• Greetings!

    I like to program on the side, I find it relaxing.   I'm looking for technical information on the uvd, vce engines in radeon gpus. Im trying to figure out what these things are capable of.   Please whiteli...
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  • newcomer

    It is a newcomer here! I am a open source developer and used to work on Linux kernel. Nice place to play with you.
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  • VMC page fault on Radeon pro WX9100

    We are trying to run scientific OpenCL codes under Ubuntu 16.04.5 (Kernel 4.15) Linux on Vega10 based cards (Radeon Pro WX9100, Vega 64). The card is installed in a HPZ620 Workstation with a Xeon processor from the Sa...
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  • [Newcomer] Please whitelist

    Hi mods,   I would like to report a possible bug from the OpenCL driver compiler. Please allow.   Anthony
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  • Please whitelist

    Dear AMD Team,   I need the permission to post in your OpenGL/Vulkan forum for a technical question I have with AMD GPU products in conjunction with the Vulkan API.   Let me more what else you need so I can ...
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  • Please whitelist

    Hi,   I want to get some information on DirectGMA. Please whitelist me.   Cheers Dirk
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  • [Request] Please whitelist me

    Hi all: I am a computer engineer, and I am interested in the general computation for GPU and CPU. I meet some problem when surveying the ROCm/OpenCL. I wish I could join this disscussion. Please add me into the whi...
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  • How to implement LiquidVR direct to display?

    I see this on the GPUopen website: http://gpuopen.com/gaming-product/liquidvr/?webSyncID=eb22cc18-2206-7297-762e-06d17b556559&sessionGUID=94d04d17-5693-ad4…   It talks about LiquidVR also contains...
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  • AMD A10-6800K Socket FM2 100W - Black Edition AMD Radeon HD 8670D - Source Code needed

    To the DEV Gurus!, I am inquiring about the general linux and pc source code for the driver below: https://www.amd.com/en/support/apu/amd-series-processors/amd-a10-series-apu-for-desktops/a10-6800k-radeon-hd-8670d&...
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  • How to cmake Tutorials in RadeonRays_SDK ?

    'cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64"' in command line outs 'CMake Error: The source directory "E:/Users/admin" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt'.   so, I used cmake-gui but where parametr "-G" I don'...
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  • AMD rocm-smi does not report GPU utilization. Can someone please explain why?

    Hello,   I have been looking for a means to monitor and control my GPU's on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS running with amdgpu-pro-18.10-572953 drivers. I would prefer to use a GUI to do this. I have managed to compile Rad...
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  • Geezer noob seeks help in vast thick undergrowth hiding the machine codes?

    I am Al Marcy, a 71 year old who wrote machine code in the earlier days and worked up to "C" in thirty years. Twenty years ago I burnt out and went to bed. Still there, but getting better all the time. Not younger, ju...
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  • How do i get sponsorship for a laptop/desktop

    HiI am a developer in Jamaica. I've been using a 10 year old computer with a VIA integrated graphics chipset for a few years now. I need something better but cannot afford it. I am currently developing a cross-platfor...
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  • Please whitelist me

    I'm posting simply to get whitelisted, so I can respond to a question in the OpenCL section. At the risk of complaining in my first post, this procedure of getting whitelisted is clunky at best.   Thanks in adv...
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  • AMD's DevHub Registration

    I'm trying to create account on https://devhub.amd.com/login/ to get CPU datasheet but get stuck on "AMD Contact Name" and "AMD Contact Email".   Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
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  • Ask the permission to DEVGURUS

    Hello, I'm Shimmer Huang, from Software Development Group in SRDC, i would like to have the permission to post/reply the thread in our Devgurus, thanks.
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  • Hello

    Hello,   I am a physicist and open source software developer. I currently develop using OpenCL for CPU/GPU hardware. I found people with the same issues I have with recent OpenCL drivers and I would like to cont...
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  • AMD Software Optimization Guide for Ryzen

    The new Ryzen processors only recently come out, but it would be great if there was some estimate as to when the SOG for the Ryzen family processors will come out. Given that the architecture is brand new, essentially...
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  • Could we get an AMD cpu development package(CPU&MB) for software optimizations?

    Hello AMD&Community,   First, this question is directed to AMD employees, regular users probably don't have much to help with this question.   We are a 2 people team working on Open Source C++ Librarie...
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    Hi AMD! Some years ago you called me and asked me if I'm in touch with processors. I had answered "no", but I was driving a car and just forgot about my new issued article about OPEN PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE. In this a...
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