• Pro Render not activating in preferences

    Looks like the latest Blender build for 2.80 doesn't play well with Pro Render (downloaded from the Prorender AMD page). Specifically it's the June 27th 64-bit build. It sees ProRender but when I try to activate it in...
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  • Suggestion: separate denoiser options for preview and final render

    optionally we coud use a faster denoiser for preview and a slower (and probably better) for final.
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  • RPR Denoiser Linux

    On Blender 2.81 beta with lates RPR Build Blender crashes ever when rendering with RPR Denoiser.   Is it posible to create the denoising data for the new intel ai deniser node builtin Blender 2.81?
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  • Blender world background covering model

    Issue rendering with RPR in Blender 2.8.75.   ProRender ver  2.0.112   Windows 10   I have no idea what other information I can/should supply.   I made no changes to the settings at first...
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  • Cycles Benchmark files with RPR

    I've been trying to test out the performance of ProRender using the standard benchmark files available in the offical Blender Beta benchmark. So far I haven't been able to get any of the files to render properly with ...
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  • Some notes about ProRender

    Hi 1 How Albedo pass can be achived? 2 How turn on caustics to realy see it   It does not work even in shader select "Allow caustics"
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  • Wrong link for download??

    just to report a "broken/wrong" link i suppose.. when i download RPR after click in Release Notes Windows on site , i download old version. Check the images.
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  • Support for OptiX

    Please add support for OptiX for GCN1 cards.  
    created by cyseal
  • OIDN for Pro Render

    Will Pro render implement Intel Open Denoiser feature?
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  • RPR slower in cpu+gpu than in only gpu

    I tested using the default settings of radeon pro render for blender with some exception of some settings like the number of samples that i changed to 128 istead of 64 in all tests and samples updates per view in some...
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  • Clear plastic with bright reflections

    So I have been trying for a while to get a product rendered with clear plastic and bright reflections that is on top of a white background.  It seems like every time I get the material clear enough it loses its r...
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  • Dual GPU, different result in 3d view preview

    Hello there ! i'm back again to try RPR, and with 2.8 official and RPR version 2.0.112 i notice a problem with dual video card. I still have here a Radeon Pro DUO Polaris (that Blender see as dual wx7100), and when i ...
    created by insertcoin.tv
  • Ray Depth & Glass Transmissions

    Ray Depth. RPR for Blender has some nice ray depth settings just like any other rendering engine. However, they refuse to go above 8. They will play nicely from 1 to 8, but any additional rays are ignored after 8....
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  • FBX n-gon import files

    It seems that N-gons imported as an FBX CAD data (version 2016) doesn't really work that well in the blender 2.8 plugin. I can bring the file in as quads and tris and the normals are fine. Can this be confirmed? The s...
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  • Volume Antics with 2.0.85

    It appears that Volumes provide some nonstandard and unexpected behaviors. We see here that the main domain volume occludes the emission of the fire, while not preventing the text inside from being lit through indi...
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  • ProRender Blender Material Shading in Viewport Bug?

    Hello, when using ProRender with Blender 2.79 on my Mac Mini (2018 i7 32GB ram Mojave 10.14.3) with an eGPU Saphire AMD Nitro Vega 64 (in an external Mantiz Venus enclosure) i get very weird material shading results i...
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  • ML Denoiser Failed In Render

    Can't Activate Machine Learning Denoiser When In Rendering, Errors Occurred As Show Below: seems directory creation issue...
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  • Blender 2.8 instant Crash on gpu compute

    Blender 2.8 beta is almost going into full development, and thought the Radeon VII would take advantage of GPU rendering.  In version 2.79 it works with gpu compute and the latest version 2.8 it crash from start ...
    created by studiowerkz
  • error trying to run the addon in Blender 2.80

    When I open the latest release of Blender 2.80 and trying to click the addon it shows me this advice-error:       Traceback (most recent call last): File "/private/var/folders/d3/hhm2tsmn30v5f6q91y5x...
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  • lag problem on blender 2.8 with AMD Radeon ProRender driver

    hello i installed this : https://community.amd.com/docs/DOC-2183  but i am having some lag while changing segments on "add uv sphere" menu i have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), 2,8 GHz Intel Core i...
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