The Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU lands in the Alienware Area-51

Blog Post created by rhallock Employee on Nov 24, 2015

Radeon™ R9 Series GPUs have rapidly proven to be the definitive choice for gaming with the advent of DirectX® 12. If blistering performance isn’t enough, AMD Radeon™ R9 Series GPUs also support an incredible selection of technologies to push seriously beautiful pixels. When you need all of that in the ultimate graphics card money can buy, look no further than our fastest and most advanced DirectX® 12-ready GPU: the Radeon™ R9 Fury X. And starting today, we’ve teamed up with Dell to make it a new option on the otherworldly Alienware™ Area- 51™!





The Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU is built on AMD’s advanced Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. GCN is the scalable blueprint for all of AMD’s current GPUs, but the Radeon R9 Fury X is the best and brightest. Graphics Core Next is currently the only architecture in the world that supports DirectX® 12 asynchronous shading.


Asynchronous shading allows GPUs to process lighting, physics, or reflections at the same time they’re also rendering 3D objects like characters, cars or buildings. Game developers say that this can boost overall performance by up to 30%, and only Radeon™ GPUs like the R9 Fury X can do it!


As a recent example, Fable Legends™ from Lionhead Studios is the latest DirectX® 12-based game. The Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU with asynchronous shading slashed the processing time of this game’s complex lighting and reflections by 50% and 69%, respectively, in AMD internal testing.


The Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU is also a powerhouse in Ashes of the Singularity™, the world’s first public DirectX® 12 game, and an incredibly demanding title at that. Nevertheless, our exclusive support for asynchronous shading played a crucial role in delivering performance gains of more than 25% when enabling DirectX® 12.

AMD Internal Testing. System configuration: AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X, Core i7-5960X, 16GB DDR4-2666, Windows® 10 Professional x64, AMD Catalyst™ driver 15.20.1061.



Everyone’s talking about 4K resolution, and it’s easy to see why: 4K monitors pack four times greater detail onto the screen than a normal “1080p” monitor most people have on their desk. Gaming in 4K just looks sharper, clearer and more detailed than gaming at lesser resolutions. Seeing is believing!


But the Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU has many ways to bring a high-resolution gaming experience to your desk.


  • 4K-Ready: The Alienware™ Area-51™ gives you the option of configuring your new rig with a 4K monitor, and the Radeon™ Fury X GPU is more than capable of delivering an outstanding 4K/high settings experience in the latest games like Star Wars™: Battlefront™!
  • 12K Gaming: 4K not enough? How about 12? For the truly insane, the Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU supports multiple 4K monitors with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology for gloriously panoramic 12K gaming.
  • Virtual Super Resolution: It’s okay if you’ll choose a smaller Dell UltraSharp display, because the Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU can still render all of your games at glorious quality rivalling 4K resolution with a technology we call Virtual Super Resolution (VSR). VSR renders any game at up to 4K resolution, then downsizes those images on the fly to fit the monitor you have for a beautifully smooth supersample anti-aliasing effect.


AMD Internal Testing. System configuration: Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU, Core i7-5960X, 16GB DDR4-2666, Windows® 10 Professional x64, AMD Catalyst™ 15.20.1061.



The era of serious virtual reality is upon us with engrossing games like EVE: Valkyrie and crazy fun games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Thanks to AMD LiquidVR™ technology, the Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU in the Alienware™ Area-51™ is ready to roll. And because a picture is worth 1000 words, we have a handy infographic ready to explain all the reasons why AMD LiquidVR™ is critical for a superb VR experience.




Whether you care about DirectX® 12 performance,  gigantic resolutions, or virtual reality, the Radeon™ R9 Fury X GPU can do it all at serious speed. Interested? Configure your own Alienware™ Area-51™ with AMD’s mightiest GPU today, then sit back and rest easy knowing that some of the world’s most veteran PC builders are expertly handling every little detail. All you’ll have to do is unbox, plug in, and game on!