• Hello, Community

    Hi everyone,   my name is Rob, I'm 24 and Computer Science student. I program a little and have been working on learning OpenCL. I would like to get whitelisted in that forum, if that is possible.   Best r...
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  • ADM additional setting

    ADM additional setting doesn't appear in the program window preferences,so What's the problem? Thanks in advance.
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  • Requesting access to the devgurus forum

    Hello! I go by jroweboy on github and I'm a contributor to the citra 3ds emulator project. https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/ We recently had a major update for the GL rendering backend, and have been encountering so...
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  • CPU assist with GPU

    Hello   I have an old R7 240 and I wondered if it was possible to assist the CPU with a GPU (as my R7 240).  Indeed, the GPU executes languages close to those of the CPU. Thus why do not to transfer cert...
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  • Where is more detailed Ryzen documentation (like a BKDG)

    I've got a similar post in the Processors group, but I thought I'd try something here, too. Can we developers get detailed info such as in the older models' BKDGs?  Will there be a BKDG for Ryzen, and when will ...
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  • Fortran compatibility of libflame and blis

    I would like to use the blis and libflame libraries precompiled by AMD and available on https://developer.amd.com/amd-cpu-libraries/blas-library/#libflame for usage on an AMD Threadripper machine. However, when linkin...
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  • Regarding Unreal engine 4 Crash

    Hello Sir/Madam,                            I am a new game developer facing often cra...
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  • Does AMD GPUs have sdk to decode h264 video?

    Currently I am focus on processing videos with deep learing, such as object detection, segmentation and so on. I am just wondering if AMD's GPUs have sdk similar to nvidia's cuvid to decode h264 video directly into GP...
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  • Hello AMD community!!!

    Could somebody here guide me step by step how to create a developer account to download CPU data-sheets.   https://devhub.amd.com/login/   Registration looks easy but I get stuck with the following: "Acc...
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  • Mr

    I made mathematic research and want transfer it to MAD. I sure that my uncovering may be very usefull for AMD, especially for cybersecurity. And I want to know with whom I could discuss it.
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  • bristol ridge  hsa? rocm? i feel betrayed as a customer.

    i bought some time ago a bristol ridge with a320m-c as training platform for programming accelerated software with hsa. i feel like amd promised me, that  "The APU will have full HSA support and OpenCL 2.0" sup...
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  • AMD Logo for Game Developers

    Hello, I'm independent game developer and I have registered company in England, UK.   Since I'm new here I would like to explain why I came here Recently I've jumped to AMD contact page and asked about how I s...
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Lightmass -- any benchmarks with Threadripper 1950x?

    Hello everyone,   I use Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualization, and I'm wondering if anyone here does as well, and has Threadripper 1950x benchmarks.  Lightmass (the UE4 program that calculates lig...
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  • PCI IDs

    Hi everyone!   I'm an engineer working for a company which repairs PCs, servers and various other stuff. We have a validator program which tries to match the devices detected by Windows in a computer to the one...
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  • Where do I belong...if anywhere?

    I write software, but I only preferentially use AMD hardware, I don't target it.  So do I belong here or somewhere else? Or indeed anywhere?   Right now I'm looking for an AM4 motherboard that is NOT aimed ...
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  • I2C Vega documentation?

    My GooglFu not working here...
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  • Vega low level on-die SMC voltage controller API?

    I'm creating a benchmark/optimization suite for several XMR miners to test it against Vega. I even developed a HW Wattmeter (Log-A-Watt) for measuring power consumption of any GPU card... Now I'm trying to figure it o...
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  • Hi, please whitelist

    Hi, I would like to post on the forums, I can answer some questions related to OpenCL and ROCm, GCN. This whitelist step is cumbersome, but here I am, not a robot, not spammer, writing this message just for the grace ...
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  • ROCm Diasppointment

    Well, like my username i just created this account and post because i'm very sad with this plataform (ROCm), i really wanted use it.   My Problem : driver support, YOU (ROCm developers) JUST support newer cards(...
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  • Start up hardware company using AMD processors

    Hi,     I wish to design and manufacture my own motherboards for AMD Epyc Processors.   I also wish to design a co-processor to sit on the Infinity Fabric interconnect (based on Synopsys CCIX?).  ...
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