• Ubuntu / AMDGPU-PRO, Eclipse IDE very slow (unusable).

    With any version of AMDGPU-PRO I tried, Eclise IDE works very slow - practically unusable. 1. When you try to type text - characters on screen apper with ~1 second delay. 2. When you try to scroll down text (using k...
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  • AMD Catalyst - Mouse cursor corruption

    Hello.   I'm here to report again about mouse cursor corruption problem, it's still not fixed. With dual-monitor setup (monitors A and B), mouse cursor gets corrupted on monitor A after some time (typically 10 ...
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  • Memory corruption bug in AMD Catalyst 14.12 (fglrx-14.501)

    Hello.   I found a memory corruption bug in new Catalyst release. Here are some backtraces:   Fatal Error: Memory access error at 0x000000000049C463, fault address is 0x00000000005D38E0. Register dump: RA...
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  • The Witcher 2 Assasin of Kings bug on catalyst 14.9 Ubuntu 14.04 x64

    Hi, I have this game on steam and it's trouble. In game after I load arena or "company" all fonts are corrupted, and many textures in game are apsent, lights corrupted. In pause menu the same, fonts are corrupted, and...
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  • GPU switching in Ubuntu Linux

    Hello, I have a laptop on AMD Kabini A6-5200 and Radeon HD8570 1GB. Now, switching between amd integrated gpu and amd radeon hd8570 doesn't work's correct. When I install the Catalyst software, and run sudo amdconf...
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  • Dota 2 performance improvement after installing Omega Drivers

    Hello I am writing to let you know that after the release of Omega Drivers it is now possible to play Dota 2 at all on my linux distro. My specs: Phenom II X4 965 (2010? ) Asus ATI Radeon  7790 4 GB ram generic h...
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  • Black screen TF2

    On October 1, 2014, and update had been added to Team Fortress 2. I believe there are compatibility issues for Linux users using AMD drivers because that is what most are claiming they have. There may have been an upd...
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  • Does Anybody From AMD Actually Read The Feedback Posted Here?

    And incorporate it into the next Linux driver improvements?
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  • Different performance on fglrx 13.25-30 and 14.20(14.10 and all since 13.35 also)

    Hello, I have a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G505, AMD A6-5200 and AMD Radeon HD8570 1Gb There is problem with performance on fglrx driver version 13.30 and higer. On 13.25-13.30, for example, I have up to 1500fps in glxge...
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  • New legacy drivers?

    Does somebody knows anything about releasing a new legacy drivers with support for new Xorg and new kernels support? I don't know where to ask such question, so i write here. Sorry if this is inappropriate for this di...
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  • AMD Catalyst: Issues with Garry's Mod

    I have a strange problem with Garry's Mod. There's a delay between my mouse/keyboard movement and the real movement in-game.   I can fix this problem on other Source Games with the gl_finish command, but Garry'...
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  • Catalyst 14.3 Beta - Secondary display not working when TearFree enabled.

    Hello again. I got found some new bugs.   1) When using multiple displays with Radeon R9 290 and Catalyst 14.3 Beta, TearFree disables output to secondary display. This bug present on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 13...
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  • Drivers ATI mobility HD5730 for Linux x64

    Hello, I have a problem that no one has yet been able to bring myself. I launches challenge to help me correctly configuer video card on my laptop HD5730 for the temperature sensor and fan. And the backlight of the ...
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  • Horrible Performance in Portal (and also Portal 2) (with VSync)

    Hi,   so I just created an account to share my problem here. I already did that over at Valve's Git (not much to see) and at the Unofficial AMD-Linux-Bugtracker  (there was no reaction). I wrote most of my...
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  • Metro: Last Light freezes system maybe because of fog effect

    I'm using Arch Linux 64bit and the 14.3 beta driver. I had problems before with older non-beta drivers with a fog effect for example in the/before the startmenu. With the older drivers, the game slowed down and almost...
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  • Witcher 2 unplayable

    The problem is reported by the devs and known@AMD. Starting results in blackscreen. With a propability of ~1% it does start but it will crash at some point.   Devs say the next catalyst will fix this. My quest...
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  • Ati Catalyst Problem

    Hi everyone, I have a hp dv6 3001-st entertaiment laptop. Last days my system was fall down and i lost my drivers. Then today i threw my computer.   Onboard video card : Amd 880G with Ati mobility Radeon Hd 42...
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  • 'Killing Floor' Lag Issues

    On the map known as Steamland, I have always experienced severe general lag. It feels like it runs at about 10 to 20 frames per second. I just updated to the AMD experimental beta drivers on Ubuntu, but this hasn't he...
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  • Ubuntu 14.04 + Catalyst 14.3 beta - screen distortion

    Hello everyone.   I have an Acer Aspire 7552g notebook with an AMD Radeon 6650M video card. The problem is when laptop puts display to sleep (power saving, turns off screen due to AFK for some minutes, not the l...
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  • Problems with graphics driver for Ubuntu 14.04

    I installed ubuntu 14.04 and installed the latest beta graphic driver downloaded from amd support. lightdm failed and I didnt get to the login page after that. It said that it needs to reconfigure my graphics settings...
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