• Prorender keeps crashing on macOS

    I downloaded radeon prorender so I could render with my gpu on my Mac since OpenCL isn't supported. However it keeps crashing sometimes before I even click render. Occasionally works on low samples but very temperamen...
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  • Problem with environmental fog  in tile rendering modus

    Hi,   I've got vertical stripes - see attached. png and blend file -  when tile rendering environmental fog and using machine learning denoise. The render engine seems to leave open stripes.    T...
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  • Collection display in viewport not consistent with final render

    Hello,  I am starting to use RPR for personal project in blender, and I notice an unexpected behavior regarding collection visibility.   The test is a simple cube in a collection called "test" inside a...
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  • Thanks for the latest RPR updates, AMD.

    Many thanks, AMD: You seem to have been able to work out a lot of bugs in RPR that formerly made it unusable. RPR for Blender (2.4.11) seems tremendously more stable and fast.   Thank you! Keep it up!   &#...
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  • Displacement and subdivision causing sqare facets

    Hi all, I am getting strange square facets when I use displacement and sub division. The coke logo seems to be fine, but on the smooth faces I start to get almost polygon reduction.   I have used a bunch of sett...
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  • Can the noise seed be animated in Prorender?

    Hi, I would like to know if the noise can be animated in Prorender like in cycles. Please watch the attached video of this feature in cycles for better understanding.   If you want to try rendering for yourself, ...
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  • alpha transparency in Blender versions and RPR denoiser question

    Just a few recent questions,   1) I tried the Ryzen test render on my MacOS, in Blender 2.82 stable and the transparency of the red/orange ring texture did not work, the background of it was completely black. So...
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  • Radeon ProRender problem

    So i recently installed ProRender Addon for blender and when i switch to render view this happens : When  render this happens :
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  • Blender ProRender Mac pixellated displacement

    Hi!   I have a simple surface that has been displaced with a .png image with resolution of 4096 x 2160px. The displacement is done with the blender Cycles displacement node as suggested by the ProRender document...
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  • blender 2.83 Cannot enable RPR2.4

    An error will be displayed when RPR2.4 is enabled
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  • Bug, Crash on View port rendered view switch - RPR 2.4, Mac 10.15.5, Blender 1.90a

    basically it crashes no mater what I do... I tried a fresh instance of blender and still the same thing, it happens when I mess with normals or displacement settings. not sure really but I do hope one day I can use my...
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  • OptiX for AMD GPUs

    OptiX is coming in Blender Cycles. I have HD7870 2GB. This is a request to make drivers which will support OptiX for Blender Cycles because after Blender 2.76, Blender developers dropped support for 7870 due to driv...
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  • Black stripe glitch render

    This is on CPU     This is with GPU. There is black stripe visible.   Console log attached.
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  • How to seperate shadow catcher completely

    Hey - I was wondering if it's possible to completely cut out the shadow catcher and have it render separately. In Cycles there is a hold out option to remove an object completely, then you would have the shadow on a d...
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  • AI Denoiser doesn't work

    OS: Windows 10 Pro 2004 Software: Blender 2.82 ProRender Version: 2.4.11 (same error with 2.13) Hardware: RTX 2080 + Ryzen 2700X   Issue: AI Denoiser cause an error so denoising doesn't work. With RPR 2.13 an...
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  • RPR Procedural UV Possible Problem

    hi. i've been testing how far i could go using nodes to create some materials and i noted that z axis of RPR Procedural Uv is completely diferent of x and y axis, may it be a bug? tested on full render mode, full expe...
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  • Lookdev mode crashed when using ProRender on MacOS

    I have a problem while using Lookdev mode with AMD ProRender plug-in version 2.3.4 on Blender 2.82a on MacOS Catalina version 10.15.4. I am using a Razer Core X eGPU enclosure with AMD Radeon RX580 8GB. Here is the pr...
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  • Dead pixel on the rightside off my render image

    Hi everybodyz,   I have a problem with RPR, when I render my scene to a TIFF or PNG or JPG files, my rendered image have some dead pixel on the rightside.   Sometimes white pixels, others times are black. ...
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  • Beta builds for Blender 2.82

    PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM AMD.COM HERE  Hi all, Blender version 2.82 is coming soon!  We would like some feedback on these updated builds that will work with 2.82 (as well as 2.81 and 2.80).   The mai...
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  • Prorender roadmap

    What is Prorender roadmap for the future ?
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