• glActiveTexture()/glBindTexture doesn't work properly with Compute Shaders

    I have an OpenGL program + a Compute Shader which cause inconsistent behaviour in conjunction with texture access from inside the CS.   I have two textures which are activated and bound with glActiveTexture(GL_T...
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  • Conditional Command Buffer Execution extension for VK?

    Mantle has it. Could this come to Vulkan? Actually most of my indirect dispatches end up with zero work, so lots of useless barriers.   Writing command buffers directly form GPU would be another solution.
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  • GLSL compiler crash/bug

    I wrote incorrect code, and spend good half a day figuring out what is wrong. This is because AMD shader compiler crashes or reports weird errors log while compiling the shader. Lets look at this code:   fl...
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  • GLSL shader problems with latest ATI Radeon drivers

    My name is Stepan Gatilov (aka stgatilov), I am one of the developers of TheDarkMod game. I'll write the whole story from the very beginning for the sake of completeness. Note that the most important things will be a...
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  • Driver crash with AMD RX 560 and Vulkan

    Hello there,   sorry to post here, but I can't open a thread in the forum 'OpenGL and Vulkan', so please move this post over there if possible.   I have a question related to Vulkan and the AMD RX 560 GPU....
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  • OpenGL SwapBuffers taking ~80ms with FreeSync

    My game 'Forts' has a serious problem with AMD video cards when the monitor has FreeSync enabled and VSync is on, even if FreeSync is not enabled in Radeon Settings.   At first frame rates are normal at 90 fps, ...
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  • OpenGL-DirectX Texture Sharing broken on Radeon Pro 18.Q4

    Hello,   I am using Texture Sharing between OpenGL and DirectX via the NV_DX_interop extension, and this kills the Radeon driver.   To be precise, I am using the Spout2 Library (http://spout.zeal.co/ , htt...
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  • [Solved] Can anyone help us debug a shader on AMD cards?

    Edit: This issue has been solved, thanks to whoever it was that helped us   We are making a free and open source game called Thrive and our biggest problem right now is that out compound clouds don't s...
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  • Today i install new AMD driver Adrenalin Edition 18.10.1 Windows 7 64 bit and my program crush.

    My program work with old OpenGL driver. AMD Crimson 17.50.02 for Radeon HD 7950 Old driver create 4.5.13506 Forward-Compatible Context 23.20.15002.11   New driver create 4.5.13541 Core Profile Forward-Compatibl...
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  • Freezes when vertical synchronisation in on

    Hello. I have simple opencl app with opengl texture interop which animates a picture and when i turn on vertical sync then i observe strong freezes. Why is it?
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  • Does switchable graphics work for console app?

    Hi My laptop has intel(HD Graphics 4000) and amd(amd radeon hd 7600m). I use console app with glfw. For some reason I can't make this console app use amd graphics. I set high performance  in ccc for this app bu...
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  • glTexSubImage3d bug?

    hello. I dont know if this is a bug but glTexSubImage3d wrongly uploads the texture. this is a texture uploaded by glTexImage3D (what should be) and this is glTexSubImage3d so is this is a bug?
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  • Moving a 3D object

    Hello guys .I am working on a virtual glasses try-on system that allows the user to try a glasses before buying them :My approach is working as follows .The user open his web cam and select a glass then the glass shou...
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  • Could OpenGL have feature change shaders code like bindlless textures ?

    First interesting could GNC GPU change shaders code or piece of shader code, from texture or special (lets say ShaderBuffer) ? How exactly GNC GPU change shaders ?   My proposition apply to OpenGL new feature, ...
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  • Direct3D & OpenCL & pixel shaders cooperation problem

    Hello! I'm a simple user, not a developer, but I need help on an issue that requires a developer's level of expertise.   Briefly, I'm running a program that is using Direct3D, OpenCL and pixel shaders at the sa...
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  • VK_KHR_push_descriptor ?

    Are there any plans to add support for the VK_KHR_push_descriptor extension in the windows vulkan driver? For my project to work well I need it. It works with radv under Linux but not with the official driver on windows.
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  • ID3D11DeviceContext::Map's given memory is invalid from 2nd slice (2048x2048x4(Array)xUInt2)

    Hello,   I've filled in a report on "AMD Issue Reporting Form", yet I prefer doubling my question here.   I'm running a driver issue while using "ID3D11DeviceContext::Map" on a 2048x2048x4(Array)xUInt2 res...
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  • Is it possible to force my driver to generate the v_alignbit_b32 from dxbc?

    I've been writing a number of compute shaders in DirectX/HLSL assembly (assembled into DirectX bytecode).  Many of these shaders perform 32bit rotates.  While studying their corresponding .isa files, I've no...
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  • OpenGL (v4.3) vertex_attrib_binding problem with AMD R5

    Hi, I'm a senior developer and have been working with OpenGL for almost two decades now. I recently bought a laptop with AMD A9 9420 (integrated Radeon R530). The installed driver on Windows 10 64 bit is: Adrenalin...
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  • Morphological Filtering : how to disable in d3d11

    I want to disable Morphological Filtering in my application. My computer use  AMD Radeon r7 m260 display card. My application that developed with c++ use skia and ANGLE. The ANGLE use d3d11. When I enable Mor...
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