• Dear programmer friends, how can I start into grogramming for a Radeon 7 under Windows 7?

    my task is to implement a code generator for a compiler written in ANSI-C for a new math language and to provide a run time environment for it under Windows 7-64. I have problems to find technical documents on the Rad...
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  • The "Multi-GPU & Multi-SET" Idea

    Hello, I am a Ph.D. student in Poland at the Silesian University of Technology. And I wanted to start a general discussion on the classifier on the video stream improvement idea. I called it the "Multi-GPU & ...
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  • Partnership with AMD

    Hello all,   I am not sure if it could be the right place to address such a question. I would like to know if it could be possible to get in touch with AMD for establishing a partnership over some digital projec...
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  • AMD recommendation regarding GPU randering android application

    Well, I am working over the android GPU application to track out the GPU and CPU speed by the help of it more compatible Artificial Intelligence-based features can be used over to enhance the performance. Thank you.
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  • Which will be the future processor ?

    Intel or AMD Which will be the leading processor in future ? Intel or AMD or any other.. if so why?   Regards,
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  • 5-Level Paging and 57-bit Linear Address? Stop that stupid!

    In Intel's 5-Level Paging and 5-Level EPT white paper, they planed to introduce another level paging mechanism, PML5, extending the linear address from 48-bit to 57-bit (57-bit, not 64-bit!!!!!). What that stupid thin...
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  • Graphics driver under VxWorks

    Hi, How to develop a graphics driver under VxWorks6.x, where to download the graphics driver source code,ex.AMD E917X, E8860.
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  • I need a program interface

    I want to prepare 300 pictures saved in graphic cards. Then I want to display 60 frams/s in 5 seconds.I need a function to start the show.It will return immediately after the function launch and the 5s show is control...
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  • Suggested way of running cross platform GPGPU tasks?

    I have proprietary GPGPU algorithms that I would like to distribute to my end users. I am looking for ways to achieve the following Single source code for algorithms Compatible with Windows and Linux Be able to ru...
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  • Old topics bumping

    I've got a question about this forum engine.   I replied to a 2016 year topic (Issue with glDrawBuffers when setting one of the entries to GL_NONE ), which seemingly was created before some forum reorganization,...
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  • Octane

    How come AMD still doesn't have support for Octane? https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=70524 Does Octane need to have OpenCL library implemented?     We stopped AMD CUDA development arou...
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  • Looking for GPU programmer reference manuals

    Hi, I'm DoaJC_Blogger and I joined because I need programmer reference manuals for AMD GPU's since AMD's "Tech Docs" page doesn't seem to cover that.   I'm trying to write GPL graphics drivers for Windows s...
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  • Which workstation gpu to choose for programming and later usage of a VR-Application on Linux

    At work we want to visualize objects and connections and their states of our main software-product in Virtual Reality. We are working with Linux Ubuntu and we are going to use OpenGL.We need to provide images for the ...
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  • 3d algorithm

    trying to develop a algorithm in three dimensions , needs tunning. i will put the scan of a photo document of my skech so you can have it on file. it will work. but it is wery interesting. please show it to somebody a...
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  • Game Development

    I often discus game development on the Steam chat with game developers. Unity is a .NET framework platform which relatively popular. Most questions are C# related.   the id tech engine is openGL based and while ...
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  • ReLU as a literal switch

    ReLU is a literal switch. An electrical switch is n volts in, n volts out when on. Zero volts out when off. The weighted sum (dot product) of a number of weighted sums is still a linear system. For a particular inpu...
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  • APU proposal

    Hi, I am a computer engineering student and I think of a new APU design. Therefore I would like to share it and hopefully AMD engineers would implement it.    Thank you and sorry for any poor English.
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  • Looking for an AMD Contact on GPU Computing

    Hello,   I'm wondering if there is/are any AMD staff here who work on GPU computing and would be willing to give a presentation (20 minutes) at the Midwest Association of Core Directors (MWACD) meeting in Octobe...
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  • Fixed filter bank neural networks

    Adjust the nonlinear functions not the filters (the weighted sums.) https://github.com/S6Regen/Fixed-Filter-Bank-Neural-Networks That seems to work very well within my ability to test with limited hardware. https:/...
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  • Is there API access to DisplayPort management?

    I'm doing a feasibility investigation in creating a DisplayPort video capture device using a FPGA as the DisplayPort sink. I'm primarily a hardware/FPGA designer and not a Windows driver developer, so this question mi...
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