• Ray Depth & Glass Transmissions

    Ray Depth. RPR for Blender has some nice ray depth settings just like any other rendering engine. However, they refuse to go above 8. They will play nicely from 1 to 8, but any additional rays are ignored after 8....
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  • Pro Render not activating in preferences

    Looks like the latest Blender build for 2.80 doesn't play well with Pro Render (downloaded from the Prorender AMD page). Specifically it's the June 27th 64-bit build. It sees ProRender but when I try to activate it in...
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  • Volume Antics with 2.0.85

    It appears that Volumes provide some nonstandard and unexpected behaviors. We see here that the main domain volume occludes the emission of the fire, while not preventing the text inside from being lit through indi...
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  • ProRender Blender Material Shading in Viewport Bug?

    Hello, when using ProRender with Blender 2.79 on my Mac Mini (2018 i7 32GB ram Mojave 10.14.3) with an eGPU Saphire AMD Nitro Vega 64 (in an external Mantiz Venus enclosure) i get very weird material shading results i...
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  • ML Denoiser Failed In Render

    Can't Activate Machine Learning Denoiser When In Rendering, Errors Occurred As Show Below: seems directory creation issue...
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  • Blender 2.8 instant Crash on gpu compute

    Blender 2.8 beta is almost going into full development, and thought the Radeon VII would take advantage of GPU rendering.  In version 2.79 it works with gpu compute and the latest version 2.8 it crash from start ...
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  • error trying to run the addon in Blender 2.80

    When I open the latest release of Blender 2.80 and trying to click the addon it shows me this advice-error:       Traceback (most recent call last): File "/private/var/folders/d3/hhm2tsmn30v5f6q91y5x...
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  • lag problem on blender 2.8 with AMD Radeon ProRender driver

    hello i installed this : https://community.amd.com/docs/DOC-2183  but i am having some lag while changing segments on "add uv sphere" menu i have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), 2,8 GHz Intel Core i...
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  • HELP! ProRender Blender 2.79 laggy and slow viewport render update

    Hello, i am new to ProRender and have been using Cycles before. Unfortunately, when using ProRender with Blender 2.79 on my Mac Mini (2018 i7 32GB ram Mojave 10.14.3) with an eGPU Saphire AMD Nitro Vega 64 (in an exte...
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  • Noise Levels for Same Iterations - RPR 2.0.10 vs RPR 1.8.258

    The new version of RPR seems to render everything a little more "noisy" than the older RPR did.   Is this just because things haven't been fully optimised yet or is there a fundamental difference between the Ble...
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  • Blender 2.8 macOS RPR 2.0.2 dGPU Final Render crash.

    Final render seems reliable on CPU. But pretty much never finishes on GPU - starts off fine.   I didn't press the close button that I was hovering over... it just crashed on it's own.   MacBook Pro 2017 i...
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  • Random Crash - simple geo 2.79b RPR 1.8.258

    MBP15 2017 i7 3.1 with 560 Radeon Pro 4GB GPU   Modelled something really simple - a sphere (that simple!). Assigned four materials to some vertices.   Literally fired up Rendered Mode to have a first "tes...
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  • 2.0.2 macOS Preview Render crash on switch from EEVEE to RPR

    MacBook Pro 2017 with 560 dGPU   Simply open the Hope Cube blender file in 2.8. Set the viewport to rendered mode in EEVEE. Switch over to RPR rendering - crash. Crash report logs attached.   Previ...
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  • macOS MBP dGPU 560 - Spike in VRAM Use = crashing. (RPR 2.0.2 - Blender 2.8)

    My MBP had an uptime of 7 days yesterday (no other crashes other than RPR crashing Blender). I installed iStat Menu 6 (iStat Menus) so that I could monitor VRAM use on the 560.   Yesterday I noticed that my...
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  • Blender ProRender 2.0.1 "No Compatible GPUs"?

    This site was suggested by devtalk.blender.org. 1) MacOS 10.14.3 (Mojave) 2) MacBook Pro 2017 (Radeon Pro 560) Have tried to install Recent release of Blender ProRender 2.0.1 on both standard Blender distribution a...
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  • AMD PR issue report - blender crash on render

    Hello AMD, I am picking blender back up after a few years away from it and am trying to work exclusively with blender 2.80 with eGPU running on Mac with Radeon Pro WX 7100.  Since rendering options are limited, I...
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  • Active rendered viewport broken in Mac RPR for Blender 1.8.253 (core 1.321)

    I installed the latest Mac version of RPR (see details above) this morning and when I hit Shift+Z to get a render preview, I get an ERROR massage saying that I should check the log. I've attached the log error. Weird...
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  • OptiX for AMD GPUs

    OptiX is coming in Blender Cycles. I have HD7870 2GB. This is a request to make drivers which will support OptiX for Blender Cycles because after Blender 2.76, Blender developers dropped support for 7870 due to driv...
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  • RPR for Blender 1.7.239 Velocity Pass not working

    I've tried a very simple scene of Suzanne moving swiftly across the screen. I ticked Combined, Depth, World Coordinate and Velocity. All the passes rendered out fine except the Velocity pass which was pure black. I...
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  • Procedural Texture Nodes

    RPR is still missing texture nodes for musgrave, voronoi, sine/saw waves, bricks, as well as a distortion modifier for the noise node. This makes the use of procedural textures essentially impossible at the moment.
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