No Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8?

    Am I missing something or is there no Transparent Background in the ProRender for 2.8? In the documentation there's a checkbox but that's a 2.7 GUI. This is a requirement for us VFX guys
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  • Transparent background render

    Hi, I do illustration and VFX that require transparent backgrounds when rendering in Blender 2.8.   When will this feature be added?   thanks!
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  • RPR 2.0.134 Point Light cannot be resized

    While playing around with IES lights (they work fine with point lights) i realized, that point lights can't be resized.
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