Got big league dreams? AMD has the hardware you need to game like an eSports champion

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Gaming like an eSports pro requires talent, ambition and of course plenty of practice, but you also need to have the right combination of hardware. In League of Legends, one moment of stuttering can be the difference between life and death, so gamer's need serious graphics power. But nobody wants to drag an elephant-sized PC to the LAN tournament; you also need something small, sleek, portable and capable to bring your best game.


Earlier this year, AMD joined with professional gaming team FNATIC as its official processor sponsor and to provide robust and slim hardware that its players can trust. But you don’t need to make the team to use the same great gear; gamer's can easily build a similar system to what FNATIC players count on in the eSports arena.


  Built with the high-performance AMD A10-7860K processor including capable Radeon™ R7 graphics for world class online gaming, the platform delivers incredibly smooth performance, offering up to 79 frames per second (average) at full HD 1080p resolution in some of the most popular online games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and World of Tanks.


System configuration details below


With its quad-core CPU and powerful graphics combined on one efficient chip, the A10-7860K enables all of this power to fit in a tiny, attractive, and easy-to-transport case. AMD FreeSync™ technology also eliminates image tears and choppiness for the smooth game play needed for victory.


The A10-7860K features full DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™ supporting current titles, as well as next-generation game titles, and comes fully-featured with support for up to three displays in multi-monitor Eyefinity, Microsoft® Xbox Game™ streaming through Windows® 10, and high-resolution H.265 video playback and encoding acceleration. So whatever your gaming need, AMD has got you covered.


While we can’t help you improve your aim or give you cat-like reflexes, AMD can provide you with great performance thanks to high clock rates and built-in Radeon R7 graphics, ensuring a smooth, immersive experience in some of the most popular online and eSports games right out of the box. May you strike first and last.




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System Configurations for E-Sports Gaming Performance:

* Low settings, 2XAA

** AMD Internal lab testing as of Jan. 25, 2016 on Microsoft Windows 10 using an AMD A10-7860K processor, 2x4GB of DDR3-2133 RAM, on an ASUS A88X-PRO motherboard using the Catalyst 16.1 Graphics Driver.

All games were run at Full HD 1080p with various detail settings. The system achieved 45fps avg. in DOTA2, 50fps avg. in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and 79fps avg. in League of Legends. GV-26