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As a former pro gamer, I know how amazing PC gaming can be. But I also know the frustration of troubleshooting technical issues and the tedious trial-and-error of tweaking your settings when all you want to do is play. Say what you will about consoles, but their ease-of-use is generally tough to beat.


So when we started building the AMD Gaming Evolved app, we knew we had an opportunity to make PC gaming better -- to help you get the best gaming experience every time you play.


We’re approaching that in a few different ways. The AMD Gaming Evolved app now detects what video driver you’re using and will automatically let you know when a newer driver comes out, which, by itself, should avoid a lot of headaches. Our game optimization feature (see below for an in-depth walkthrough) helps you get the most out of your hardware without having to figure out the relative merits of triple buffering, anisotropic filtering, and 8x anti-aliasing, because that’s not a very fun way to spend your time.


The app also makes your life easier by eliminating the need to ALT-TAB. There’s a buddy list, IM, web browser, screenshot capture, and even livestreaming to Twitch all a click away while you’re playing.




Here’s how our game optimization works. The AMD Gaming Evolved app detects a player’s CPU, GPU, driver versions, operating system, and RAM. Then while recognized game’s running, it notes in-game graphics settings and tracks frames-per-second over time. That information, multiplied by millions of AMD owners running the app, forms the data set we use to recommend optimal settings for your rig.


Based on the performance of similar (and often identical) hardware set ups, the app finds set ups that are running at the highest image quality while maintaining a certain level of performance.  We can also tailor the performance to your preference: Quality to prioritize eye candy over fps, Performance to maximize fps, or Balanced.


Our optimization feature is in beta and we’re constantly working to improve it -- we have data for nearly a thousand graphics cards in the system already, with optimizations in place for nearly 70 games and more joining the list each week (up from about 20 when we soft-launched two months ago).


So far, 91% of gamers who use the app to optimize a game keep those settings -- and when people revert to their previous settings, we track that and look to see what we can tweak. And as more and more AMD owners run the app, the optimization settings will just get better and better.




With the AMD Gaming Evolved app, you can access a range of features and tools in-game. Communicate with friends on AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, or Facebook chat. Browse the web, or read (and create) posts in the Raptr community for the game you’re playing at the moment. The app also includes a screenshot editor and uploader, so you can easily share screenshots without worrying about hosting them elsewhere.


You can also stream your gameplay directly to Twitch with the app. Our streaming feature is still in beta and not as option-packed as dedicated streaming software like OBS, but on the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to use. We’ll be rolling out more improvements to our streaming in the near future.




Another huge reason to use AMD Gaming Evolved -- we reward you just for playing the games you love. We recently added Reward Points to the app, and you can earn points in a variety of ways: playing games, optimizing games, even just signing up, and we’re adding many more. You can then exchange those points in our Rewards Store for free games, discounts, and even for hardware. The Rewards Store will launch very soon, but you can begin banking points right now!


So that’s where we’re at right now with the AMD Gaming Evolved app -- we hope you give it a try if you haven’t already, and that it improves your PC gaming experience. I’ll be back with more on the Rewards Store and new ways to earn Reward Points in the near future!


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