• Permanent texture corruption caused by glBindImageTexture()

    Hello!     My name is Daniel and I work as a graphics programmer at Avalanche Studios. However, in my free time I help out Puppygames as a side project (contractually approved by Avalanche Studios of course)...
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  • Id Software - RAGE shadows not working properly AMD Radeon RX 480. Fixible by driver?

    Hi everyone   Shadows of dynamic objects in RAGE is still barely working on my RX 480 and one of our other systems with a R9 280X for the last few years, at least since 2016.   I have most of the few graph...
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  • ARB_gl_spirv support incomplete?

    I've been having a hell of a time trying to get GLSL shaders to run as SPIRV modules using ARB_gl_spirv. I've posted at length about it here but to summarise..   1. The drivers fail to report GL_SHADE...
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  • Issues with ARB_gl_spirv

    With AMD on Windows SPIR-V shaders in OpenGL don't seem to work properly. I encountered issues where nothing is rendered at all and others seem to have similar issues (How to Load SPIR-V Shaders in OpenGL | Geeks3D...
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  • SPIR-V shader on AMD GPU

    I tried latest AMD gpu driver. But my SPIR-V program doesn't work.   fbo_ubo: This program use uniform block object. SPIR-V route doesn't work correctly. I think GPU can not receive the data of uniform block. It...
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  • s_load_dwordx16 not emitted

    Hello,   I am looking at the output of the compilation of this shader in RGA: #version 450 #pragma shader_stage(compute) layout (push_constant) uniform PC { mat4 a; }; layout (std430, binding = 0) buffer Buf...
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  • vkCmdExecuteCommands messes up primitive topology

    The problem seems to be Vega-specific (reproed on Vega 64, 20.2.2). On the R7 360 as well as on other cards it works correctly.   The sample in a nutshell is: record secondary command buffers wrt. the current v...
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  • Rendering to a TextureView broken?

    There is a one year old question here with no repro case attached and no resolution. I've commented there about two months ago to provide a repro case, but no reaction followed. I'll ask it in a new question then. ...
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  • Does Radeon Chill Max break for other Radeon users as well?

    Dear readers   My currents specifications: -Windows 10 64 bit, build 18362.836 (version 1903) -16 GB DDR4 RAM - Ryzen 5 1600 - MSI Tomahawk B450 - Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G (20.4.2)   I would like to ...
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  • Can AMD give us a feature/guide to have smooth & tearless 30FPS or half-refresh Enhanced Sync?

    Hi AMD   Radeon Chill has great input-response, but I would just like to report, here as well, that it breaks/disables momentarily in quite a few games when looking at less demanding areas, thus causing game phy...
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  • Vulkan: Working with Mixed GPU rendering?

    I read that DirectX 12 supports explicit Multi-GPU support, and I am wanting to find out how to handle Explicit multi-gpu using Vulkan. I am needing explicit Multi-GPU because I have mixed graphics cards where all of ...
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  • GLSL issue: findMSB of zero with clamp

    Working on TheDarkMod game, we have bumped into an issue which looks like a driver bug. Note that we have also found various workarounds, so we don't need any help with it. "Civic duty" is the only reason behind this...
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  • AMD Driver Bug: Vulkan pipeline creation fails with multi entry-point SPIR-V modules

    Attached are two SPIR-V modules (I have more which reproduce this, in case it becomes necessary), that when used to create a graphics pipeline cause vkCreateGraphicsPipelines to fail with a generic "VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HO...
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  • OpenGL ARB_sparse_texture (Driver crash, texture issues)

    Currently we (PCSX2 Team) are trying to implement Sparse Texture support and seem to have stumbled on to several issues on AMD cards which are not present at all on Nvidia (tested by several people).   Major iss...
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  • Strange compute shader behavior[solved; it was a goof on my part]

    I was writing a scan over an array of numbers with the use of subgroup operations(targeting Vk 1.2 and SPIR-V 1.5) and noticed something I can only classify as "extremely suspicious". #version 460 #extension GL_KHR_s...
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  • Vulkan loading/compiling SPIRV in AMD Driver use too much RAM

    Short: 1. download this vk_spirv_mem.zip 2. open vk_spirv_mem.zip\vk_spirv_mem\shaders\spv\buf.frag.spv in Radeon GPU Analyzer (RGA) 3. look on RAM usage in Windows Task Manager, I have ~5.2Gb RAM us...
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  • AMD Vulkan driver SPIR-V shader Much more critical bug

    This is my third bugreport about Vulkan SPIR-V shaders bugs in AMD: Previous bugs 1, 2   Hardware AMD Vega 8(Ryzen 3200) This is not hardware bug, why - because this shader work without problems in same AMD ha...
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  • glPointSize has no effect...

    Issue with glPointSize, which does not appear to affect the displayed point size. The point is always displayed with size 1.   Background: Developing a program which displays some sort of drawing, using Ope...
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  • AMD 5700XT OpenGL Driver Bug

    Hi,   When using an AMD 5700XT and trying to run an OpenGL application i get a driver crash in the following line:   glDrawArraysInstanced(GL_PATCHES, 0, static_cast <GLsizei>(4), static_cast <GLs...
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  • AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series OpenGL Driver Issues

    Hey guys, I'm working on some OpenGL code and I noticed some peculiarities on one of my machines which don't happen on any of the other ones. After messing around with my code I managed to get it working but I have no...
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