• How to compile offline with LLVM-8 for AMDPAL

    Dear community,   I am planning to ship a software using binary kernels with inline asm. Therefore I decided to go with LLVM based offline compile, since the buildin pal compiler can not handle this. Hereby it i...
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  • What's the best or the recommended way to copy the data from scalar registers to GDS?

    Perhaps, there's something that I'm not seeing in the docs, so I apologize in advance.   I've got 16 dwords in scalar registers s16-s31. I need to copy that data from the scalar registers to GDS at the GDS base ...
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  • Is there a performance difference between HIP and OpenCL

    Is there any performance loss on AMD gpus if I program something in hip instead of Open CL ?   Are any of the other languages more or less performant ?
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  • OpenCL compilation hangs forever

    Hi all,   I am trying to compile this project for an AMD GPU: GitHub - webmaster128/lisk-vanity: A tool to generate short Lisk addresses with GPU support   The c.l files are in lisk-vanity/src/opencl at m...
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  • List of neural network/machine learning/GPU computing apps that support OpenCL acceleration on AMD Fx HW?

    Hi, I have a few questions. I hope you can help me.   I am trying to learn neural nets/ML on my older, Fx based hardware.   I very much prefer the openCL development model. As discussed elsewhere, people ...
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  • OpenCL with SVM extensions on Linux for modern APUs?

    Hi,   I'm evaluating OpenCL-accelerated OpenCV on V1807B (Raven Ridge APU) and am wondering what options I have to get SVM support on Linux on APU.   It seems there are multiple approaches: - a fully open...
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  • How to tune the performance of ROCm(llvm) compiler?

    I modified llvm (roc-1.6.x) a bit to generate a code that can run on AMDGPU pro dirver. It can run but the performance is over 10% slower than AMDGPU's online compiler, for the same opencl code.  I wonder if ther...
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  • How to compile .cl file that contains inline assembly for GCN cards?

    There are some examples of inline assembly inside .cl file: LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra/s_memrealtime_inline.cl at master · ROCm-Developer-Tools/LLVM-AMDGPU-Assembler-Extra · GitHu… gatelessgate/equ...
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  • OpenCL & Linux on Raven Ridge

    Hello, This is more of a driver feature request but it is OpenCL specific. I've purchased a month ago a Riven Ridge APU (Ryzen 2400G) system and I'm eager to use OpenCL on its integrated Vega GPU. Unfortunately, it s...
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  • ROCM - How to compile kernel code

    Hi,   Is it possible to compile OpenCL C 2.0 kernels separately in rocm environment?   I am trying OpenCL C 2.0 features and clBuildProgram seems to terminate with segfault. I am thinking that compiling wi...
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  • ROCm OpenCL Program binary format

    I wrote known Radeon Assembler called as CLRadeonExtender. Year ago, I added support for ROCm binary format (I got sample binaries by using 'cloc' utility). I have doubts whether that format (HSACO format) is still us...
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