5 million and growing: AMD Gaming Evolved Client community!

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Great news, AMD fans! The AMD Gaming Evolved Client powered by Raptr has surpassed 5 million users!  We blew past this tremendous milestone just last week and only eight months since the launch on September 25th, 2013. This now may be the world’s fastest growing gaming community. And this news gets even better: The AMD Gaming Evolved optimization tool has also left our competitor in the rear view mirror with a total of 189 games now officially supported!



In simple terms, the Client is an application that helps you improve your gaming experience – both on a technical level and a fun level!  At its core, the Client application helps optimize your games’ settings to take best advantage of the AMD hardware in your PC, whether you have an AMD Radeon™ graphics card or AMD A-Series APU. The Client application leverages the Raptr community  to crowd-source the optimum play settings for your games.  By reading what settings other gamers have with similar hardware, and by working through algorithms to determine best playable settings, the Client delivers accurate recommendations for the best quality, performance, or a balance of the two.


The Client is also a social hub for your gaming life, permitting interaction with your Facebook and Twitter connections, live streaming your gameplay to, communication and tracking of your Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Xfire friends, and more.  It even tracks your gameplay time to establish who is the most hardcore player in your circle of friends around the world. We also have driver update notifications built in to ensure you are getting the latest and greatest AMD Catalyst™ driver for your system.  And if all that isn’t enough, we even have the Rewards points program that rewards you just for playing games and using the client!



If you would like to follow the community, it’s as simple as installing the Client on your desktop or notebook, or you can check out the AMD Gaming Community on the Raptr site here. We entered into a strategic relationship with Raptr, which already had a massive install base of 17M, to create a customized Client just for AMD that would include new and useful features beyond what Raptr had already built.


The AMD Gaming Evolved Client is constantly expanding, with new capabilities planned for this year to give you the best experience every time you play.  I strongly encourage you to try it out - you can find the Gaming Evolved Client on the AMD Game site, or automatically install it with your AMD Catalyst driver update. We pledged our unconditional support for the entire PC gaming industry to help keep it thriving and producing the great products that define our entertainment culture. AMD’s Gaming Evolved program confirms our promise to deliver the most innovative technologies, tools, and industry support to maintain the AMD PC platform as the world’s premier gaming environment.


Check out our video overview and the infographic below for highlights of all the incredible features of the AMD Gaming Evolved Client.



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