• OptiX for AMD GPUs

    OptiX is coming in Blender Cycles. I have HD7870 2GB. This is a request to make drivers which will support OptiX for Blender Cycles because after Blender 2.76, Blender developers dropped support for 7870 due to driv...
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  • Beta builds for Blender 2.82

    PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM AMD.COM HERE  Hi all, Blender version 2.82 is coming soon!  We would like some feedback on these updated builds that will work with 2.82 (as well as 2.81 and 2.80).   The mai...
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  • full spectrum rendering on Mac

    Hello ! I wonder, when will be available full spectrum rendering on Mac ? Right now I cannot use rendering viewport in Blender under MacOS. Or is there any Beta version to try ?   Thanks for answer
    created by pom
  • ProRender Crashes with CPU macPro5.1 RX 5700 XT Catilana

    Hi there   I am currently exploring AMD ProRender as an alternative to the NVIDA CUDA accelerated Cycles render engine.   With GPU only the 
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  • Blender crashing in Shading Editor.

    1) Open Blender 2) Pick RenderPro as render. 3) Open Shading Editor 4) Add Uber shader Crashes soon after everytime.   MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) Mojave 10.14.6 Blender v2.81.16   Process: Blender [...
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  • RPR Blender 2.8 with RX 5700 XT

    Is the recent version of RPR Blender (2.8) plugin supports RX 5700 XT as an eGPU? I know its in the official eGPU list of Apple using a proper casing (I use Razer Core X Chroma) and Catalina 10.15.2? Any experience ...
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  • Crash and grey stuff

    I HAVE i5 3450 and r7 265 everytime i open matrial preview or render preview i can't see anything but grey things or black and then blender crashs using prorender engine but cycles works fine i just want to use ...
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  • Issue with Tangent Space normals

    No matter what I try RPR 2.2.1 seems to be unable to correctly render some normal maps in tangent space (using either Principled BSDF or Uber Shader Node). No issue at all in Cycles & Eevee but RPR render it ...
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  • Error installing the latest plug in

    Curently using PopOs (Ubuntu/Debian distro) and trying to install it i get this   Blender ouput: Blender 2.81 (sub 16) (hash f1aa4d18d49d built 2019-12-04 13:48:07) Read prefs: /root/.config/blender/2.81/config/...
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  • Prorender volumetrics and procedural generation

    Could you create in Prorender, Octane features:   Vectron: Octane Vectron (Vector-Polygon) provides infinite procedurally generated scenes, volumes, and geometry which bypass meshes and volumes. With Vectron you...
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  • Another bug with machine learning denoiser in hair setting

    Another bug with machine  learning denoiser in hair setting   see white comment in render view when rendering.
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  • Problem with environmental fog  in tile rendering modus

    Hi,   I've got vertical stripes - see attached. png and blend file -  when tile rendering environmental fog and using machine learning denoise. The render engine seems to leave open stripes.    T...
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  • Stanford bunny scene banding machine learning denoising with tile rendering option

    Stanford bunny scene banding machine learning denoising with tile rendering option. You'll get stripes when you render with machine learning and tile rendering.
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  • Another bug - Blender 2.8.1 crashes when F12 renderproperties and change renderquality to low or medium

    Another bug - Blender 2.8.1 crashes when F12 render and change in the renderproperties change quality to low or medium.   Can I mail the bugs I've found to a different mail address, I'm not a spammer. But want t...
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  • Crash when unabling use color AOV only in machine learning denoiser

    Crash when unabling use color AOV only in machine learning denoiser en F12 render in Blender 2.8.1.
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  • Make a fire + smoke simulation with RPR

    Hello, I am working on a MacPro with a Radeon rx580 GPU and Mojave, Blender 2.81, RPR 2.2.1. I would like to render a Fire and Smoking simulation but it doesn't work. (see screenshot). It works with Cycle but as soon ...
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  • Crash on plugin activation 2.81 and 2.8

    OS: Windows 10 1903 Software: Blender 2.81a and 2.8 ProRender version: 2.1.1   Blender crashes after activating RPR addon when I click the checkbox. Reistalled blender (two versions) and RPR several times. T...
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  • ProRender crashes after launching in "Addons".

    I install ProRender for Blender 2.81 and after selecting RPR in "addons" Blender is crashing. Some months ago plugin successfully launched.
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  • Unlock Min Samples

    Please unlock Min Samples so it can be user defined to a greater degree. (Currently capped at 16 as minimum samples, I'd like the possibility to set it to 1 if I so choose... Default at 16 can of course remain) Best ...
    created by morgan_nilsson
  • Normals AOV has no texture information, denoiser detail loss

    No Normals AOV that includes texture bump/normal information... Causes ML denoiser to be unable to retain details as it otherwise would be able to. (This is on MacOS versions as it uses the compositing/OIDN denoiser) ...
    created by morgan_nilsson