• Support for Abaqus Subroutines on Windows

    Dear Community,   unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information concerning the use of Abaqus subroutines on the latest AMD Hardware, namely Ryzen . My general issue is that I am not able to find a suitable...
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  • Amd Radeon RX5xx don' work with Sigma photo pro

    Good morning, I write to report the following issue. I use a Sigma camera that shoots in a raw proprietor X3F format, which format can only be opened and managed with their development software given the amount of in...
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  • Re: Introduction_4_freeaccess

    Hi,   I am journalist/Editor of Avtomatika magazine ("Automation" http://www.avtomatika.com/ ). I also do HW development ( mostly digital with up to a small microcontroller, perhaps small CPLD/FPGA , analog but...
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  • how to make HDR support program .

    I am trying to create an HDR support program using an AMD graphics card. What should I do?     I tried to find out if there is an API provided, but I could not find it. It seems to be supported by the spec...
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  • AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT

    Уже с 2012 года никак не могу разобраться с этой видеокартой AMD 7690M XT ( ещё у меня стоит intel HD 3000). В диспетчере постоянно пишет, что у меня AMD 6700 Series. пробовал ставить очень старые драйвера и тогда у м...
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  • Guru question: can GCN asm receive input other than via PCIe?

    Let me know if this doesn't qualify as a guru-level question.   Graphics Core Next assembly programs run on AMD GPUs.  They can communicate with the outside world in at least two ways: with the host via the...
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  • Desktop jerks after comparing two files in notepad++

    Long story short: 1) Download and install latest notepad++ 32 bit 2) Download compare plugin (for some reason, newer versions don't trigger this behavior anymore) 3) Drop it in notepad++/plugins folder 4) Open the...
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  • White listing

    I have posted about a driver issue (vulkan driver issues) and it has been (appropriately) moved to the opengl & vulkan subforum. The problem is that I wasn't whitelisted and now I can't write a reply to my own th...
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  • [introduction] Hi!

    Hello this is my introduction post, I just want to reply to posts, mostly in Vulkan section!   Hi!
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  • AMD FireRays SDK Developmet Thread & Feedback (Thread for offical Firerays Dev)

    Hi Guys,   Love the work AMD have been doing lately. Brilliant to see AMD's commitment to open source taking a massive leap forward and addressing all the old issues with drivers and support.   Fingers cro...
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  • Does HSA support APU + multiple dGPUs?

    I would like to set up a new Linux test system/server to evaluate HSA and Boltzmann (hipify) software with regards to multi-GPU computing. Ideally, I would like it to be an APU + multi-dGPU system (as many GPU resourc...
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  • glGenerateMipmap with GL_COMPRESSED_RGB crashes for certain resolutions

    Hello,   A call to glGenerateMipmap repeatably crashes the driver when glTexImage2D was called before with GL_COMPRESSED_RGB and certain resolutions. This causes major problems in our product. As a workaround w...
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  • Firerays Standalone APP not working

    Hi, Im using Firerays SDK 1.0 for ray intersection. The compilation and execution of a simple example works fine in Firerays but when I try to run the standalone app included in the SDK displays the next error: ...
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  • Can you please whitelist me?

    Can you please whitelist me? Thanks in advance!
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  • Not a happy camper

    I searched for updates for my graphics card (Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X OC) as I normally do and saw that there was one available.   Stupidly I downloaded and installed it.   It took me many hours (over many...
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  • Hello DevGurus!

    Hello DevGurus!   I'm a C# .NET developer and I just started to getting to know OpenCL a few days before. I really like it and I can't wait to break through the surface and dive into the depths of it   (P...
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  • whitelist request

    Hello!   I'm a developer trying to melt a hole in the floor by running OpenCL fluid sims on GPUs, and hoping to make pretty pictures with FireRays. Naturally I'm full of questions, and they'll probably only get ...
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  • Developer white list request

    Hi,   I would like to report a possible GLSL bug, would it be possible to get access to the devgurus forum?
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  • Can somebody white list me?

    4 days ago I added a question which was move to general Devgurus forum but I wasn't white listed. Now I can't contribute to that question nor the question is in the correct forum - it should be in CodeXL forum.
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  • Media SDK installer fails to download correct files.

    When the Media SDK installer tries to download the other installers, it instead downloads an html 404 error page and tries to execute it.
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