• PCI & SMC reset for Volcanic Island(TONGA/FIJI) cards

    This patch fixed the reset issue for Sea Islands based cards: https://github.com/qemu/qemu/blob/master/hw/vfio/pci-quirks.c#L1821   But Volcanic Island cards, like Tonga and Fiji, are still affected to this very...
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  • Enduro: Force application to power saving mode/integrated GPU.

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to force my application to use the integrated GPU on hybrid GPU laptops. I was able to accomplish this on Nvidia Optimus systems by creating an application profile in a launcher proc...
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  • Managed code for ADL10

    Does anybody have managed library for adl10? The managed sample lists the adapters and the displays only. I need sample for functionalities like get/set memory clocks and voltages. I successfully used theese functio...
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  • Where can I get sample code that shows how to do adaptive tessellation?

    Hi I am trying to write my own tessellation code. Is there a sample code from AMD showing how to do adaptive (not fixed) tessellation?
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  • Hi, Trying to learn GPU Perf Studio

    Hi guys, I've just joined the AMD community developer forums. This seems to be the only forum I can post in, so it's as good a starting point as any. I've been a professional game dev for about twenty years now, and ...
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  • Trying to control fan speed with ADL

    I'm trying to use the ADL API to control fan speed on my R9 380X, specifically using the ADL2_OverdriveN_FanControl_Set command, but I just can't get it to work.  I've tried using the sample program in the Overdr...
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  • For amd  Radeon pro duo what is the Max. no. of work groups which can be assign to one Compute Unit at a single time.

    For amd  Radeon pro duo what is the Max. no. of work groups which can be assign to one Compute Unit at a single time.
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  • ADL SDK with DirectX11 UWP.

    Hello.   I've develop an engine with Visual Studio 2017, DirectX on C++ UWP. I'm targeting PC/Surface pro and Surface RT (ARM). All begin when i decide to put Video card summary inside my engine. Then I begin by...
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  • GPUShaderAnalyzer not showing Polaris or compiling GLSL ?

    Documentation is very limited, and the pre-GCN version seemed to work. I'd like to be able to have a closer look at my fragment shaders as they'd compile for Polaris, which doesn't even show up in the devices list, an...
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  • PerfStudio Error When I want to open the "Frame Debugger" Tab

    Hello,   I would like to use PerfStudio on a ATI Video Card (Radeon HD 6470M). My goal is to monitorize the gpu memory usage (total, free, used) and view all created textures. And PerfStudio doesn't work with my...
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  • ADL and 16.12.1

    Hallo,   after i have installed the new Crimson Relive (16.12.1) driver, the function ADL2_Overdrive6_State_Reset returns -8 (Function not supported by the driver.). With the previous driver there wasn't a prob...
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  • AMD Pacifica, Problem with I/O and SL_DEV

    I'm playing with the skinit instruction, and I'm experiencing some unexpected behavior that I cannot diagnose. From the AMD Pacifica Specification, Section 2.19.8:   "The host bridge contains additional logic th...
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  • [DX12] Problem when clearing a sub-mipmap of a render target

    Hello,   I am currently porting an existing cross-platform game engine to DirectX12 and I am doing  a lot of basic tests for our HW abstraction layer.   I noticed a problem that only happens on AMD ca...
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  • AMD Display Library (ADL) from Windows Service and over RDP

    So I have a Windows Service that runs an OpenCL program across multiple GPUs - all good.   I would like the Service to be able to read and set the clocks, fans and voltages on the cards.   ADL can do this ...
    created by mike1
  • Can't connect GPU PerfStudio to steam game

    Hello ,   I m working on an article about the current pc gaming situation and why vulcan and dx12 is a necessity , I need to make some game analysis with GPU perfstudio but most of the game are running on steam ...
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  • Problem with GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility

    Hello. I am currently trying to run some shaders written for OpenGL ES 3.1 on a desktop AMD GPU (Radeon R7 200 Series, Ubutnu Linux). The driver reports that it supports GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility extension (https://w...
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  • GPU Perfstudio on laptop AMD GPUs + intel CPUs?

    Wondering if GPU perfstudio supports notebook systems with discrete/switchable graphics such as notebooks with an Intel CPU with intel integrated graphics +  discrete AMD notebook GPU based on GCN architecture. W...
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  • GPUPerfStudio3.5.14.0 Crashes app continually on RX480

    Latest drivers as of today on Win7 64bit.  After I pause from GPuPerfStudio then any action to profile/frame-capture etc will crash my program.  It looks like its because it fails to map a buffer when runnin...
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  • software crashed Problem on Win 8.1 32 bit when I typed in command prompt "clinfo" and press enter it ends with a crash.

    I am facing software crashed Problem on Win 8.1 32 bit when I typed in command prompt "clinfo" and press enter it ends with a crash. and all other similiar software also crash when I try to open them. fresh intall of...
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  • CodeXL CLI and LLVM AMDGPU backend

    We are exploring to set up an OpenCL/OpenGL code generation research with LLVM AMDGPU backend port. I wonder whether CodeXL Analyzer CLI has any option to produce LLVM IRs which could be orchestrated to LLVM AMDGPU ba...
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