• Walsh Hadamard transform based AI

    I shared this AI code with nVidia and I suppose someone over here might be interested too: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1023786/cuda-programming-and-performance/walsh-hadamard-transform-based-ai/ The ove...
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  • Enabling DirectGMA in Linux

    According to instructions here enabling DirectGMA is done by running 'amdconfig'. In the latest driver package version 'amdgpu-pro-17.30-465504' it looks like this tool is no longer available.   Are there updat...
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  • Tools for .NET developing

    Hello, are there any libraries, tools, coding guidelines, thread handling guidelines for .NET developing to optimize the code for the Ryzen architecture? Does the Visual Studio 2017 C++ compiler support any AMD/Ryzen...
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  • [Request] Open Source "AMD Math Library (LibM)"

    Currently 4/6 of the "AMD CPU Libraries" (https://developer.amd.com/amd-cpu-libraries) are open-source. The outliers are AMD RNG Library (the related Secure RNG Library does have source distributed) and AMD Math Libra...
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  • directGMA vs SDI-link

    Hello.   I am trying to do object tracking in Realtime using an FPGA-based frame grabber and a gpu.   Bitflow, my frame-grabber manufacturer, supplies sample code demonstrating how to reduce latency by usi...
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  • where to report ADL bugs?

    I've found some bugs in the ADL. What is the right section for that? Probably "GPU Developer Tools"? I don't seem to have the right to start a discussion there. Can you please unlock me for that section? Thanks!
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  • please bring back some features from overdrive and some more features for wattman

    hi dev team,   i want you to ask, if you could PLEASE add the option to Wattman, that you can reduce the VRAM Clock down till 150 Mhz by force, even if the driver don't support it?   i have a Sapphire 290...
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  • Found a misused OpenCL API in MIOpen. Need help reaching the team

    Hello. I have been studying MIOpen's source code since it's launch. After a while, I found that MIOpen built with OpenCL will fail half of it's test. with something throwing std::bad_alloc. Digging into the source. I...
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  • Support for Abaqus Subroutines on Windows

    Dear Community,   unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information concerning the use of Abaqus subroutines on the latest AMD Hardware, namely Ryzen . My general issue is that I am not able to find a suitable...
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  • Amd Radeon RX5xx don' work with Sigma photo pro

    Good morning, I write to report the following issue. I use a Sigma camera that shoots in a raw proprietor X3F format, which format can only be opened and managed with their development software given the amount of in...
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  • Re: Introduction_4_freeaccess

    Hi,   I am journalist/Editor of Avtomatika magazine ("Automation" http://www.avtomatika.com/ ). I also do HW development ( mostly digital with up to a small microcontroller, perhaps small CPLD/FPGA , analog but...
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  • how to make HDR support program .

    I am trying to create an HDR support program using an AMD graphics card. What should I do?     I tried to find out if there is an API provided, but I could not find it. It seems to be supported by the spec...
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  • AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT

    Уже с 2012 года никак не могу разобраться с этой видеокартой AMD 7690M XT ( ещё у меня стоит intel HD 3000). В диспетчере постоянно пишет, что у меня AMD 6700 Series. пробовал ставить очень старые драйвера и тогда у м...
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  • Specification of my CPU

    Let's say I have a AMD CPU, how can I find specification of every ability of his? All asm instruction with details of how they work, memory and operating mechanisms, stuff like that. It's just seems very odd that I ha...
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  • gcc development / testing support

    Does anyone no how to contact someone within AMD to see if AMD would be willing to donate a Ryzen based machine to be part of the gcc compile farm?   I recently did some work with optimizations of matrix multipl...
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  • Guru question: can GCN asm receive input other than via PCIe?

    Let me know if this doesn't qualify as a guru-level question.   Graphics Core Next assembly programs run on AMD GPUs.  They can communicate with the outside world in at least two ways: with the host via the...
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  • DOPP with FirePro and mouse pointer

    Hello,   We're evaluating using the DOPP extension in our video projector blending / warping software solution and we ran into a problem regarding the mouse pointer.   The mouse pointer gets composited by...
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  • Maximum surface size lower for DirectDraw than Direct3D?

    I'm using an AMD FirePro W5100 on Windows 10 x64 1703. Driver version 21.19.384.0.   The maximum hardware surface size as returned by IDirect3D9_GetDeviceCaps() is 16384×16384 pixels (MaxTextureWidth &...
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  • Disabling the DRAM Auto-Refresh During Boot

    Dear AMD Developer Community,   I am using Coreboot to boot an AMD A6-5400K processor on an ASUS F2A85-M motherboard. During boot I would like to disable the auto-refresh of the DDR3 DRAM to measure its retention...
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