• Moving a 3D object

    Hello guys .I am working on a virtual glasses try-on system that allows the user to try a glasses before buying them :My approach is working as follows .The user open his web cam and select a glass then the glass shou...
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  • Could OpenGL have feature change shaders code like bindlless textures ?

    First interesting could GNC GPU change shaders code or piece of shader code, from texture or special (lets say ShaderBuffer) ? How exactly GNC GPU change shaders ?   My proposition apply to OpenGL new feature, ...
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  • Direct3D & OpenCL & pixel shaders cooperation problem

    Hello! I'm a simple user, not a developer, but I need help on an issue that requires a developer's level of expertise.   Briefly, I'm running a program that is using Direct3D, OpenCL and pixel shaders at the sa...
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  • VK_KHR_push_descriptor ?

    Are there any plans to add support for the VK_KHR_push_descriptor extension in the windows vulkan driver? For my project to work well I need it. It works with radv under Linux but not with the official driver on windows.
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  • ID3D11DeviceContext::Map's given memory is invalid from 2nd slice (2048x2048x4(Array)xUInt2)

    Hello,   I've filled in a report on "AMD Issue Reporting Form", yet I prefer doubling my question here.   I'm running a driver issue while using "ID3D11DeviceContext::Map" on a 2048x2048x4(Array)xUInt2 res...
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  • Is it possible to force my driver to generate the v_alignbit_b32 from dxbc?

    I've been writing a number of compute shaders in DirectX/HLSL assembly (assembled into DirectX bytecode).  Many of these shaders perform 32bit rotates.  While studying their corresponding .isa files, I've no...
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  • OpenGL (v4.3) vertex_attrib_binding problem with AMD R5

    Hi, I'm a senior developer and have been working with OpenGL for almost two decades now. I recently bought a laptop with AMD A9 9420 (integrated Radeon R530). The installed driver on Windows 10 64 bit is: Adrenalin...
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  • Programmatically creating graphics profile

    I develop a variety of 3D graphics applications in C++/OpenGL for relatively small communities of users (a few hundred to a few thousand customers).  For best performance, I require that my apps register with the...
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  • NVIDIA RTX has new shaders Task Shader\Mesh Shader and GPU raytracing.

    Very interesting to listen about AMD strategy GPU raytracing. And what does AMD think about NVIDIA RTX and new RTX GPU pipeline ?
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  • ARB_sparse_texture issue

    Gday,   I'm encountering an issue with the ARB_sparse_texture extension where my application's memory usage is jumping 120mb when committing any tile from the mipmap tail. The minimum code I've got to reproduce...
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  • Vulkan Copying to directx 11 shared texture

    Hi   I'm trying to copy swapchain image to shared directX 11 texture.   I tested my code on other vendor gpus and it works except AMD where it crashes while calling vkCmdPipelineBarrier on shared VkImage. ...
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  • Vulkan VK_KHX_multiview extension support

    So far it seems this extension is not supported on any of AMD GPUs (including Vega). Are there any plans to add support for this extension? It seems like it is supported on Linux with RADV Vulkan driver, but not on W...
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  • HLSL compiler not generating FMA instruction

    Good morning, during a shader optimization pass, I noticed that the AMD shader compiler was not generating FMA instructions. The case was really simple given the source code:   myValue.xy = (anototherValue.xy +...
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  • OpenGL geometry shaders + interpolation qualifiers

    Reading the spec it says Output variables can be defined with interpolation qualifiers. The Fragment Shader equivalent interface variables should define the same variables with the same qualifiers. https://www.khro...
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  • Null dereference in vkQueuePresentKHR with the latest driver update (catalyst 18.6.1 + R9 270) [Isolated to multiGPU setup]

    Attempting to present an image with QueuePresentKHR now crashes with the newest drivers. There are no errors or warnings in the validation layers (SDK 1.1.73 used). This one is easy to reproduce, just run the cube de...
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  • Using SSBO - ERROR: Internal compile error, error code: E_SC_NOTSUPPORTED

    Hi there. Im trying to use SSBO in Vertex shader, but linker say error   Vertex shader(s) failed to link. Vertex link error: HW_UNSUPPORTED. ERROR: Internal compile error, error code: E_SC_NOTSUPPORTED Shade...
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  • glGetInteger64v(GL_TIMESTAMP, ...) broken on Vega

    Hi,   glGetInteger64v(GL_TIMESTAMP, ...) only returns 0x7fffffffffffffff on Vega. I've attached some minimalistic code for reproducing the issue.   This was tested on Win7 x64, 17.11.1 Nov2 driver, Vega64 ...
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  • GL_AMD_shader_ballot support

    Hello. There is an extension: https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/AMD/AMD_shader_ballot.txt I am using the latest driver on Windows 10 + RX 580 GPU: WARNING: 0:8: warning(#62) enable/warn/disable ex...
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  • OpenGL:glBitmap depth cannot disable.

    When we use glDepthRange(0.0, 0.0), depth of 1st glBitmap function cannot disable with a Radeon R7 250. Depth of 2nd glBitmap function is disable. I would like to know how to disable 1st  glBitmap too.   ...
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  • TDR reset or driver crash on vkResetFences; only affects older GCN

    While investigating several reports of older GCN cards crashing without throwing an error when running rpcs3, I found the cause to be a call to vkResetFences. The status of the fence is checked first and if its not re...
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