• Question regarding changing the DRAM timing runtime

    Hello! I had a few question about changing DRAM timing without booting each time for my research experiment. I contacted customer support and was redirected here to gain access to the forum. May I get an access?
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  • New user with some questions.

    First I want to wish everyone well and I hope everyone is weathering the storm as best possible. This is one bat **** crazy world we live in and everything has gone to hell almost overnight. If there is anyone that ne...
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  • Creating a blog

    Hi All,   How to I create a blog in AMD community?
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  • Can I post my 2990wx performance questions here?

    Hi,   I asked a question over in Processors & was told it might be a better fit here. It's not strictly a developer question, but I sure would love to get somebody's insight! Would it be appropriate to cross...
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  • Hello AMD

    Now, I am struggling with SPIR-V programming.
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  • Please Whitelist

    Hello, I have a question about the SPIR-V extension support in OpenGL 4.6 and I would like to get whitelisted. Thanks in advance.
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  • How to post under a nickname?

    I see most people post under their nickname. Where in my profile can I define a nickname? Couldn't find.
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  • Please Whitelist me for OpenCL forum

    Hi admins, it seems I need approval (or whitelisting) for posting in the OpenCL forum. Can you please whitelist me as I need to post OpenCL related questions. Thx
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  • Whitelist?

    Hi, I have got some download links for my own question "Broken links for old ATI SDKs source code archives" and the "Looking For Old D3D8 Source Code(s)" question as well, but I can't post a reply. Thanks. Just ...
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  • Can I post Vulkan AMD issue to OpenGL & Vulkan

    or what I need to do to post to OpenGL & Vulkan ?
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  • Hello AMD!

    Hello fellow AMD people, I want to join the AMD Developer Network program, in special the OpenGL dev zone so i can ask OpenGL related questions/inquiries.     Thanks, André
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  • Hello AMD Community

    Hello, my name is Danel and I am here to chat with other developers. My team has decided to test AMD ProRender and am here to try to solve some doubts and hopefully help others in a future.   Nice to meet you all.
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  • Please whitelist

    I want to ask a question on the OpenCL max allocation limit.
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  • I introduce myself

    Hello people, I join the AMD Developer Network program, for that I would like to deepen the topic in its corresponding space - GPU Developer Tools. My cordial greetings.
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  • Please whitelist me

    I want to talk about OpenCL deadlocks.
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  • whitelist

    myself AMD employee. can you enable me for commenting.
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  • Whitelist DEVGURUS

    Hi,  I wrote a proposal of new APU design and submit to support team, they(Santosh is the one reply) request me to post it in DEVGURUS. Therefore I am requesting for posting there. Thank you.  
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  • Please whitelist

    Hello AMD,   I'm a graphics engine developer from an indie gamedev company. I faced some issues with OpenGL on AMD hardware and would like to post in  OpenGL & Vulkan forums.   I've carried out so...
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  • Whitelist

    I'm posting to get whitelisted. I have a question about VRAM usage in CFx. Thanks in advance, R.
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  • Whitelist

    Let's try again--my initial post was misconstrued as a support request. I'd like to be whitelisted to troubleshoot an issue in my OpenGL application that's causing a crash within the AMD driver.
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