A Way Out Recommended Settings

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[Originally posted on 03/22/18.]


We’ve been waiting for this cinematic co-op game for a few months now with anticipation, and Hazelight Studios delivers in a big way with: A Way Out for the PC. I’ve been searching for a good co-op game, and was glad to finally get a chance to play this one. A Way Out is a couch or online co-op only game where you play the role of one of two prisoners in a daring escape from a maximum-security penitentiary and continue beyond into each character’s lives. Play A Way Out with your friends for free using the Friends Pass free-trial.




Firing up our newest Ryzen™ 5 2400G processor driven system with 16GB of DDR4-3000 RAM, we went through the latest graphics cards to come up with settings that performed within our typical Radeon™ target of +50 fps. I played through the first few prison scenes to get an idea of both outdoor and indoor performance. The following are my recommended settings.




I did notice that resolution has a much greater effect on performance than most of the settings themselves. For the Radeon™ RX 560 – the difference between Medium and Max settings was a few frames per second, but the difference of 1080p vs 900p gave us a much better cushion of minimum frame rates. The combination of resolution and medium settings gave that particular card enough headroom to enable framerates that kept us in our monitor’s FreeSync range for smooth, tear-free gaming.


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