• Bug Report: "GL_ARB_conservative_depth" is not supported

    When using AMD Graphics Hardware, fragment shaders fail to compile when using the GL_ARB_conservative_depth extension although the extension is advertised as supported by the driver.   I encounter this error on ...
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  • How the VK_LAYER_AMD_switchable_graphics is supposed to work?

    I have a laptop with Intel 620 and extenal RX 580 in Akitio Node Thunderbolt 3 case. When connecting eGPU and running vulkaininfo only the Intel 620 gpu is enumerated and then I get an error: vulkaninfo.h:881: fa...
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  • Texture sampling is different on RX 5700 XT?

    Hello.   It looks like the RX 5700 XT with the latest driver (19.9.2, 19.9.3) do not react on texture LOD bias (GL_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS) param. We have a number of GPUs, both AMD and Nvidia here in CI rack. Since we...
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  • Matching Vulkan and OpenGL device UUID

    Hello.   I'm having troubles with picking correct device for Vulkan-OpenGL interop. On our PCs with AMD cards, OpenGLreports slightly different device UUID than Vulkan does. I use the following code to get Open...
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  • OpenGL and Vulkan Interoperability issues

    Hello AMD Community, I have an issue with the interoperablility functionality. Small description: - Create vulkan image and bind it to the memory with external memory functionality. - Get Win32Handle of it. - Imp...
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  • Radeon RX 480 driver performance issues and bugs, OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX, Mantle

    Hi everyone, my name is Jacques   I was supposed to post in "OpenGL & Vulkan" as suggested by developer xhuang, but since I am a newcomer I am only allowed to post here. I am having performance and bug issu...
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  • SQUAD Unreal Engine 4 driver issues?

    Hi everyone, a few people on the Graphics forum has notified me of struggling with performance issues with Radeon drivers in Unreal Engine 4 games such as squad.   I would just like to share it on the driver dev...
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  • Standard Elder Scrolls of Skyrim low GPU usage and low FPS issues on RX 480

    Hi everyone,   Here are my specs, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (up to date) 16GB (8x2) HyperX Fury DDR3 1866Mhz RAM AMD FX 8350 stock clocks MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G (19.5.1) MSI 990FXA Motherboard (...
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  • SPIR-V compiler fails to build valid shader

    The attached SPIR-V vertex module fails to build on AMD's proprietary drivers and in RGA's offline compiler. To reproduce grab that file (in its binary or text form) into RGA as a vertex shader and attempt to build it...
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  • Windows 7 OpenGL 4.5 Radeon HD 7950. FBO not clear depth. Crimson 17.12.1

    I created context wglCreateContextAttribsARB with:   WGL_SUPPORT_OPENGL_ARB, GL_TRUE,\                     ...
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  • glGetInteger64v(GL_TIMESTAMP, ...) still broken on Vega

    In old drivers there was a bug in getting the current GPU time on Vega GPUs, as described also here: glGetInteger64v(GL_TIMESTAMP, ...) broken on Vega    This was fixed in later drivers, but the behavior i...
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  • Rendering to display not atteched to Windows desktop

    Hello. Is there any option to render with any API to display which is connected to device, but not attached to Windows desktop? I need to render some signal on graphics output and need to be sure that no mouse pointer...
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  • glCompressedTextureSubImage2DEXT cubemap bug

    I'm (indirectly via Qt's QOpenGLTexture) using EXT_direct_state_access to upload textures to the GPU. With the EXT version of DSA, I should be able to call glGenTextures to get a texture name, call glTextureStora...
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  • vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY

    Hi All ! I use glslang for compilation GLSL/HLSL to SPIR-V.  vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY So, I know the problem in my shader code, because if I use SV_POSITION instead ...
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  • Interop of Vulkan Image and D3D11 Texture

    I am trying to figure out how to create a Vulkan 2D image shared with D3D11 texture.   My Windows 10 development system is equipped with Radeon RX 570 Series card which is a primary GPU device with monitors...
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  • OpenGL ARB_sparse_texture (Driver crash, texture issues)

    Currently we (PCSX2 Team) are trying to implement Sparse Texture support and seem to have stumbled on to several issues on AMD cards which are not present at all on Nvidia (tested by several people).   Major iss...
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  • Awful OpenGL FBO performance when writing to nonzero attachment

    I'm making a game graphics engine with some screen-space processing (that's important), and figured out that our game runs incredibly slow on AMD gpus.   Investigation showed that the problem is in writing to no...
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  • Segfault in OpenGL on optional drivers...

    I am developing a game and have found several reports of a feature breaking in the optional drivers (19.7.4, 19.9.2, perhaps others)  but working as expected in the stable drivers 19.5.2. It has to do with c...
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  • Bug report: experiencing an Access Violation error with a particular compute shader, but only on amd adapter, not WARP.

    I've found that with some shaders, the ID3D11Device::CreateComputeShader function causes an access violation when the ID3D11Device in question is created with an AMD adapter.  I've been able to repro this co...
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  • Does Radeon Chill work accurately with vertical retrace?

    Hi everyone   I would please like some clarity on this subject, I like setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 60FPS or setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 30FPS because it provides less input delay even when in-game VSync ...
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