• Amdphdrs utility

    Can someone provide windows binaries for amdphdrs utility? 
    created by kbala
  • AMD ADL some functions does not work

    Hello I used with amd ADL 10.0(maybe this is issue due to outdated for almost ~1 year), but my reset functions which reset gpu core,memory and fan speeds to default does not work at all, tried to debug but function re...
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  • Query on fetching informations for AMD GPU cards in Linux OS

    Hi,   We wanted to know is there any Utilities available to fetch the following properties of a AMD GPU card in Linux OS ?   1) Serial Number 2) Maximum Clock Speed of a AMD card 3) Total number of cores...
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  • GPU PerfStudio does not support my Sapphire Nitro+ 580 RX in the Frame Profiler

    Hi, I'm trying to get the Frame Profiler running with my new card but I have not luck. I want to profile our custom game engine to get more performance out of AMD cards.   Every time I try to open the Frame Pro...
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  • (Overclocking) Number of memory performance states / Levels

    I am using ADL / Overdrive Next to overclock.  In order to set the clock speed on the maximum peformance clock, I use OverdriveN_Capabilities_Get and use overDriverCapabilities.iMaximumNumberOfPerformanceLevels w...
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  • GPU utilization / load

    I am trying to get the GPU utilization or load. I have tried using ADL_Overdrive5_CurrentActivity_Get to get ADLPMActivity.iActivityPercent however in the sample it says that this is the current engine clock. The nu...
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  • Which SDK provides drivers information ?

    Hello I'm new to AMD. I am trying to find the SDK that provides driver and hardware information. There is an AMD application called 'AMD (Radeon) Settings' that displays the information I require. - Radeon Software ...
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  • How to get GPU load in percentage and GPU temperature?

    Hi all, I've just faced with the following problem, can't find appropriate API in AGS library to get GPU load/GPU temperature for Radeon video cards. Does someone know which library I should use to get this values? &#...
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  • Is anyone has  the ATI_Compress 1.81 library for vs2010?

    ATI_Compress 1.81 is now available I found the topic, but the link is invalid.Is anyone has the library? thanks a lot
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  • AMD and Nvidia GPU in same system

    Good afternoon ppl! I am writing you because I am facing a peculiar situation, I am a senior graphics programmer, and mostly worked on Nvidia hardware for the majority of my career, (mostly due to having to use Cuda t...
    created by giordi91
  • Which AMD sdk is for GPU overclocking and fan control

    I'm looking for example and which amd sdk is for gpu overclocking(nothing crazy just in safe range +100mhz) and fan control, there is so many of them couldnt find any of them.
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  • Where to find ADL sdk?

    Where to find latest ADL sdk since in AMD webpage link is not working. Thank you.
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  • ADL_Display_Position_Get and ADL_Display_Size_Get not working

    Hello everybody, I go the ADL api running so far but somehow I am unable to get ADL_Display_Position_Get and ADL_Display_Size_Get to work.   const int aa = display.displayID.iDisplayLogicalAdapterIndex; const in...
    last modified by holoeye_dk
  • AMDAPPSDK-3.0 installation issue

    hi everybody, this is my first post…   1. > uname -a Linux linux02 4.4.104-39-default #1 SMP Thu Jan 4 08:11:03 UTC 2018 (7db1912) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux   2. > cat /etc/os-release&#...
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  • several ADL bugs (area: timing overrides)

    Hi there,   Windows 10 x64, Radeon RX 560, driver 17.7.2, ADL 10.2.   I've run into the following 2 critical bugs:   1) With my 4K TV, the ADL refuses to accept any timing overrides that are over 327...
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  • GPU PerfStudio doesn't profile the right frame

    1) Start PerfStudio client 2) Connect it to GSDumpGUI.exe 3) Set the working dir folder in the two top-right boxes 4) Press start (sometimes twice for rendering to start) 5) Choose the right window PID in the Perf...
    created by mirh
  • Vulkan/GL/CL debugging not feasible so looks like we will switch to CUDA

    As one of many frustrated developers right now trying to debug things that want to use a lot of compute we have hit too many problems that we simply can't debug in reasonable time frames.  So right now unfortunat...
    created by cybernoid
  • PerfStudio issues; Was: Hi! I'm not a bot, I need access

    I have been registered since 2013 and have posted to other forums. For some reason most of my posts seem to be gone.   Anyway, I'm a little pissed right now because: The link to AMD PerfStudio 3.5.zip is broken...
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  • Image formats broken under AMDCompress

    Hi AMD developers!   I was able to create some special image formats that appear to be broken under AMDCompress but they are following the standards. In this image you see a DXT4 compressed DDS but its really sc...
    last modified by quiret
  • GPU PerfStudio 3.4.19 crashes when loading large api trace

    GPUPerfStudio cannot analyze a frame capture when the log file is too large. The capture goes well, but when opening the analysis tools, they all fail in one way or another. API trace gives an error about failing to u...
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