• How the VK_LAYER_AMD_switchable_graphics is supposed to work?

    I have a laptop with Intel 620 and extenal RX 580 in Akitio Node Thunderbolt 3 case. When connecting eGPU and running vulkaininfo only the Intel 620 gpu is enumerated and then I get an error: vulkaninfo.h:881: fa...
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  • OpenGL and Vulkan Interoperability issues

    Hello AMD Community, I have an issue with the interoperablility functionality. Small description: - Create vulkan image and bind it to the memory with external memory functionality. - Get Win32Handle of it. - Imp...
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  • Windows 7 OpenGL 4.5 Radeon HD 7950. FBO not clear depth. Crimson 17.12.1

    I created context wglCreateContextAttribsARB with:   WGL_SUPPORT_OPENGL_ARB, GL_TRUE,\                     ...
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  • Rendering to display not atteched to Windows desktop

    Hello. Is there any option to render with any API to display which is connected to device, but not attached to Windows desktop? I need to render some signal on graphics output and need to be sure that no mouse pointer...
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  • glCompressedTextureSubImage2DEXT cubemap bug

    I'm (indirectly via Qt's QOpenGLTexture) using EXT_direct_state_access to upload textures to the GPU. With the EXT version of DSA, I should be able to call glGenTextures to get a texture name, call glTextureStora...
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  • vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY

    Hi All ! I use glslang for compilation GLSL/HLSL to SPIR-V.  vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY So, I know the problem in my shader code, because if I use SV_POSITION instead ...
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  • Awful OpenGL FBO performance when writing to nonzero attachment

    I'm making a game graphics engine with some screen-space processing (that's important), and figured out that our game runs incredibly slow on AMD gpus.   Investigation showed that the problem is in writing to no...
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  • Segfault in OpenGL on optional drivers...

    I am developing a game and have found several reports of a feature breaking in the optional drivers (19.7.4, 19.9.2, perhaps others)  but working as expected in the stable drivers 19.5.2. It has to do with c...
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  • Dreadful OpenGL performance

    I guess this can be considered a kind-of follow up of Abysmal OpenGL performance (RX480)   Basically.. I tried the my testcase on the following systems: Core 2 Duo E8400 + Radeon 7750: ~19 FPS Phenom II X4 965...
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  • Crash on DX9 games

    Hello,   I'm working on an online game company that services a legacy DX9 game. The game is crashing on some recently released AMD GPUs. I hope some people working on AMD can give me some hints about these issue...
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  • AMD Radeon aproach to screen capture

    Hello lovelies!   What I might be asking could be impossible so I'm asking two questions really, firstly whether it is even possible and secondly, if it is, how should I go about it. I am working on a bit of sa...
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  • MSAA FBO blit artifacts

    Hi there.   In lastest drivers i have some problem. Main opengl context created without msaa enabled. Created fbo with msaa (2x, 4x ... etc) and all draws happen here. Finally calls glBlitFramebuffer to defaul...
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  • Vulkan Issues - bad tearing and AMDVLK driver issue

    Hello. I am here to discuss 2 problems that I got with using the Vulkan API on both Windows and Linux OS. First issue: I have a problem using Vsync with games/softwares that use the Vulkan API. Software like Dolphin,P...
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  • Call to glTexStorage3D causes excessive system memory usage

    Hi all,   using more than a single (mipmap) level in a call to glTexStorage3D() to allocate storage for a 2D texture array causes my application to use a huge amount of system memory. For example, after creating...
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  • Cant use Vulkan using my AMD GPU on a dual intel/amd GPU system

    Hello, I cant use my AMD GPU Vulkan driver capabilities on my dual Intel/AMD GPU laptop (a Dell laptop). The Intel GPU Vulkan driver works as intended. I am using Windows 10 as my OS and I am using the latest AMD driv...
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  • GL_INVALID_OPERATION on glDrawElements saying used buffer is still mapped

    tested on:  AMD A9 9420 (integrated Radeon R530) using Window 10 64 bit and driver Adrenalin Edition 18.8.1 ( RC5), atiglpxx.dll version Also reproducible on: OpenGL: 3.3.14568 Core Profil...
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  • TextureViews on rendertargets will render under the parent format instead of the textureView's format in AMD OpenGL Windows driver

    I'm not sure if the developers are aware of this bug but I've had it a long time and have had to resort to glCopyImageSubData to avoid it. The issue occurs when you have a Texture of Format A and a Texture View of tha...
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  • [OpenGL] Scene not working with layout location qualifier

    Hi, I've created a simple scene to demonstrate this bug which is available here:  https://bitbucket.org/justkarli/tessellated-instancing/src/master/   This scene contains a triangle that is tessellated an...
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  • glActiveTexture()/glBindTexture doesn't work properly with Compute Shaders

    I have an OpenGL program + a Compute Shader which cause inconsistent behaviour in conjunction with texture access from inside the CS.   I have two textures which are activated and bound with glActiveTexture(GL_T...
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  • Conditional Command Buffer Execution extension for VK?

    Mantle has it. Could this come to Vulkan? Actually most of my indirect dispatches end up with zero work, so lots of useless barriers.   Writing command buffers directly form GPU would be another solution.
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