• Start up hardware company using AMD processors

    Hi,     I wish to design and manufacture my own motherboards for AMD Epyc Processors.   I also wish to design a co-processor to sit on the Infinity Fabric interconnect (based on Synopsys CCIX?).  ...
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  • Enabling DirectGMA in Linux

    According to instructions here enabling DirectGMA is done by running 'amdconfig'. In the latest driver package version 'amdgpu-pro-17.30-465504' it looks like this tool is no longer available.   Are there updat...
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  • where to report ADL bugs?

    I've found some bugs in the ADL. What is the right section for that? Probably "GPU Developer Tools"? I don't seem to have the right to start a discussion there. Can you please unlock me for that section? Thanks!
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  • Specification of my CPU

    Let's say I have a AMD CPU, how can I find specification of every ability of his? All asm instruction with details of how they work, memory and operating mechanisms, stuff like that. It's just seems very odd that I ha...
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  • gcc development / testing support

    Does anyone no how to contact someone within AMD to see if AMD would be willing to donate a Ryzen based machine to be part of the gcc compile farm?   I recently did some work with optimizations of matrix multipl...
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  • DOPP with FirePro and mouse pointer

    Hello,   We're evaluating using the DOPP extension in our video projector blending / warping software solution and we ran into a problem regarding the mouse pointer.   The mouse pointer gets composited by...
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  • Maximum surface size lower for DirectDraw than Direct3D?

    I'm using an AMD FirePro W5100 on Windows 10 x64 1703. Driver version 21.19.384.0.   The maximum hardware surface size as returned by IDirect3D9_GetDeviceCaps() is 16384×16384 pixels (MaxTextureWidth &...
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  • Disabling the DRAM Auto-Refresh During Boot

    Dear AMD Developer Community,   I am using Coreboot to boot an AMD A6-5400K processor on an ASUS F2A85-M motherboard. During boot I would like to disable the auto-refresh of the DDR3 DRAM to measure its retention...
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  • How to download AMD sdk that support video encode H264?

    Hello, I am new to AMD and i have to do video encode h264 using AMD sdk. Problem is i am not able to find AMD sdk which supports Video Encode h264 in c++. If anyone knows, kindly tell me the link(or way) from where...
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  • ADL2_Main_Control_Create

    Could we get an updated Sample-Managed where ADL2_Main_Control_Create is used instead? Currently the old sample does not work if you intend to use Overdrive6.
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  • Need AMD PDBs - Crash when exiting program in Visual Studio 2015

    Can anyone provide me with the PDBs for atiuxpag.dll and atidxx32.dll? For AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, driver version 21.19.523.2, driver date 3/3/2017.   We've run into a development problem where a program that ...
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  • Problems and how I solved them

    Good day,   I just wanted to forward a summary of the conversation I had with AMD Global Customer Care on the off chance that the information ends up in the hands of the correct people.   Issue #1: I cann...
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  • The uncanny valley is a real thing.

    To those who want to build there place here, I want to say "Don't forget body language.".  You can focus on faces, you can move the camera really close to the face.  Watch a movie like that.  What I wan...
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  • How to debug a SharpGL application

    Hi there,   I've been developing a raytracing engine using SharpGL for a while, but occasionally after reinitialising my framebuffers I get a black render until I force another reinitilisation.   There's n...
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  • Welche AMD CPU kompatibel auf HP 6475b

    Hallo Zusammen,   also laut euren Maintananceanleitungen für das HP 6475b paßt max. ein A10 4600 auf den Sockel des HP 6475b. Hier bei Euch im Forum sind aber schon Fragen aufgetaucht, die auch neuere A...
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  • DirectGMA on AMD W7100

    Dear guys, I'm a newbee of using AMD GPU. Recently I got an AMD W7100 card and wanted to implement the DirectGMA on the GPU data transfer. As I searched on the net, the DirectGMA is first configured via some commands...
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  • Availability of AMD H.264 Encoder MFT

    I am looking for information on hardware H.264 encoder availability in the form of MF Transform (MFT). It is mentioned as one of recommended ways to utilize hardware video encoding capabilities. It is also mentioned t...
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  • Firepro W9100 error message Extension "GL_GOOGLE_include_directive" is not supported

    Hi guys,   Can someone please tell me if the GL_GOOGLE_include_directive is supported on AMD cards? I get Extension "GL_GOOGLE_include_directive" is not supported when trying to use the extension on my Fire Pro ...
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  • AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD Radeon R7 system locks up when trying to boot Ubuntu.

    I'm new to this community and hoping to get some help from the experts here. We recently bought an AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD Radeon R7 (Merlin Falcon) board. We have Opensuse 42.2 and Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS as dual b...
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  • Hi there, not actually a newbie but here I post

        Ok, it has been a long while so I suppose I need to post here before I can ask away.   Hi and thanks folks.   I want to find info about docker dontainers for dev tools, especially those...
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