Welcome to the Extreme Gaming Era with Radeon™ RX Vega

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[Originally posted on 07/30/17.]


Written by Annie Lee and Jason Evangelho


Radeon is back in the high-end gaming space with Radeon RX Vega, and we can’t wait to dig in and start playing!


At Radeon Technologies Group we’re invested in making the overall gaming experience better, because we live and breathe gaming too! We’re obsessed with our rigs. We share tips and tweaks. We count down the minutes until our most anticipated titles are released. Like you, we’re constantly striving to extract the best performance from our systems, and proudly show off our unique rigs to the world.


For enthusiasts, the hardware we use to game can be an equally important aspect of our gamer identity. Now new hardware is within reach.


What Radeon RX Vega Means for You


Gamers are passionate about the industry and know exactly what they want: mind-blowing visuals, maximum framerates, and high resolutions. As enthusiasts, we’re always trying to push our settings and systems to the limit. Those limits, of course, are usually enforced by your hardware.



Battlefield 1 screenshot officially released by EA/DICE


The arrival of our next-gen enthusiast graphics cards means we can go a little bit farther than before, with the “Vega” architecture opening new doors for game developers to push the limits of their imaginations.


At the heart of Radeon RX Vega GPUs is the revolutionary High-Bandwidth Cache Controller. This new feature allows for larger memory capacities, making Radeon RX Vega GPUs smart, fast and designed to break through traditional GPU memory limitations.



And together with its next-generation geometry path and enhanced pixel engine, the focus is on speed and precision in demanding games, capable of effortlessly carrying you into high-performance bliss.


With game engines shifting to the latest generation APIs, DirectX® 12 and Vulkan®, Radeon RX Vega graphics are poised to deliver outstanding performance for future-ready gaming.


Take a closer look at the complete list of Radeon RX Vega’s new technologies.


The Essential Trichotomy of Gaming


Even though Radeon RX Vega brings thrilling possibilities to how far we can push our visuals, there are several other factors shaping the ultimate gaming experience. Radeon has a solution for all of them.


It’s simple: hardware + software + displays = the essential trichotomy of gaming.




A powerful graphics card can do incredible things on its own, but add to it an ecosystem of equally powerful partners and you have a technologically harmonic, incredible gaming machine.


With the power of Radeon FreeSync Technology and advanced Radeon Software, the possibilities with Vega graphics are endless:

  • Bask in the brilliance of high fidelity gaming at ultrawide, 1440p and 4K with Radeon™ FreeSync displays. You’ll minimize tearing, latency, and stutter.1
  • Witness supercharged performance with leading-edge Radeon Software features like Radeon Chill enabling quiet, responsive gaming.
  • Experience premium VR immersion with cinematic capabilities, powered by AMD LiquidVR™ technology2



Our FreeSync technology is continuing to reward gamers with stutter-free, fluid gameplay without its competitor’s steeper prices. Radeon FreeSync 23 delivers smooth gameplay with stunning HDR pixel quality, and keeps gameplay at low latency without sacrificing framerates. Beginning with Samsung CHG70 and the ultrawide, curved CHG90, gamers will have greater options than ever to achieve a visually incredible experience.


Radeon Software 17.7.2’s release last week was our biggest this year and unleashed more features than ever. Ongoing driver support is one of our top priorities, ensuring gamers will have the most up-to-date tools for Radeon RX Vega—consistently.



The Radeon Ecosystem: Making the Games Shine


With Radeon RX Vega, our foray into today’s most graphically-intense games is one of discovery—what we see, how fast we can go, and ultimately how we play. That’s what this all comes down to: the games themselves.


With highly anticipated titles like Bethesda’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus4 and Ubisoft’s Far Cry 55 around the corner, Radeon RX Vega’s synergy with FreeSync and Radeon Software is more exciting than ever.




Equip your rig with a Radeon RX Vega graphics card and you’re more than prepared. Journey into your favorite worlds with striking detail, whether you’re exploring Talos I in Prey6, collecting conquests in Civilization VI7 or preparing to save Hope County (with a canine companion, maybe) in Far Cry 5


The experience is yours to take. Defy convention. Choose the future. Choose Radeon RX Vega.


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  3. FreeSync 2 does not require HDR capable monitors; driver can set monitor in native mode when FreeSync 2 supported HDR content is detected. Otherwise, HDR content requires that the system be configured with a fully HDR-ready content chain, including: graphics card, graphics driver and application. Video content must be graded in HDR and viewed with an HDR-ready player. Windowed mode content requires operating system support. GD-105
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