• AMD Logo for Game Developers

    Hello, I'm independent game developer and I have registered company in England, UK.   Since I'm new here I would like to explain why I came here Recently I've jumped to AMD contact page and asked about how I s...
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Lightmass -- any benchmarks with Threadripper 1950x?

    Hello everyone,   I use Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualization, and I'm wondering if anyone here does as well, and has Threadripper 1950x benchmarks.  Lightmass (the UE4 program that calculates lig...
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  • PCI IDs

    Hi everyone!   I'm an engineer working for a company which repairs PCs, servers and various other stuff. We have a validator program which tries to match the devices detected by Windows in a computer to the one...
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  • Where do I belong...if anywhere?

    I write software, but I only preferentially use AMD hardware, I don't target it.  So do I belong here or somewhere else? Or indeed anywhere?   Right now I'm looking for an AM4 motherboard that is NOT aimed ...
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  • I2C Vega documentation?

    My GooglFu not working here...
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  • Vega low level on-die SMC voltage controller API?

    I'm creating a benchmark/optimization suite for several XMR miners to test it against Vega. I even developed a HW Wattmeter (Log-A-Watt) for measuring power consumption of any GPU card... Now I'm trying to figure it o...
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  • Hi, please whitelist

    Hi, I would like to post on the forums, I can answer some questions related to OpenCL and ROCm, GCN. This whitelist step is cumbersome, but here I am, not a robot, not spammer, writing this message just for the grace ...
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  • ROCm Diasppointment

    Well, like my username i just created this account and post because i'm very sad with this plataform (ROCm), i really wanted use it.   My Problem : driver support, YOU (ROCm developers) JUST support newer cards(...
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  • Start up hardware company using AMD processors

    Hi,     I wish to design and manufacture my own motherboards for AMD Epyc Processors.   I also wish to design a co-processor to sit on the Infinity Fabric interconnect (based on Synopsys CCIX?).  ...
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  • Walsh Hadamard transform based AI

    I shared this AI code with nVidia and I suppose someone over here might be interested too: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1023786/cuda-programming-and-performance/walsh-hadamard-transform-based-ai/ The ove...
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  • Enabling DirectGMA in Linux

    According to instructions here enabling DirectGMA is done by running 'amdconfig'. In the latest driver package version 'amdgpu-pro-17.30-465504' it looks like this tool is no longer available.   Are there updat...
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  • Tools for .NET developing

    Hello, are there any libraries, tools, coding guidelines, thread handling guidelines for .NET developing to optimize the code for the Ryzen architecture? Does the Visual Studio 2017 C++ compiler support any AMD/Ryzen...
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  • [Request] Open Source "AMD Math Library (LibM)"

    Currently 4/6 of the "AMD CPU Libraries" (https://developer.amd.com/amd-cpu-libraries) are open-source. The outliers are AMD RNG Library (the related Secure RNG Library does have source distributed) and AMD Math Libra...
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  • directGMA vs SDI-link

    Hello.   I am trying to do object tracking in Realtime using an FPGA-based frame grabber and a gpu.   Bitflow, my frame-grabber manufacturer, supplies sample code demonstrating how to reduce latency by usi...
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  • where to report ADL bugs?

    I've found some bugs in the ADL. What is the right section for that? Probably "GPU Developer Tools"? I don't seem to have the right to start a discussion there. Can you please unlock me for that section? Thanks!
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  • please bring back some features from overdrive and some more features for wattman

    hi dev team,   i want you to ask, if you could PLEASE add the option to Wattman, that you can reduce the VRAM Clock down till 150 Mhz by force, even if the driver don't support it?   i have a Sapphire 290...
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  • Found a misused OpenCL API in MIOpen. Need help reaching the team

    Hello. I have been studying MIOpen's source code since it's launch. After a while, I found that MIOpen built with OpenCL will fail half of it's test. with something throwing std::bad_alloc. Digging into the source. I...
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  • Support for Abaqus Subroutines on Windows

    Dear Community,   unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information concerning the use of Abaqus subroutines on the latest AMD Hardware, namely Ryzen . My general issue is that I am not able to find a suitable...
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  • Amd Radeon RX5xx don' work with Sigma photo pro

    Good morning, I write to report the following issue. I use a Sigma camera that shoots in a raw proprietor X3F format, which format can only be opened and managed with their development software given the amount of in...
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