Exciting new additions to Never Settle Forever

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Since we updated our famous Never Settle Forever game bundle program back in April we’ve been hearing tremendously positive feedback from gamers and the press. To prove that we really never settle, we’re announcing an exciting new game title that have been added to the Radeon™ GOLD and SILVER Reward tiers, as well as one bonus game title that’s available with every AMD Radeon™ R9 Series or R7 Series graphics card purchase (available on all Radeon™ Reward tiers).


At the top of the news is the release on June 3 of Murdered: Soul Suspect. Gamers have been able to choose this title as a Never Settle reward for some time, but now that the game has launched those folks who actually chose this title will be receiving their game codes so they can finally download and play this highly anticipated film noir-style thriller1.


As well as being a terrific game to play, Murdered: Soul Suspect is also striking to look at. Features like ambient occlusion and depth-of-field increase realism and immersion for gamers. The screenshots below demonstrate how great this game looks. Click them to enlarge.






Next up is some equally big news: Sniper Elite™ 3 is joining Never Settle Forever! This game launches on June 27, but gamers can choose it now and get their codes on launch day.


Sniper Elite is already an extremely popular series. In this version you continue as American OSS sniper ace Karl Fairburne. Graphics, bullet mechanics and damage effects have all been improved since the last version, which was pretty impressive to begin with. Also getting major attention is the game’s famous X-Ray Killcam: bodies look  more anatomically correct, with new layers for muscle and the circulatory system, and damage physics are dynamically modeled for the first time, making every hit unique. See the X-Ray Killcam demonstrated on a truck engine in the first screenshot below.






As if that wasn’t enough, Sniper Elite™ 3 also supports Mantle! That’s because it’s built on Rebellion’s Asura game engine. Rebellion was one of the first developers to commit to supporting Mantle, and Sniper Elite 3 is just the first Asura-powered game that will do so.


9.jpgFinally we have a very special bonus offer for everyone who takes part in Never Settle Forever. When you redeem your Radeon™ Reward, you’ll have the opportunity to get these valuable, AMD-exclusive, in-game items for the popular free-to-play title Dragons and Titans™ as a special bonus:


  • An exclusive AMD Gaming Evolved avatar;
  • An arcfury dragon to strike lightning on and generally harass your enemies;
  • A Hades skin pack to make that arcfury look especially furious;
  • A nifty stormcaller trident, handy for electrocuting baddies;
  • An assortment of Tier I runes (ten of them) to enhance your dragon’s battle prowess
  • 5 Epic War Marks for rapid dragon lord advancement;
  • 100 potions for quick health boosts in the heat of battle.


Those are some pretty mighty augmentations for a budding dragon lord, and they’re available as a FREE BONUS WITH EVERY RADEON™ REWARD TIER. You can find out more about Titans and Dragons™ here.


That brings this Never Settle Forever update to a close, but that doesn’t mean we’re settling! Keep visiting for regular updates on new additions to this sensational program.


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  1. If you selected Murdered: Soul Suspect as an AMD Radeon™ Reward and haven’t received your download instructions yet, please email

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