• I am trying to testout how well atomicity performs on APU. But my sample program hangs the system

    I am trying to testout how well atomicity performs on APU. But my sample program does not update the variable properly hence whole system hangs as I check for updated value at either side (cpu and gpu)  in while ...
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  • OpenCL Library link with GCC issue

    Hi, I needed some help with linking the OpenCL libraries along with gcc. Thanks, Jatin !
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  • OpenCL compiler SIGSEGV'ing

    Hello!   So I've been writhing my OpenCL project until I run into a strange problem: a call to clBuildProgram results in a segmentation fault.   I'm providing a sample code here (see attached archive) that...
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  • How do OpenCL global memory requests work?

    My issue is with Section 2.6.1 of the "OpenCL Optimization Guide" (Hiding Memory Latency with ALU Operations) 2.6.1 Hiding Memory Latency with ALU Operations It seems when you send a global memory request 1 ...
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  • OpenCL 64 bit atomics under Vega 8 Integrated Graphics on Win10 ?

    I am working to compile an OpenCL program which needs 64bit atomics (atomic_xchg and atomic_add, with long datatype). I have added " #pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_int64_base_atomics : enable" and the ...
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  • Strategies on reducing VGPR usage - and, where do they come from?

    Aside from a detrimental memory latency issue I reported in this thread, I also noticed that my OpenCL code on AMD GPUs suffered from large VGPR usage.   For the voxel-based Monte Carlo simulator, MCXCL (https:/...
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  • OpenCL driver bug

    EDIT: reformat  EDIT 2: correct driver version   Found a weird behavior in AMD's OpenCL compiler. Code taken straight from Boost library:   __kernel void serial_adjacent_find(const uint size, __global...
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  • OpenCL development for Radeon VII under Windows 7

    Hello!   Recently I've bought a Radeon VII for OpenCL development purposes.   I installed it in my dual-boot Windows 7 & Linux machine, and now I'm trying to setup a development environment.   My...
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  • Looking for Linux/Open CL2.0 Driver for AMD A10-9620P

    Does AMD have any kind of official support ?   Some how, I can not for the life of me find a working OpenCL ( I would like OpenCL 2.0 ) for Linux and my computer. Surely there is ? The question is where ?  ...
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  • host-device latencies?

    Doing recently some benchmarks and wonder if my host-device latencies are bound to my older hardware or are similar on newer systems?   OS: Ubuntu 18.04 x86-64 Device: AMD Radeon HD 7750   OpenCL gpu kerne...
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  • Current status of OpenCL for a SI (R7 370) in Linux

    Hi,   As I asked in Linux OpenCL not working AMDGPU-PRO (max global size 0, CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY), the problem persist.   I tried both in Arch and in Ubuntu 18.04. If I go for mesa + amdgpu open source dr...
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  • where to find AMD APP SDK 3.0 for Linux(no-X86/X86_X64 architecture)?

    Platform Information Firstly I‘ll post my platform info: arch-info    3.10.84-20.fc21.loongson.3.mips64el cpu-info  [loongson@localhost ~]$ lscpu Architecture: mips64 Byte Order: Litt...
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  • OPENCL user guide for Radeon VII

    Hello,   Is the opencl programmer's guide going to be updated to include programming  info and tips for the radeon vii? --
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  • Is there a performance difference between HIP and OpenCL

    Is there any performance loss on AMD gpus if I program something in hip instead of Open CL ?   Are any of the other languages more or less performant ?
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  • Error code -2 (Device not availaible) when running clCreateContextFromType

    Hello Everyone,   I'm currently retesting some OpenCL code and I recently had a problem on my code. When I'm trying to get the device list on my computer with the C++ Wrapper function ... I get a error...
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  • OpenCL: Delay in inter-kernel execution when requesting callbacks

    Hi I have a problem with delays in kernel execution when I request callbacks from OpenCL. In my application, I need to execute kernels at a "very" high rate (around 300Hz), and I need a callback to my host applicati...
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  • OpenCL: repeat kernel execution?

    I'm queuing kernels that modify a buffer over and over again and am wondering if there's a more efficient way to do what I'm doing.   Here's pseudocode:   for (int q = 0; q < iterations; q++) {  ...
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  • Wavefront and kernel occupancy

    I reduced number or vgpr from 88 to 84. The number of wavefront per compute unit increased from 8 to 12. However, I cannot see any performance gain. The vgpr reduce should not slow down the performance of each work it...
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  • SPIR for vega?

    Hi,   As seen here https://community.amd.com/message/2878648#2878652 or here https://community.amd.com/message/2846525#comment-2846525   Vega series doesn't seems to support SPIR or SPIR-V. However I can ...
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  • S_WAKEUP instruction

    The Vega Shader ISA doc (https://developer.amd.com/wp-content/resources/Vega_Shader_ISA_28July2017.pdf) describes S_WAKEUP instruction as follows (I quote) -   Allow a wave to 'ping' all the other waves in its t...
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