• ROCM SMI reports low power usage.

    I am developing under Ubuntu, using a Radeon RX 5500 XT and the gpupro driver (20.30-1109583 version.) I was puzzled by the lower than expected performance, so decided to investigate.   I must say, a lot of the...
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  • PerfStudio hangs after selecting API

    I have an application that uses multiple graphics APIs - mainly DX9 & DX11.   I would like to analyze the DX11 part of the application. This part only does offscreen rendering, meaning it does...
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  • How to detect crashed GPUs and reset them

    I am looking for a solution for a datacenter with AMD Gpus that I can use to detect if cards are frozen/ crashed and be able to reset them. Sometimes I think the card is still functioning but doesn't output a displa...
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  • Navi(gfx1010) support for Radeon GPU Analyzer/CodeXL?

    Hi, is there any plans to support new architecture with those tools? At least possibility to compile OpenCL in offline mode? Also why there still no support for Radeon VII(gfx906/gfx907) in CodeXL?
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  • AMD Display Library is Deprecated

    Hi I know that AMD display library is now deprecated on Windows, and I have been told that the overdrive features are now integrated with the driver. However I don't know where the documentation or header files I need...
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  • Help understanding some parts of a GPU trace Dx12

    Good evening, I started recently using the GPU profiler, and is quite amazing! But there are some things I do not understand.   Please have a look at the below tracer:   Where there is the arrow pointed,...
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  • Overclock with new Adrenalin drivers?

    I was using next overclock functions from ADL SDK: ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Set ADL2_OverdriveN_SystemClocksX2_Set ADL2_OverdriveN_MemoryClocksX2_Set with blockchain drivers v. 22.19.659.0 and they worked as exp...
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  • Finding the physical adapters only (ADL)

    I am using ADL to query gpu information. The issue I have is that I only want to get information from cards that physically exist in the system.   In the docs it says that AdapterInfo.iPresent should indicate wh...
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  • ADL C# ADL2_Overdrive6_StateInfo_Get

    No matter why I tried I keep getting ADL_ERR_INVALID_PARAM_SIZE   These are the relevant structs I have   [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)] internal struct PerformanceLevel {     ...
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  • Cannot run Frame Profiler with Vega 56 for a DirectX11 app

    Hi.   I'm developing a C++/DirectX11 application on a Ryzen7/Vega 56 platform. GPUPerfStudio is having trouble identifying my GPU and I don't know how to troubleshoot this.   When I attach to my applicatio...
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  • MXM Modules with DirectGMA functionality for low latency streaming video data transfer

    Hallo AMD Comunity, I'm looking for MXM Embedded Modules with DirectGMA access enebled for low latency video data transfer from PCIe-over-Cable camera directrly to the graphic memory of the GPU.   Does someone ...
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  • How to use ADL OverDrive Next API?

    Hi, all have a quastion about ADL. I need to get GPU temperature and I confused about API. For this purpose ADL has 3 diffent API version: - ADL2_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get - ADL2_Overdrive6_Temperature_Get - ADL2...
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  • Get HBM2 temperature from VEGA card

    Is it possible to get HBM2 memory temperature using ADL? I am able to get VEGA GPU temperature by ADL_Overdrive5_Temperature_Get call, but I need memory temperature also. Which code/function can grab this informatio...
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  • AMD ADL on Linux, unsupported?!

    Hi, Based on the documentation, ADL SDK supports linux (example Ubuntu). I made a lot of research, but I do not know, how can I use ADL on my ubuntu machine. The documentation writes: " For LINUX OS, the locations a...
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  • How to get power consumption of VEGA card in Watts?

    I'm writing a test suite for VEGA card. How can I get power consumption of the card in Watts? I see that HWINFO64 displays it, but the only API function I know of is ADL2_Overdrive6_CurrentPower_Get and it returns... ...
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  • AMD ADL - GPU memory usage

    Hi Guys, I would like to grab AMD cards' memory size and usage. It is possible with AMD ADL lib? Current frequency and frequency range are working (and others to like fan speed, core usage, temperature...), but I hav...
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  • AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance  and Selecting the Best Graphics Device to Run a 3D Application

    Are these recommendation still valid? https://gpuopen.com/amdpowerxpressrequesthighperformance/   I'm using declaration of AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance in my code in order to use the AMD discrete GPU. B...
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  • Documentation on ADL2_OverdriveN_CapabilitiesX2_Get ?

    See this function mentioned at several places, but can't find API documentation for it. Need to get/set info from my VEGA 56 card
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  • glPushClientAttrib / glPopClientAttrib do not work with FirePro W5100 / Barco MXRT-5600

    I am using Qt Quick as software GUI. Qt Quick over 5 requires unpack alignment to be 4 for correct GUI rendering. With FirePro W5100 / Barco MXRT-5600's current driver (and previous ones), the glPushClientAttrib / g...
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  • AMD Display Library and AMDGPU-PRO

    I just found out that AMD Display Library is not compatible with AMDGPU-PRO despite the fact that ADL's documentation says it supports Linux. Is there any plan to update ADL anytime soon? In the meantime, I would real...
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