• Processing two buffers using an out of order queue

    I have a PCI data acquisition card that supports P2P. It will be capturing records one after the other at a very rapid rate, and the plan is to write each record to the GPU using DirectGMA, where a kernel will process...
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  • Realtime raytracing with opencl

    Is it possible to achieve realtime raytracing like RTX with opencl?
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  • List of neural network/machine learning/GPU computing apps that support OpenCL acceleration on AMD Fx HW?

    Hi, I have a few questions. I hope you can help me.   I am trying to learn neural nets/ML on my older, Fx based hardware.   I very much prefer the openCL development model. As discussed elsewhere, people ...
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  • Modern GPU: book-length tutorial and open-source GPGPU library

    Fastest GPU radix sort and scan-centric tutorial. Hi all. I've been putting together a big book-length online GPU computing tutorial. It's at http://www.moderngpu.com/ The content is very scan/reduction-centri...
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  • Please add new extension for refined reduce in wavefront

    Hi,   According to https://gpuopen.com/amd-gcn-assembly-cross-lane-operations/  the hardware is able to do refined reduce operations.   By 'refined', I have in mind doing an add/min/max among neighbor...
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  • Strange behavior of a kernel, need fresh ideas

    I lost two days debugging or better to say tried to debug my kernel. Basically the kernel looks like this (part of dagger-hashimoto initialization):   1. copy from global to private 2. do private 3. copy from ...
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  • Missing OpenCL CPU support under Windows

    On my system the (i think) most recent version of the AMD drivers (18.8.1, Windows 10 x64) no longer returns the CPU (FX-8350) as a valid OpenCL device.  Is this intended behavior or just a bug in my specific ins...
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  • How to tune the performance of ROCm(llvm) compiler?

    I modified llvm (roc-1.6.x) a bit to generate a code that can run on AMDGPU pro dirver. It can run but the performance is over 10% slower than AMDGPU's online compiler, for the same opencl code.  I wonder if ther...
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  • Disappointing opencl half-precision performance on vega - any advice?

    I bought a Vega 64 recently. From the specs, it has 23 TFLOPs fp16 throughput compared to 12 TFLOP fp32. so I converted portion of my Monte Carlo code to half, expecting to gain some noticeable speed up. Disappointing...
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  • How to controll opencl kernel configuration of assembly code generated by llvm clang AMDGPU backend?

    llvm clang can compile opencl file into assembly. A common format is hsa. There are certain configurations in hsa assembly file, such as enable_sgpr_dispatch_ptr and enable_sgpr_queue_ptr. When I compile my opencl fil...
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  • How to use llvm to offline compile .cl file into binary that can run with amdgpu pro driver?

    Now I am trying to build OpenCL kernel binary with llvm. I successfully compiled .cl into assembly, but cannot figure out a way to compile that format of assembly into binary that can run with AMDGPU pro driver. That ...
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  • Can OpenCL build program from .cl source code together with a pre-built binary kernel?

    My program has several kernels. I'd like to use offline compiler to compile one kernel into binary. So how can I build my program using other kernels and that one pre-built kernel binary?
    created by fancyix
  • How to compile .cl file that contains inline assembly for GCN cards?

    There are some examples of inline assembly inside .cl file: LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra/s_memrealtime_inline.cl at master · ROCm-Developer-Tools/LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra · GitHu… gatelessgate/equ...
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  • OpenCL linker hangs & terminates application on R9 200

    After shipping our application, some users with AMD R9 200 series cards report the application hangs up and then quits. After studying log files and minidumps it seems the issue is the with OpenCL linker on those syst...
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  • floating point precision

    Hi, In my current kernel I use floating point values, but I think I got precision problems... by example, I use an 'epsilon' defined as #define EPSILON 1e-4 and play with values like 500.f etc.... I'm not sure how...
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  • Three cheers for anonymous AMD engineer that fixed OpenCL driver bug

    My app makes very heavy use of OpenCL events. For the longest time, the app was unstable - seemingly there was a race condition where event callbacks sometimes would not get called, causing my app to stop working. ...
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  • Legacy OpenCL analysis not working with v18 drivers on Ubuntu

    Hi,   With any v18 amdgpu-pro driver, it is not possible to analyze Kernels for non-Vega ASICs   The error is always "Error: failed to disassemble binary output and produce textual ISA code for Hawaii (ke...
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  • OpenCL compiler bug with big switches

    Hi. Recently I found an issue with AMD OpenCL compiler. I got OpenCL code that generated on CPU and results in big switch-case construction (about 4k case). Attempt to compile such kernel with AMD compiler leads to...
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  • When will the AMDGPU-PRO driver support HD7900 series?

    My card is HD7990. And my latest amdgpu-pro driver 17.50 on Linux doesn't support my card, and it exports a lot of errors for all tensorflow tests. Also, the famous hello world opencl program doesn't work.   To ...
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  • OpenCL & Linux on Raven Ridge

    Hello, This is more of a driver feature request but it is OpenCL specific. I've purchased a month ago a Riven Ridge APU (Ryzen 2400G) system and I'm eager to use OpenCL on its integrated Vega GPU. Unfortunately, it s...
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