• ADL questions.

    I have a few questions regarding the ADL.   I have ported all of the ADL to Python and I am now in the process of creating an easy to use interface to access the settings and information the ADL provides. This i...
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  • ADL Overdrive8 Frequency/Voltage

    Hello, everyone! I am new here, but probably I have a real question that I did not find answer for on this forums using search. I am writing a C++ application using ADL SDK 13 that is capable of tweaking GPU Frequen...
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  • Amdphdrs utility

    Can someone provide windows binaries for amdphdrs utility? 
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  • AMD ADL some functions does not work

    Hello I used with amd ADL 10.0(maybe this is issue due to outdated for almost ~1 year), but my reset functions which reset gpu core,memory and fan speeds to default does not work at all, tried to debug but function re...
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  • Query on fetching informations for AMD GPU cards in Linux OS

    Hi,   We wanted to know is there any Utilities available to fetch the following properties of a AMD GPU card in Linux OS ?   1) Serial Number 2) Maximum Clock Speed of a AMD card 3) Total number of cores...
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  • GPU PerfStudio does not support my Sapphire Nitro+ 580 RX in the Frame Profiler

    Hi, I'm trying to get the Frame Profiler running with my new card but I have not luck. I want to profile our custom game engine to get more performance out of AMD cards.   Every time I try to open the Frame Pro...
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  • (Overclocking) Number of memory performance states / Levels

    I am using ADL / Overdrive Next to overclock.  In order to set the clock speed on the maximum peformance clock, I use OverdriveN_Capabilities_Get and use overDriverCapabilities.iMaximumNumberOfPerformanceLevels w...
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  • GPU utilization / load

    I am trying to get the GPU utilization or load. I have tried using ADL_Overdrive5_CurrentActivity_Get to get ADLPMActivity.iActivityPercent however in the sample it says that this is the current engine clock. The nu...
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  • Which SDK provides drivers information ?

    Hello I'm new to AMD. I am trying to find the SDK that provides driver and hardware information. There is an AMD application called 'AMD (Radeon) Settings' that displays the information I require. - Radeon Software ...
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  • How to get GPU load in percentage and GPU temperature?

    Hi all, I've just faced with the following problem, can't find appropriate API in AGS library to get GPU load/GPU temperature for Radeon video cards. Does someone know which library I should use to get this values? &#...
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  • Is anyone has  the ATI_Compress 1.81 library for vs2010?

    ATI_Compress 1.81 is now available I found the topic, but the link is invalid.Is anyone has the library? thanks a lot
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  • AMD and Nvidia GPU in same system

    Good afternoon ppl! I am writing you because I am facing a peculiar situation, I am a senior graphics programmer, and mostly worked on Nvidia hardware for the majority of my career, (mostly due to having to use Cuda t...
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  • Which AMD sdk is for GPU overclocking and fan control

    I'm looking for example and which amd sdk is for gpu overclocking(nothing crazy just in safe range +100mhz) and fan control, there is so many of them couldnt find any of them.
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  • Where to find ADL sdk?

    Where to find latest ADL sdk since in AMD webpage link is not working. Thank you.
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  • ADL_Display_Position_Get and ADL_Display_Size_Get not working

    Hello everybody, I go the ADL api running so far but somehow I am unable to get ADL_Display_Position_Get and ADL_Display_Size_Get to work.   const int aa = display.displayID.iDisplayLogicalAdapterIndex; const in...
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  • AMDAPPSDK-3.0 installation issue

    hi everybody, this is my first post…   1. > uname -a Linux linux02 4.4.104-39-default #1 SMP Thu Jan 4 08:11:03 UTC 2018 (7db1912) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux   2. > cat /etc/os-release&#...
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  • several ADL bugs (area: timing overrides)

    Hi there,   Windows 10 x64, Radeon RX 560, driver 17.7.2, ADL 10.2.   I've run into the following 2 critical bugs:   1) With my 4K TV, the ADL refuses to accept any timing overrides that are over 327...
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  • GPU PerfStudio doesn't profile the right frame

    1) Start PerfStudio client 2) Connect it to GSDumpGUI.exe 3) Set the working dir folder in the two top-right boxes 4) Press start (sometimes twice for rendering to start) 5) Choose the right window PID in the Perf...
    created by mirh
  • Vulkan/GL/CL debugging not feasible so looks like we will switch to CUDA

    As one of many frustrated developers right now trying to debug things that want to use a lot of compute we have hit too many problems that we simply can't debug in reasonable time frames.  So right now unfortunat...
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  • PerfStudio issues; Was: Hi! I'm not a bot, I need access

    I have been registered since 2013 and have posted to other forums. For some reason most of my posts seem to be gone.   Anyway, I'm a little pissed right now because: The link to AMD PerfStudio 3.5.zip is broken...
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